As the actor who portrayed the iconic Catwoman in the upcoming movie, The Batman, Zoe Kravitz is no stranger to fans asking for more on the suitor of their favorite Gotham City vigilante. Now, in a special collaboration with Warner Bros. Animation, she’s created a fictionalized account of just what happened between her and the Knight of Vengeance after their fateful meeting in Batman Begins. Titled Batman Fan Fiction and included in the September 2018 issue of Vanity Fair, Kravitz’s tell-all book is an inside look at the making of the film adaptation and also touches on other subjects like mental health and her childhood growing up in Hollywood.

An Insider’s View Of The Batman Film

With exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Batman, Kravitz opens up about what it’s like to play the iconic female protagonist. Specifically, she discusses how much input she had into developing Catwoman’s character, the pressure of living up to the legacy of the titular hero, and whether she felt comfortable voicing her own opinions about feminism and social justice issues.

Kravitz also dives into her own struggle with anxiety and depression, which she discusses in her book Before The Fame. She credits her time as Catwoman with helping her overcome both of those mental illnesses, which she chronicles in her book. In fact, she writes candidly about her battles with mental illness, which made it easier for her to discuss her character’s tribulations without fear of cliche.

The actress also speaks on the pressures of playing a famous character and how she prepared for the role. She stresses that while it was difficult to embody a role that’s been part of popular culture for so long, she ultimately felt that it was a positive experience. Kravitz is currently on tour with her band in support of her book. She’s also set to star in the upcoming Netflix series, Sex Education, where she plays an adult educator who helps teach millennials about sexual politics.

All Clues Point To The Dark Knight

If there’s one place you should be going for all the answers, it’s Batman. The Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. For fans of the iconic comic book series, the question is: Where do I start? Do I go back to the beginning, or do I dive into the rich history of the Caped Crusader and his battles against various super-villains?

Batman Fan Fiction opens with a bang as we’re introduced to Alfred Pennyworth (a.k.a. the Butler), who at the time was caretaker to billionaire Bruce Wayne (a.k.a. the Batman). When the wealthy industrialist is arrested for the murder of a rival, it’s up to Alfred–and his trusted handbag–to help track down the root of the problem and set things right. What follows is a classic tale of detective work with the occasional superheroic twist.

The legendary Batman writer Alan Moore and artist Bob Kane’s seminal work, The Batman, introduced many tropes and clichés that have since become part of pop culture. From Alfred’s butler outfit to the Batmobile, this was a new kind of superhero. For the first time ever, fans could relate to the plight of the Dark Knight. It was no longer just a comic book character. Now, it was somebody they knew, or somebody they wanted to know.

The Dark Knight proved to be a massive critical and commercial success, paving the way for a slew of future superheroes, including Christian Bale’s iconic turn as The Batman. Since then, Batman has always had the popular culture lexicon wrapped around his iconic silhouette. It started with the 1960s television show, with memorable catchphrases like ‘Return of the Joker’ and ‘It’s About Time’ that still resonate today. Then, there was Tim Burton’s 1989 movie, with its dark and whimsical take on a superhero myth that solidified Batman as an international pop culture icon.

Batman has remained a relevant cultural touchstone for audiences of all ages, with countless memes, t-shirts, and online games devoted to the Caped Crusader. But, as our understanding of mental illness and mental health issues evolved, so did the character. With each subsequent film and television show, Batman’s antagonists have become more sophisticated, and audiences have grown more accepting of characters like Bane, the Riddler, and the Penguin. Today, the character still has the tendency to be relevant and topical, as demonstrated by the success of the current Warner Bros. superhero film, Suicide Squad, and Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow solo film, set for release on March 8, 2019.

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