Actors Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz were married on Sunday, August 27, 2019 in France. The ceremony, which was officiated by the couple’s spiritual advisor Richard Simmons, was a short but sweet affair. Guests included a few close family members and friends as well as a number of fashion houses like Bevilaqua and Gucci who sent representatives to offer their support. Simmons is an American singer and dancer who is well known for his work with Gene Kelly in the movie classic Singing in the Rain. Before the ceremony attendees enjoyed a champagne reception and joined the couple for their wedding banquet where they danced and toasted their new union.

Though the venue and time was kept private, guests were able to purchase tickets and attend the soirée, which was catered and featured an array of Western and French cuisines. The wedding cake was a seven-tier spiral structure made up of 20 different flavors. The couple chose to have cake cutting as a sign of union and to represent the 20 tiers of the cake. The festivities ended with guests joining the newlyweds for a stroll down the isle of Rue Saint-Louis, where they signed the marriage certificate and enjoyed an apres-wedding cocktail.

The Bride’s Family

Kravetiz, who is best known for her role in the TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, is the daughter of the late actor Peter Kravetiz, who starred in the cult classic film American Gigolo. She has a sassy attitude that has made her a fan favorite (and a frequent target of comedians).

On the other hand, Pattinson is the son of the late film director Bryan P. or Peter Patenson. He has acted in two Harry Potter films and has a distinctive, lanky appearance that has made him recognizable to moviegoers. He dated the singer Katy Perry for several years before meeting Kravitz.

The Venue And Its Impression

Located in the heart of Paris, the fourteenth-century Hôtel Bellevue is steeped in history and has been the setting for memorable events throughout its centuries-long existence. The building’s imposing design is a combination of the Renaissance and the Baroque styles and features large, comfortable beds, richly furnished private spaces, and exceptional service. Additionally, guests to the hotel can take advantage of its location near to a number of major tourist attractions and can easily walk to the nearest airport, train station, or boat dock.

According to Travel + Leisure, the hotel is a “must-see” because it is “a combination of opulence and history” and is also “one of the most beautiful buildings in Paris”.

The Reception And Its Attendants

The ceremony and reception were both a short and sweet affair. It lasted for about an hour and a half and was followed by a champagne toast and dinner. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed a champagne reception and were paired up for dinner. After dinner, guests enjoyed a soirée with live music, which was sponsored by the fashion houses Bevilaqua and Gucci.

The couple chose to have their wedding banquet at L’Ombra di Venezia, a Venetian restaurant in Paris. The menu featured Venetian classics like scallopini, gamberoni, and baby eels in tomato sauce as well as French traditional dishes like duck breast and stuffed cabbage rolls. For dessert, there were white chocolate and dark chocolate lava cakes, chocolate pots with chocolate sauce, and chocolate tartlets. The wedding cake was a seven-tier spiral structure made up of 20 different flavors and was cut by the couple’s parents. After the wedding cake was cut, the newlyweds danced for a while and toasted their new union with champagne.

Though they kept details of the wedding a secret, fans can rest assured that the ceremony and reception were both unforgettable events. The couple have been open about their desire to have a traditional romantic wedding and have stated that they wanted the ceremony to be as “visceral” as possible. They also wanted guests to feel as though they were “witnessing something amazing” and have expressed their desire for the entire event to feel like “a fairytale”.