Zoe Kravitz has always been someone who knows how to steal the spotlight from the people around her. Since starring in movies like Bulletproof Monk and Bewitched, the actress has become a household name, known for her unique blend of beauty and brains.

Now that she’s married to one of the most famous men in the world, the spotlight has only increased. Whether she’s jetting off to Paris for a honeymoon with her husband or attending Coachella with their children, the actress keeps her fans enthralled with every move she makes.

So how does Zoe feel about stealing the limelight these days? Does she still feel the same way about being the center of attention? Or has she found a new way to interact with her fans?

A Real Embrace

The answer can be found in one of the most famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) celebrity weddings of all time. On July 19, 2019, Zoe wed actor Robert Pattinson in a glamorous event at St. Mark’s Church in Venice, Italy. It was a beautiful ceremony that drew thousands of onlookers, with hundreds of fans camped outside the church since morning.

The couple had maintained their wedding secrecy all these years, only revealing the news of their engagement in a carefully crafted statement in April 2019. Since then, the hype surrounding their nuptials has reached unprecedented levels. And it’s not hard to see why. Not only did the couple put on an unforgettable event, but it was also filled with incredible details. From the bride’s stunning dress to the reception’s themed buffet, it was clear that the actors paid a great deal of attention to every little detail. And it showed.

In what is surely one of the most iconic photos from the wedding, Pattinson can be seen reaching for Zoe as she reaches for him. The shot, taken by photographer David McNew, perfectly captured the chemistry between the couple as they gave an unforgettable performance for their guests.

The image, which was later made into a wedding ring, seemed to satisfy the curiosity of many of Pattinson’s fans, who had spent years pining for a glimpse of the actor and activist’s wedding day. While there is no question that the photo offered everyone involved a joyous celebration, the kiss itself remains a point of contention.

A Flashing Light

A few weeks after their wedding day, Zoe took to Instagram to dispel any remaining rumors about the nature of their marriage. She wrote: “Last week was such a gift. Getting to celebrate with my best friends and family, knowing that I’m surrounded by the people I love the most in this world, fills me with joy. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect way to begin our married life together. We are so grateful to have had this chance to share our story with the world, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. My love, Zoe.”

The actress went on to talk about how she and Pattinson have used their time apart to mature as a couple. She also revealed that their embrace in the photo wasn’t just lip lock. In the months leading up to their wedding day, the couple had spent hours kissing and cuddling in front of a camera as part of their rehearsals. “Yes, we have practiced kissing a million times in front of the camera before our wedding day,” Zoe admitted. “That’s kind of how we met. It’s not like we were both running around Moscow bumping into each other, not really.”

The rehearsal sessions, coupled with the photo shoot, offered a look into the making of one of the most hyped weddings in history. As fans watched in awe, the couple displayed their adoration for each other through countless kisses and intimate moments. At one point, Pattinson can be seen kneeling on one knee, proposing to Zoe as cameras flashed throughout the church

While some viewers were in awe of the romantic gesture, others couldn’t help but feel that it was all a bit much. In one of the most talked-about photos of the engagement, Pattinson, wearing a tuxedo, leans in for what many are describing as an “embrace” with an unsheathed knife.

That scene, along with others from the wedding, were used in the upcoming Netflix series The Neapolitan Novels, starring Zoe and Robert in a fictionalized account of their lives. The 10-part miniseries is set to premiere in 2021 and has already drawn criticism for glamorizing violence against women. One user wrote: “This show is teaching my 5 year old daughter that men will always be better than women.” While another said: “This show is making me question my support for @ZoeKravitz. I don’t want my kids thinking men are always the good guys, it promotes toxic masculinity.”

A Touching Ceremony

The ceremony for Zoe and Pattinson’s wedding was filled with emotion as the actress’ parents, actress Angelina Jolie and author James Caan, both shed tears while addressing the audience. “This is a love story. It really is,” said Angelina as she dabbed away tears. “You will live happily ever after, I know it.”

The two were married by the same priest who officiated at Angelina’s previous marriage. As the audience watched in awe, the priest gave one of his most passionate speeches as he talked about the power of love.

“For the past 23 years, I have been blessed to love and serve two extraordinary women who I am certain will continue to guide me through this world and bring me happiness,” said the Rev. Christopher Mastroianni. “To see their children’s faces, especially after all these years, fills me with joy. There is no greater gift than to celebrate love and witness two hearts that belong to each other forever.”

The couple then held hands as they walked down the aisle and shared a few tears as they said their vows. “We are here to celebrate a love that transcends distance and time,” said Pattinson as he looked into his bride’s eyes.

The ceremony was filled with emotion as the audience watched in awe as the couple exchanged vows. Here, they are seen sharing a passionate kiss as their guests watched in awe.

A Family Affair

Zoe and Robert have not always had an easy relationship. The pair have been at the center of their share of media scrutiny, with both the public and the press questioning their engagement and the nature of their marriage. While some of that focus has been warranted, it’s clear that both Zoe and Robert have grown a great deal as a couple and as parents. The three-part miniseries follows the couple as they navigate this new phase of their lives, with part one arriving this year.

As their families and friends watched on, the couple tenderly embraced as Robert gently brushed away a tear from Zoe’s eye.

Their three kids – Maddie (17), Tallulah (15), and Atlas (12) – who were all born in different years – could not be present at the wedding as they are currently studying in London. They were however, included in the celebrations with the rest of their family, who joined them on the big day.

A Private Surprise

As if a wedding planning scandal involving a potential child bride and a reality TV star was not enough, the news that the couple were engaged came as a complete surprise to fans. In June 2019, Maddie suddenly announced on Twitter that she was engaged to her boyfriend, Jonny Wu, who goes by the stage name Johnny Wu. She then followed that up with an Instagram post, bragging about the luxury lifestyle that came with her newfound fame.