Most people will agree that Robert Pattinson is quite the charmer, and this pretty much becomes apparent during interviews, where you see this gorgeous guy smile a lot and laugh at jokes. Now, if you’re wondering whether or not you’ll like the movie or TV show you’re about to watch, then the best policy is to simply watch the darn thing and find out! Here are 10 funny interviews with Robert Pattinson you can watch for free.

1. Empire Magazine (1980)

This magazinetopped offwith the dubious distinction of being the first ever to publicly name Robert Pattinson as one of the world’s most beautiful men, and it’s easy to see why. Check out this iconic image of the “Twilight” actor posing poolside in a black bikini, his toned arms folded over his chest, a serious expression on his face and an absolute bee in his bonnet! The shoot for this magazine probably went down as one of the most legendary beach holidays in history. Sadly, it was not to be spent entirely in relaxation as he also had to film a cameo for a popular Australian soap opera at the time, which he promptly fell asleep during, leading to the show’s creators coming up with an ingenious plan to write in a dream sequence where he slept his way through an entire episode! Thanks for the heads up, Patrick.

2. Details Magazine (1981)

Again, from the magazinethat named him one of the most beautiful men in the world, this time in a silver bikini, it’s hard not to like Robert Pattinson. While most of the above images are on the more glamorous end of the spectrum, this one is quite the opposite. Check out this classic scene from the 1981 drama “Chaplin,” in which he plays a film producer whose assistant (played by Elizabeth Taylor) does not get along with his famous female lead (played by Greta Garbo), and hilarity ensues when they end up starring in a movie together! It’s truly memorable and a film that has stood the test of time, which is incredible when you think about it, because it was based on a true story and the film industry was still finding its feet back then.

3. British Vogue (1983)

Here he is again, looking dashing as ever in a black bikini. The year is 1983, and this photoshoot for British Vogue is another defining image of Robert Pattinson. If you want to see a beautiful and debonair guy fishing, then this is the magazine to check out, as he appears in a selection of its covers throughout the year. Although it was originally published in the UK, it had a significant impact in the US, where the trend of dressing men in female clothing took off following World War II.

4. Interview (1984)

This is one of the most interesting and unique documentaries about the “Twilight” phenomenon. As the title suggests, this movie is all about talking to the man himself, Robert Pattinson, who gives an in-depth account of his life as a film star. It also features fascinating interviews with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Elizabeth Taylor, and other well-known people from the worlds of acting and fashion. The entire thing is packed with interesting anecdotes, fascinating insights, and even some hilarious moments. Sadly, this is one you will have to pay for online, but if you want to see a unique glimpse into the mind of one of cinema’s most intriguing stars, then it’s definitely worth a watch.

5. Esquire (1985)

Yet another iconic image of Robert Pattinson, albeit from the pages of this highbrow men’s magazine. While the above images are, of course, very glamorous, this one is quite the opposite. It’s fairly dark, as he is seen with a very serious expression on his face. In fact, you will often see this same expression on his face in interviews due to his deep involvement in a number of serious dramas at the time. This is, however, the same dramatic streak that makes him such a compelling interview subject, as he often reveals fascinating insights into his acting process and the inner workings of the industry. Plus, he’s just a really nice guy, which you will soon discover if you watch enough of his interviews.

6. Rolling Stone (1987)

This is one of the first mainstream media interviews we’re going to check out today, as it was filmed back in 1987 for Rolling Stone magazine. It’s one of the most important interviews any ‘Twi’ fan will ever see, as it was the first time we heard from him about ‘The Twilight Saga’ and he unveiled the entire premise of the series in the process. This long interview covers a lot of ground, as the subject discusses his acting ambitions, his interest in Shakespeare, and the making of ‘Twilight.’ If you have a passing interest in the history of ‘The Twilight’ franchise or are simply a fan of Robert Pattinson, then this is probably the interview you’ve been waiting for. It really does offer a unique insight into the man and the filmmaking process. Enjoy!

7. Playboy (1988)

And here we have one of the most well-known and iconic photographs of Robert Pattinson. In this picture, he is posing with a group of very attractive women, among them, a stunning Anna Kournikova. If you’re unfamiliar, this is the tennis player who famously broke the Internet back in 2015 when she took to Instagram to show off a photo of her in a bikini, leading many to believe she had just become a ‘bikini babe.’ The interview here is pretty interesting too, as Robert talks about playing a character who is essentially an anti-hero, why he doesn’t like doing press appearances, and how he stays in good shape. It also covers the making of ‘Twilight’ and his interest in acting and film. As before, this is mostly a one-sided interview as he is rarely asked about anything other than his work, but it’s still worth a look for those who are curious about the process. This interview was originally published in German, so if you know German, then you can probably appreciate the cultural nuances behind the conversations. Otherwise, it will remain a somewhat opaque discussion about acting, film theory, and staying fit.

8. The New York Times Magazine (1988)

The subject of this interview is a very busy man, as you’ll soon learn if you click on the above link. He discusses a wide range of topics, from the making of ‘Twilight’ to his experience as a newlywed, appearing in a wedding dress that is almost certainly not authentic due to the time period in which it was filmed. This is another interview where he mostly limits himself to talking about ‘The Twilight’ franchise and the making of the movies, but it’s still an interesting look into the process. The photographer here, Danny Moloshok, won an award for his work, so you know it’s good. The New York Times Magazine is a renowned American weekly news magazine, so if you’re a fan of the ‘Twilight’ movies then this is another essential read for you. As always, Robert is just a really nice guy, so even those who are not huge fans will have fun reading this interview. Just look at that smile…

9. Parade Magazine (1990)

Yet another iconic image of Robert Pattinson, albeit from the pages of this American weekly magazine, where he is interviewed by Richard Simmons. If you remember Richard Simmons, then it should come as no great surprise that he interviewed Robert, because the two of them are often mentioned in the same breath when it comes to good-looking guys. Here, the subject discusses a number of interesting topics, including whether or not he is interested in having children, the advantages of being a single guy, and his interest in Shakespeare. It also covers the making of ‘Twilight,’ along with some interesting anecdotes about working with Bill Clinton and the late Princess Grace, who was the subject of the first interview ever to be published by this magazine. Despite only being published in 1990, this interview is still considered as one of the most illuminating and interesting looks into the life of Robert Pattinson, so it still sees a lot of use online. We recommend it.