Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson were spotted canoodling in a London park on Monday. The iconic BFFs were photographed cosying up next to each other as they enjoyed a picnic. The Love Actually actress looked beautiful in a pale pink dress as she held onto Mr. Pattinson’s arm. The couple has been holidaying in the UK since early this year, and have been spotted on numerous occasions, including in the flesh at this very park. Rumour has it that they may even tie the knot in the coming months. 

Puppy Love

The twosome were initially seen canoodling on a park bench, with a white Pomeranian puppy in the picture. The cute dog was a hit with the paparazzi, who snapped at every opportunity to capture a memory of the trio. Zoe looked happy as she cuddled up with the hound as they watched the world go by. It seems that Mr. Pattinson has a thing for small dogs. He has previously dated several canine companions, including a husky, a pug and a Pomeranian, which he referred to as ‘Frankie’. However, none of these relationships lasted more than a couple of years, which is presumably why he has shifted to a more youthful appearance in recent months.

A Matter Of Course

This is not the first time that Zoe Kravitz and Robert Pattinson have collaborated. In fact, they previously worked together to produce the clothing collection shown below. The luxury brand launched a capsule collection in February as part of their collaboration with the Hollywood star. The collection is inspired by the “madcap Romantic poet” William Blake, and incorporates florals that reference the work of Victorian artist Frederic Leighton. The 23-piece collection, which retails for £285 at harrods.com, has not been limited to dresses and skirts, with matching accessories also available. The capsule collection was first showcased in a tweet from the account of the brand’s chief brand officer, Grace Coddington.

The collection sees Zoe and Robert work together in an unusually collaborative manner. As well as designing the dresses and accessories, Zoe also provided the overall look of the collection. The designer admitted that it was “a challenging collaboration”, but noted that working with a celebrity of Mr. Pattinson’s magnitude is something she is keen to do again. When quizzed on Instagram about whether she would like to work with another famous face, she replied “sure, why not?” It seems that she is not ready to give up her spot as the queen of Instagram, with over 70 million followers, and is looking to continue expanding her global audience. The 21-year-old film designer has also designed clothing for numerous A-list celebs, including Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore and Kirsten Dunst. Her work in film has undoubtedly given her a solid platform from which to grow her business, with numerous opportunities for international expansion.

What Will This Collab Mean For Zoe Kravitz’s Dress-design Career?

It is clear that much of Zoe’s business is built on her good looks. The former model has a legion of adoring fans who have followed her from her appearance in the ‘Kaboodle’ music video to her recent starring role in the comedy film, The Boy Next Door. The movie was a modest hit upon its release in January, reportedly making £500,000. The presence of Hollywood A-listers in the cast, including Hugh Grant and Jim Carrey, only adds to her allure. However, the success of the film – and her earlier hit, Legally Blonde – has undoubtedly served to bolster her fashion career. She gained valuable design experience in the making of the latter movie, which was released in 2001. Since then, she has worked her way up the fashion food chain, designing everything from jewellery to fragrances, and even entire wardrobes for celebrities including Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. It is a safe bet that if Zoe has a new design destined for a A-list celebrity, it will probably be worn more than once.

The Making Of A Modern Icon

Zoe Kravitz first came to public attention in 2002, when she modelled for Armani in an ad campaign featuring actress and designer Gwyneth Paltrow. Since then, she has regularly appeared in high-profile ad campaigns for a range of designers, from Marc Jacobs to Burberry. She has also graced the covers of some of the world’s most prominent magazines, such as Vogue and W, and continues to attract widespread media attention. The designer noted in February that she is “deeply honoured” that so many people have found her attractive, noting that she has “always tried to be the best version of myself, and be kind, and open … I don’t want to be seen as just another pretty face”. The compliment comes from a man who, as previously stated, has been surrounded by beautiful women for most of his life. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the women who have surrounded Mr. Pattinson in his life have led him to the altar, and, as a result, he has opted for a more youthful appearance. Who is the person behind the persona, and how has he managed to keep hold of his famous puppy love? Perhaps it’s time for an Oprah Winfrey-style intervention.