Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson have been spotted out together numerous times over the past few months. The legendary A-Lister is 54 years old and the former child star is only 29. Since they first met on the set of the 1995 film Water, they’ve been friends and reportedly had a brief fling that same year. But it was in 2011 that their relationship began to bloom, and they were wed in a secret ceremony in February 2012.

Word on the street is that they both maintain a very low profile and don’t do interviews, which could explain why their rumored romance has been mostly relegated to the tabloids. But it’s all been in good fun, I’m sure. Who wouldn’t have laughed at the sight of a famously publicity-shy celebrity in a long and passionate embrace with a teenage heartthrob? It would have been quite the Hollywood romance, if it weren’t true. But if it is, then it’s okay by me.

They’re Private And Shhh About It

Even in the tabloids, where they’re often printed, both Zoe and Robert have maintained a relatively low profile. They’ve never been featured on the cover of a major magazine, and they’re both extremely private individuals. While Robert did attend the premiere of his new movie, The Counselor, last month in Los Angeles, Zoe stayed home in London. Similarly, they both opted out of attending the Cannes Film Festival in April, citing press commitments.

According to the Daily Mail, Robert is not only “dating” Zoe but also “showing her the utmost respect.” A source close to the star added, “They’re definitely a couple. And they’re both really happy together. They always seem to be laughing and having fun.”

A different report, this one in the New York Post, stated that, while there’s “no question” that Zoe is Robert’s “girlfriend,” they are not yet “an official couple.” And another, in the UK’s The Mirror, described the A-list lovers as “private romance[s] … whose passionate meetings and stolen kisses we glimpsed on screen.”

An Affectionate Greeting

These conflicting reports hint at just how little information is available on the subject. But what we do know about their relationship comes mainly from their many public displays of affection. If we examine their on-screen chemistry, we can see that they have a real spark that makes you want to see more. The following video, in which they appear together in the thriller Killswitch, provides a good example: