Everyone is talking about the 22 year old British sensation and future child superstar, Rob Pattinson. The film industry’s newest heartthrob is making headlines across the globe. He is currently signed to Simon Cowell’s new record label, SYCO, and is set to release his self-titled debut album this summer. The young star has graced the covers of several magazines, including Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and GQ, and has been featured in commercials for Gucci and Prada. One of the world’s wealthiest and most influential men, Donald Trump, is among those vouching for Rob’s appeal and fame.

The International Phenomenon

It seems that everyone is talking about the handsome young Englishman these days. No wonder why. The English-speaking world has been eagerly awaiting the release of his self-titled album since the summer of 2012. The album, which is set to be released on June 25th, will be available in all major digital music stores. It is the first album released under the new record label, SYCO (Singing and Character). While Rob’s career has been building for some time, he rose to international prominence in the spring of 2012 when he starred in the film, One Night Only, alongside Eva Green. The film, which was produced by A-lister Megan Ellison, was extremely well-received, and earned over $10 million dollars at the box office in the United States alone.

The actor has since starred in several other high-profile films, including The Rover, The Change-Overs, and the upcoming Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Aside from his film work, Rob has been busy establishing himself as a solo artist, releasing his debut single, “Only You,” in June 2012. The song was an instant hit, topping the iTunes sales charts in over 30 countries and peaking at number 7 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. His second single, “Waste Away,” was released this past January and has also been a massive hit, topping the Billboard Top 100 in over 12 countries. Although more pop than alternative, the singer has developed a solid, following of devoted fans who call themselves “Pattinsonites.”

Style And Substance

From a very early age, young Rob showed a keen interest in the fashion industry. He began modeling at age 12 and soon after signed with a prestigious agencies in London. Since then, he has graced the covers of several magazines, including Vogue, Rolling Stone, and GQ. In 2011, he was named British Male Model of the Year by the British Association of Models. He is also reportedly dating Kate Moss, which is considered one of the most powerful and desirable women in the world. Not that he needs the help, to be honest.

With all his fashion success, it is clear that Rob is serious about his music. He has said that he sees his music as a “full-time job” and has even hired famous fashion photographer, Terry Richardson, to capture the essence of his new album for his blog. In order to follow his dream and become a solo artist, Rob moved to Los Angeles this past January. Although his debut album is being recorded in London, most of the production value will be coming from the west coast.

The style-conscious star has been the subject of many a tabloid story, with headlines proclaiming his every move. A frequent topic of conversation is his love for a quirky sense of style, often drawing comparisons to late designer, Yves Saint Laurent. The young star has been spotted wearing an array of unique ensembles, including a T-shirt with an image of the Grim Reaper and bandana-style headwear, for which he has been dubbed “Gorgi” (Greek for “grey hair”).

Trump’s And Bieber’s Connection

It’s a pretty cool connection, if you ask us. We’re sure many of you haven’t, but Donald Trump has publicly declared his love for the singer. In fact, he has gone as far as to call him “the future of music.” In 2011, the business tycoon tweeted: “@iamropperpeterson If Rob Pattinson ever decides to do music, he will be the next Justin Bieber.” Rob’s publicist has confirmed that Donald Trump and the singer have communicated, but nothing more than that.

A Multi-Talented Star

If you thought that Rob’s fashion style was a one-dimensional entity, then you were wrong. The British model-turned-singer is actually a multi-talented superstar in the making. He not only models and sings, but he is also an actor, appearing in several films, including the upcoming Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. The young star’s diverse interests will likely appeal to a wide audience and make him a solo star for life. In the coming months, we will learn much more about this exciting new talent. For now, however, it’s safe to say that Rob’s dream of becoming a solo artist has come true. His self-titled debut album, set for release on June 25th, will most likely become the biggest-selling album of the year. He will then have the chance to show the world his many talents and make everyone sit up and take notice. This coming summer promises to be an interesting one for young Rob Pattinson.