Well, it’s been a while since we’ve heard from international pop singer Rob Pattinson. The 27-year-old singer-songwriter returned to the U.S. last year after spending most of the previous year touring the world, including festival appearances in Brazil and Spain, as well as a guest stint on Britain’s Got Talent. Since then, he’s mostly been promoting his debut album, Twilight, which was released in January 2017. Between recording sessions for that album, Pattinson released the single “Hey, Girl” in October 2016, and a few weeks later, he announced that he was working on a new album, the follow-up to Twilight. In January, a few days before the album’s release, he shared a couple of new songs: “Goodbye” and “Never Been Better.”

As with his previous album, Twilight, Pattinson’s new album is a collection of timeless pop songs that defy genre. The first single, “Hey, Girl,” was a collaboration with Spanish singer MNEK. It’s an upbeat track featuring prominent use of the whistle register – a technique that allows musicians to play higher notes than they otherwise could – and a catchy chorus that’s infectious even on initial listen.

The album also includes a cover of the Michael Jackson song, “Keep Your Head Up,” which Pattinson performed with a 20-piece orchestra and choir at the 2017 Grammy Awards. The pop superstar singer’s estate had initially objected to the track being performed at the awards ceremony, citing a conflict of interest: since Jackson had recorded the song with a 60-piece orchestra, he owned the master recording. However, after the initial objection was settled, Pattinson was presented with the award for Best Engineered Album, which he accepted on Jackson’s behalf.

The Definitive Ranking Of Rob Pattinson’s Songs

Considering he’s been relatively quiet since his 2017 comeback, it’s not surprising that the singer-songwriter’s earlier work has mostly flown under the radar. But that shouldn’t be a concern because, in reality, Pattinson has been creating music for as long as he’s been able to hold a pen. Over the years, he’s released two EPs, one mixtape, and one album, all of which are worth checking out. Here’s a definitive ranking of Rob Pattinson’s songs.

1. “Hey, Girl” (featuring MNEK)

It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from the 27-year-old singer-songwriter Rob Pattinson, and already he’s managed to release his first single in almost two years, “Hey Girl” (featuring MNEK). Not only that, but “Hey Girl” is actually one of the best songs the British songwriter and singer has ever released. The track is an infectious pop anthem about finding love in a weird place and how important it is to not let your pride get in the way. This is the kind of song that makes you want to run around with a guitar in your hands, playing for everyone you meet.

The infectious chorus – which is more than just a catchy hook – is one of the best bits about “Hey Girl.” It’s made up of a series of whoops and laughter sounds that are paired with subtle, stuttering vocals. They give the song a comedic edge that makes it even more relatable. The whistled notes on the chorus are a technique that allows the singer to play higher notes than he could normally reach, adding to the quirky feel of the song.

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson – the original or the King of Pop – then “Hey Girl” will feel right at home on your Spotify playlist. And yes, in all honesty, it would be a great track to jog to. We’re sure of it.

2. “Keep Your Head Up” (covered by Michael Jackson)

We’ve already established that Rob Pattinson has a good song in him, but it’s even better when he covers an already-famous song. The songwriter and singer has managed to capture the essence of Michael Jackson in less than three minutes; the song is a near-perfect representation of one of pop music’s great collaborations. It’s also proof that, even after all these years, Jackson’s spirit lives on in Rob Pattinson.

The song opens with a string quartet playing what sounds like a slow, deep note before transitioning into a smooth, happy-sounding groove and the pop singer’s distinctive vocals. This is followed by a choir chanting, “Keep your head up,” over a jazzy hip-hop beat and more prominent use of whistled notes. It’s difficult to put into words the impact that “Keep Your Head Up,” as it’s often referred to, has had on Rob Pattinson’s life. After covering it, he was presented with the award for Best Engineered Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards, which he accepted on Michael Jackson’s behalf.

It’s difficult to put into words the impact that “Keep Your Head Up” has had on Rob Pattinson’s life. After covering it, he was presented with the award for Best Engineered Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards, which he accepted on Michael Jackson’s behalf.

The track has been played live by the Welsh band Hot Club of Cowtown, who were heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, and it’s been covered by a wide range of artists, from Sting to Maroon 5 and even Vanilla Ice. If you love Michael Jackson, then it’s highly recommended that you listen to his original version as much as possible, and even if you don’t care for the pop superstar, you’ll at least walk away with a newfound appreciation for his incredible talent. The song is a masterpiece, and it will continue to inspire musicians for years to come.

3. “Goodbye”

“Goodbye” is the first single from Rob Pattinson’s new album, and it’s another winner. Musically, the song is a blend of smooth jazz and R&B, with an emphasis on the former. The song itself is less about saying goodbye and more about looking forward to the future. Specifically, it’s about looking forward to the days when you and your lover can be happily spending time together. To that end, the song features some of the best vocals that Rob Pattinson has ever recorded, which is saying a lot considering his history as a singer. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the 27-year-old Welsh singer has a clear vocal range. Aside from his impressive pipes, his unique style and charismatic personality make him a pleasure to listen to.

The song’s chorus evokes the days of old, when a gentleman would call on a lady to spend an evening with him. In that sense, the song’s lyrics could be interpreted as a plea for a romantic comeback – not that anyone would have a problem with that. And let’s face facts: for those still mourning the death of true love, this yearning track is bound to bring a smile to your face.

That’s not to say that “Goodbye” is a one-sided affair. The track prominently features a co-writing credit from Ed Sheeran, who provides an additional vocal, as well as additional guitar and bass parts. The song’s production is also worth noting, as it features a healthy mix of the handclaps, heavy drums, and pulsating basslines that you’d find in a modern day club. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes “Goodbye” such a stand-out track, but it’s an eclectic mix of sound that has never been truly represented in popular music. If you and your partner are ever feeling low, then turn to this ode to revive your spirits and remind you of the good times to come.

4. “Never Been Better”

It might seem odd to include a ballad amongst the other songs on this list, but “Never Been Better” is a standout track not only because of its melancholy mood but also because of its lyrics. The first words that you hear upon entering the studio are these: “I don’t know why / Sometimes I wish / That this could be our goodbye.” It would be a shame to not acknowledge the beautiful ballad that is “Never Been Better,” especially considering how effectively it builds to a stunning, guitar-led chorus. The main melody is one of the strongest pieces of music that Rob Pattinson has ever written, and it’s been well-received by fans and critics alike. The songwriter and singer compared it to the works of James Taylor and Van Morrison, two of his musical inspirations.

The song’s lyrics deal with finding the strength to move on from a past relationship, one that was arguably better than it is now. As a result, the ballad finds Rob Pattinson facing his fears and insecurity head-on, an approach that has always been a key component of his music. And it works: as the song progresses, the balladeer’s courage and conviction shine through his hushed vocals.