Zoe Kravitz is arguably one of the most unique and talented actresses currently working in Hollywood. From her roles in Bug, The Zookeeper’s Wife, and The Farewell to her upcoming roles in Ocean’s 8 and Gangster Squad, it is evident that the actress is not only determined, but also passionate about what she does. Having worked with some of the greatest directors in the industry, it is clear that Zoe has what it takes to make it big in Hollywood. We were lucky enough to hear from her directly about her fascinating journey so far, and how she plans on expanding her career in the near future.

Zoe Kravitz On Her Hollywood Journey So Far

When Zoe was just 15 years old, she landed a role in the 2007 film, Julie/Jill, which was followed by a string of other leading roles for young actresses. She then went on to star in the 2008 film, Sex and the City 2, which was a big break for the budding actress. Three years later, she landed a role in the Stephen King adaptation, Thrain, which was followed by a memorable performance in the 2014 indie film, Bug. This was just the beginning, as her roles since then have included Victoria, in the indie crime thriller, The Zookeeper’s Wife, and the titular lead in Pattinson’s directorial debut, The Farewell. She is currently filming Ocean’s 8 with Sandra Bullock, alongside Ceesay and Debbie Reynolds.

How Do You Feel About Your So-Called ‘Second Act’?

When asked about how she feels about her so-called’second act’, Zoe explained, “I feel really lucky. I have felt for a while now that this is what I was born to do, and it just so happens that I have fantastic opportunities. So, I really feel like the stars are really aligned, and I couldn’t ask for more.”

Some might argue that after having success as a leading actress, Zoe’s career could potentially be in a rut. With Ocean’s 8 and Gangster Squad on the horizon, we wondered how she would respond. Surprisingly, she claims that she actually prefers the chaotic pace of Hollywood over the stability of a regular acting job. From what we’ve seen so far, Zoe’s roles in Ocean’s 8 and Gangster Squad seem relatively low-stress, which is no doubt beneficial to her mental and physical well-being.

Does Hollywood Hold Everything You Need To Succeed?

Although Hollywood offers some of the greatest roles, opportunities, and finances, it also has some of the most stressful and demanding working conditions. It is well-known that the pace is fast, and the competition fierce. Having worked in both Hollywood and New York City, Zoe knows firsthand the stresses that can come with big-city living. Having said that, she feels that the trade-offs are more than worth it. As she explained: “I wouldn’t give anything up for stability because I really feel that Hollywood is an amazing place for an actress to be. It is such a competitive place, and there is so much passion and drive within it. So, even when things get stressful, I just remind myself that this is what I love doing, and I have to keep pushing forward and doing the best I can.”

How Does She Stay Inspired?

As a child actor, Zoe’s parents would often take her on the road with them while they were performing. This is how she first got to see the world, and it inspired her to seek out new opportunities. Since then, she has worked steadily and gained valuable experience, which has undoubtedly helped her in her quest for stardom. To stay inspired, she turns to various sources, which she discusses below.


When asked about her reading material, Zoe mentioned some of her favorite authors and the books that have influenced her throughout her career. Amongst her top choices for reading material are: Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy, and William Shakespeare. As an aspiring actress, it is evident that she is a fan of classic literature. It seems that reading is one of the best—if not the best—ways to get inspiration, and it is clear that Zoe benefits from books too.


Zoe has frequently cited movies as one of the best sources of inspiration. In fact, she has referred to Bug, as a source of “inspiration and strength.” The actress has also said that she was particularly inspired by Richard Linklater’s Boyhood. As she explained: “I was just so inspired by [Linklater’s] approach to making the movie, and how he was able to capture the essence of who I was as a kid. I feel like he really understood my character, and he understood the world that I was growing up in. I just really respect that.”


Zoe’s favorite artist is Ava Boggs, and she has cited the singer-songwriter as an example of someone who has “inspired and encouraged [her] to be fearless.” Boggs has previously said that she was particularly moved by Zoe’s performance in the movie, The Zookeeper’s Wife, and that it was “a special moment” to hear her sing. Music is often referred to as “the soundtrack to [one’s] life”, and it seems that for Zoe, it is more than just a source of soundtracks. Music is connected to memory, and it is no coincidence that her favorite songwriters are people who can evoke strong emotions in listeners.


Zoe’s love for art was something she talked about early on in our interview. It seemed that making art has helped her cope with the stresses of life, and it has certainly helped her define herself as an artist. She has mentioned being particularly moved by the work of Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh. It is not clear what specific pieces of art have impacted her, but the sheer volume of imagery has left its mark. One thing is for sure: art has given Zoe a new perspective on life, and it has helped her to find beauty in unexpected places.

How Does She Feel About The Industry Today?

It could be argued that today’s Hollywood is a changed place from the one Zoe joined as a child. Back then, she had to look out for herself and there were no agents or managers to help her navigate the system. Nowadays, she has a team of people helping her to get from A to B, including agents, managers, and most notably, attorneys. This being said, she does not feel protected at all, as she explained: “I always think that the industry is going to change to suit the times, and it always does. It is a constantly evolving, changing marketplace, and every actress’ experience is different, and it is always a learning curve.” Despite the evolving landscape, Zoe still feels that the industry itself is a positive place for women: “I love the business, and I love my job. I feel like it is a place where you can really find your voice, and you can really be yourself. It is a really special place for women.”

It is evident that Hollywood is a place that Zoe has enjoyed and called home so far, and it seems only natural that she would want to continue developing as an actress. Although things can get stressful and there is a lot of competition, it is also a place where dreams can come true, as long as you work hard enough for it.