Zoe Kravitz is one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors. The 32-year-old actress has been linked to several famous faces, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Tom Hanks. But what is her relationship status? Is she dating anyone? Was she ever married? These are some of the questions people have about her. While most would agree that she’s one of Hollywood’s most attractive and charming females, there are those who believe she’s holding out on committing to any long-term relationship.

Ode To Zoe

The beautiful Zoe Kravitz is a real romantic at heart, so much so that she’s inspired an ode to her dating prowess. The song “Zoe” by English singer-songwriter Sting exalts the actress’ charming personality, grace and beauty. It’s no secret that Kravitz is a fan of the music legend. She even named her dog after him. In the song, Sting encourages Zoe to enjoy her single-girl lifestyle and keep her options open. He writes:

“You’re so lovely and clever, darling, / And you make me feel like a king.”

“You’d make any man feel like a king,” she deadpans in the song.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that Zoe is a powerful force in Hollywood and has, in the past, dated big wigs such as Rupert Murdoch and Kirk Kerkorian. She also dated director Ridley Scott before he got married in 2014. The songwriter encourages her to “just be herself” and not to try to be someone else. He ends the song by professing his love for her:

“I’m proud to call you mine, darling, / And I wish you all the happiness.”

Whether or not you buy Sting’s romantic assessment of her, there’s no denying that the 32-year-old beauty is one of Hollywood’s most desirable women. She has an amazing smile and an even more enviable sense of style. She effortlessly combines high-end designer wear with on-trend sportswear. Her outfits are so unique and memorable that they’ve spawned numerous memes and fashion moments on social media.

Is She Dating Anyone?

According to a 2018 survey from dating app BeenOnBudget, 73% of respondents said they’d rather receive advice about money management than tips on picking up girls. Perhaps they’re thinking about Zoe Kravitz’s dating history, which is overflowing with famous men. Since 2002, when she was 17 years old, the actress has been linked to several famous faces. Below, we’ll run down her various romances and relationships.

Romantic Triangles

Before she began dating DiCaprio in 2006, Kravitz was romantically linked to Damon and Hanks. The two actors had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted from 2004 until 2008. It’s no surprise that Kravitz was attracted to both men, as they’re both larger than life; Damon especially so. When she split with Hanks in 2008, she reportedly said, “I don’t need a man to complete me. I need a muffin top.” (Her top knotty-fruit-basket necklace probably doesn’t help either.)

While rumors of a possible romance between DiCaprio and Kravitz swirled, the actor was already engaged to actress Salma Hayek. When their engagement ended in 2010, it created a triangle that was ultimately resolved when Hayek and DiCaprio got together the following year. Since then, the couple has been married and has had two children. Kravitz hasn’t been linked to a new love interest since then.

Lived With

Before she began dating DiCaprio, Kravitz actually lived with actor Tobey Maguire for three years. The couple split in 2006, but they remained close friends. According to The New York Times, the actress said of their relationship, “I think it’s healthy that I’ve been able to explore so many different sides of myself. I didn’t expect it to last forever, but I also didn’t expect it to end like this.” The newspaper reported that their split was partly due to Maguire’s ongoing affair with model Bar Rafaeli. When the two married in 2011, their child Luca was the only witness to the wedding. The following year, the couple added another son to their brood, Samuel.


Since 2002, Kravitz has been romantically linked to actor Orlando Bloom, director Ridley Scott and British musician Damon Albarn. But it wasn’t until Bloom, who has two children with his ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, that she began cozying up to the family. Her interest in the 47-year-old Orlando was apparently piqued when he was seen carrying a box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in the early 2000s. Or maybe it was the car he bought her when they were first spotted together in 2003. (She has an entire closet dedicated to cars.)

As mentioned, Scott is another well-known face that Kravitz has dated. He directed her in the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance, which she portrayed the male lead. The two were first linked when he cast her in 2001’s The Great Gatsby. They dated for two years and had a son named Charlie in 2003. In 2016, Scott acknowledged their ongoing relationship in an interview with Interview magazine. He said, “I still love her very much. We have an amazing connection. It’s a very special relationship. We both love spending time with our children, so it’s good for the kids.”


There have been endless rumors surrounding Kravitz’s love life. She’s been linked to numerous famous faces, including British actor Benedict Cumberbatch, rapper Fabolous, model Cara Delevingne and, of course, the subject of this article, British musician Damon Albarn. She’s said to have dated Albarn back in 2003 when he was still part of the group Gorillaz. In a 2018 interview with Vanity Fair, actress Natalie Portman admitted that she’s always fielded questions about Kralitz’s romantic exploits. “I think it’s so cute,” she said. “I don’t mind answering questions about Zoe, because everyone wonders about her. She’s such a pretty girl, and she’s so sweet. We’ve become really good friends. She’s just so open and sweet and lovely. And, of course, since she’s connected to all these famous people, everyone wants to know what’s going on. It’s definitely something to do with her beauty mark. It’s like, what is that? Is it real? Is she faking? Is she trying to copy Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous smile? It’s quite funny. People ask about her relationship status all the time, but I don’t think she minds as much as you’d think.”

Kravitz’s look has become such a talking point that several Halloween costumes have been inspired by her. In 2011, she dressed up as Carmen Miranda for Halloween in London and posted a picture on Twitter. The costume won her numerous compliments. That same year, she appeared on the cover of the British edition of Vogue in a costume fitting for a Marc Jacobs fashion show. (She was also one of the models who walked the runway that day.)

What Would Make Zoe Kravitz Commit?

While many might see the 32-year-old beauty as a trophy wife or even a cougar, she’s actually thinking about her future. According to a 2018 Vanity Fair interview with the star, her ideal match would be an intelligent, successful, creative, outdoorsy man who can provide for her and her children. (She has a three-year-old daughter, Vivienne, with her ex-partner, Scott Maguire.)

The actress said that she might consider marrying an older man who “understands her career,” noting that she’s already spent “four or five years” in her current relationship. When she began dating DiCaprio, she was 22 years old and he was 37. While she doesn’t want to “set a precedent” by getting married so early, she does want to find someone who “understands her lifestyle and career.”

As for why she hasn’t committed to any long-term relationship, Kravitz told Vanity Fair, “I don’t need a man to complete me. I need a muffin top.” She’s also said to have remarked, “I already burned one relationship in my books—with [actor] Tom Hanks…. I don’t want to rush into anything.”