In 2007, the author J.K. Rowling graced us with the Harry Potter series. Since then, a whole generation has grown up with Harry Potter as a guide to magical adventures, and one of the biggest highlights of each year is the release of the new movie. The movies aren’t the only thing holding up summer vacation, either: book tours, convention appearances, and festival screenings are also part of the fun.

Robert Pattinson Stars In New Trailer For Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series is known for bringing together people from all different walks of life and forcing them to interact. The trailer for the upcoming Warner Bros. film, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, features an all-star cast, including Robert Pattinson, who you might recognize from Cosmo Trilogy or the 2015 movie Maleficent. He plays a young student named Harry who lives with his uncle and aunt.

The trailer opens with Harry looking out his window, seeing a large snake hanging from a tree. He is frightened by the sight of the snake and flees downstairs to warn his family, but when he gets there, the table is already set and all the guests are waiting to greet the new Mr. and Mrs. Potter.

The new Harry Potter movie is currently in production and it will be released on June 16, 2021. In the meantime, you can get a glimpse of Rob Pattinson in costume as Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London.

Harry Potter Books Have Begun To Appeal To A New Generation

The Harry Potter books were first published in 2001 and they became an instant New York Times bestseller, with the third book even breaking the record for fastest-selling book in American history. In 2020, the 23rd anniversary of the series, we are seeing a resurgence in popularity, as demonstrated by the huge pre-orders for Charmed Life, the upcoming sequel to 2021’s Charmed City. The books have also begun to appeal to a new generation, with the first two books even making the cut for inclusion on the American Library Association’s 100 most frequently challenged books of 2020.

What Is Harry Potter’s International Success?

The Harry Potter series has been a global publishing phenomenon, with the first book being translated into 66 languages and hitting number one on the bestseller list in 25 countries across Europe and Australasia. In 2022, the 25th anniversary of the series, we will see even more countries adding the Harry Potter series to their bestseller lists, as well as more people becoming familiar with the wizarding world.

Rowling: Life Inside The Wizarding World

J.K. Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter series, has spoken about her inspiration for the series and how it has affected her life. On being compared to Roald Dahl, she said:

“I would like to think that my writing is somewhat different to that of Roald Dahl. If I did borrow anything from his writing, it would be the sense of fun he brought to every story.”

More Ways To Explore Harry Potter

If you’re looking for more Harry Potter-related reading and material, there are plenty of options. A great website called The Wizards Word provides fans with all the information they need about the wizarding world, including descriptions of the various houses, their champions, founder professors, and more. Even if you’ve read the books already, it’s worth a visit just to see what else there is to learn about the magic school.

We already mentioned the Harry Potter films and the upcoming sequel, but another great place to explore Harry Potter is the Dark Arts Cafe, where you can get autographs and cut-out photos with your favorite celebrities. Another great option is the Leaky Cauldron, a wizarding telegraph where you can send some postcards to your favorite characters. Of course, you’ll want to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London if you’d like to see the sets from the movies, meet Neville Longbottom (played by John Holder), and more.

Harry Potter At Walt Disney World

One of the most exciting things about the Harry Potter series is the fact that it has been so widely embraced by society. Books, films, and even a theme park have been named after the series, which is perhaps one of the reasons why it continues to appeal to such a large audience. The official website for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter recently unveiled a new preview of the area, which will be opened in June 2021. It’s great to see so many people inspired by the series and how it has helped them live their best life.