It’s fair to say that the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) turned a corner when it comes to casting. While many fans had hoped for more diversity following the astonishing success of Wonder Woman, Black Panther, and other Marvel Comics titles, the DCEU has delivered with excellence.

Hence, one of the biggest surprises of the year was the casting of Robert Pattinson in the crucial role of the iconic character The Riddler. Since the beginning of the year, fans have been wondering if this was truly the Batman of their dreams. Was Pattinson really the right choice for the role? Let’s examine the evidence and consider the pros and cons of this casting decision.

The Evidence

When it comes to the DC Extended Universe, fans have so many amazing options to choose from. While it’s great that these characters can finally live in peace and harmony, it’s also a testament to the amazing range of actors Hollywood has to offer. The question is: did director Zack Snyder really select the best possible actor for the role of The Riddler?

Pattinson’s name had been doing the rounds as a possible choice for a while, but the truth is, his name wasn’t ever actually submitted by Warner Bros. According to our sources, the actor was initially considered for the part of The Flash (Barry Allen), but the studio decided that they wanted to go with a more experienced actor for that role.

The Pros

When talking about the pros of this casting decision, it’s hard not to start with the obvious. Casting an English actor as The Riddler is bound to be an improvement over what we typically get, which is often American-accented or dubbed over. With Pattinson, we get the authentic, native English accent that fans have been requesting for years. In fact, some are already claiming that this is the best Batman ever. And it couldn’t be more accurate.

As an actor, he was also certainly the best available option for the role. Even though he’s known for playing debonair characters, his acting resume also boasts significant accomplishments in more serious roles. Not to mention that he can physically portray a wide range of characters. When paired with his remarkable ability to mimic accents, he’s the perfect choice for playing a character that switches back and forth between speaking in an English accent and an American accent. This is undoubtedly a great advantage for this particular role.

Warner Bros. also clearly recognized that if they were to release a series of standalone Batman films, they needed to go for the best. It was either Pattinson or Johnny Depp, and they made the right choice. While we’re still waiting for the definitive word on if Pattinson will once again don the cowl for the studio, we can only assume that he’s the best option so far.

The Cons

Unfortunately, there are also some significant cons to this decision. For starters, we have to consider the fact that if this was truly the best option available, why wasn’t his name submitted in the first place?

Additionally, although he’s considered one of the best in his field, it’s also well-established that Pattinson can be difficult to work with. Even his most ardent fans will admit that he’s not exactly the most cooperative of the famous “B” list. While it’s great to see an English actor playing an American character, it’s also worth considering the fact that the role could have been filled by an established American actor. Not to mention that in order to pull off this role, Pattinson will have to alter not only his accent but also his body language. It will be interesting to see how well he pulls this off.

With all that said, let’s explore whether or not the director made the right choice in going with an English actor over an American one for the role of The Riddler.

Overall Analysis

While the pros clearly outweigh the cons, it’s also undeniable that this was a risky choice. It’s not every day that you get to cast an English actor in a leading role, especially one as iconic as The Riddler. As exciting as it is to see such a prominent role go to an Englishman, it’s also worth considering the fact Warner Bros. could have found a better option. In the end, however, it’s clear that this was a fantastic choice.

Since the beginning of the year, fans of DC have been anxiously waiting to see what role Robert Pattinson would play. Would he be the best Batman yet? Or will Johnny Depp still reign as the king of the bats? So, what is DC’s strategy for this year? Are they going in a different direction? Or do they intend to reignite the rivalry between these two extraordinary actors? Whatever the case may be, we’ll just have to wait and see.