Robert Pattinson is an English actor, director, and musician. He started his acting career in 2004, appearing in small roles in film and television before gaining recognition for his supporting role in the film adaptation of the Twilight Saga. Since then he has gone on to appear in supporting roles in several comedy films and major motion pictures. He was named by Forbes as the highest-paid actor of 2015, earning €20 million ($22.8 million) for his role in the 2015 film Deepwater Horizon. He has also been the subject of many memes and jokes online due to his quirky on-screen persona and public love lives.

Early Life And Education

Robert Pattinson was born in London, England on December 2, 1986. He is the only child of actors Vanessa and Tim Pattinson. His father is from an Irish Catholic family while his mother is English. His maternal grandparents are Spanish and French. He has two younger half-siblings from his father’s side. In addition to acting, his mother was involved in fundraising for and designing a children’s hospice in London. Pattinson attended the independent St. John’s School in London and later studied at the prestigious Roedean school in England. He also spent a year studying drama at the Moscow Art Theatre Academy in Russia.


Pattinson made his acting debut in a small role in the 2004 film Cold Mountain, followed by several supporting roles in small independent films. He later appeared in television commercials, before being cast as Edward Cullen, a werewolf in the Twilight Saga. Since then he has gone on to star in supporting roles in several films, including the 2014 war drama The Hundred-Year-Old Man, the 2015 romantic comedy Sex Tape, the 2013 comedy Bad Words, and the 2018 comedy Game Night. He has also been a series regular on the Netflix political satire series Patriot Act with Jimmy Kimmel and Dave Attell. In 2019 he had a cameo in the drama film The House.

Net Worth

As of April 2019, Robert Pattinson’s net worth is $45 million. This makes him the highest paid actor of all time. In 2015, Forbes estimated his net worth at $17 million. Since 2002, his net worth has increased by 500% according to Celebrity Net Worth. In 2019 he was named the highest-paid actor of all time by Forbes, making him the 5th highest-paid celebrity of all time. Worldwide, he is the 6th highest-paid celebrity.


In 2018, Pattinson was named the highest-paid actor of all time, earning $22.8 million for the year. He was previously named the highest-paid actor of 2015 and 2017. In 2018 he made $16 million for appearing in two films: the Denzel Washington film Secret Weapon and the John Wick movie series. Most recently he reprised his role as Cullen in the 2019 box-office smash Black Widow and was paid $2.4 million for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame. He is contracted to play the role of James Bond in future films. In 2019 he was reportedly earning a six-figure salary for playing a role in Netflix’s Sex Education.

Pattinson is the highest-paid actor of all time because of the size of his fanbase. His fan club membership, Summit, is valued at over $2 million. In 2019, they held a live fundraiser for the Texas Children’s Hospital that was attended by Pattinson. He has also been active in supporting various charities, including Kids With Cancer and the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Over the years he has visited hospitals and fundraising events to meet with fans and promote his charities. He is one of the most talented and popular actors of our time. It’s no wonder that so many people are interested in his personal life.

Pattinson made headlines in 2019 when he and actress Kate Winslet got engaged. They met while filming the 2018 film The Kidnapper in Italy. Since then the couple has been quiet about their engagement but in 2020 Kate gave us an update on their relationship. “We’ve been going strong for over a year now,” she told Vanity Fair. “It’s been incredible, really. But we haven’t said anything publicly because we didn’t want to jinx it.” While their privacy has been respected, fans have speculated that they tied the knot sooner than expected because of Kate’s 35th birthday in April 2020. In 2022 they are set to co-star in the drama film The Sea.


Pattinson has dated several high-profile women, including the American singer Alicia Keys, the English model Lily Cole, and the Twilight Saga co-star Elizabeth Taylor’s great-granddaughter, Gigi. In 2016 he began a relationship with the French actress Laetitia Casta. The couple has a son named Robert Junior. According to Naughty-But-Nice, Casta and Pattinson attended a child’s birthday party dressed as Batman and The Joker. They have been open about their son’s autism and want to do what they can to promote understanding and acceptance of the condition. In 2020, they founded a nonprofit organization called Autiddish, dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance of autism among children.

Pattinson is also a talented musician and he released his debut album, R.Pattinson, in 2019. The album features songs he wrote or co-wrote with producers Michael Bolton, Greg Kurstin, and Jimmy Napes. It also features covers of classic songs, along with new songs written for the album. The first single, “Everyday Is A Sunning Day”, was released in January 2019.

Pattinson has been quiet about his love life, only sharing details about his personal life on his verified Twitter account. But even there he keeps things cryptic. He once tweeted, “Sometimes, I sit and wait for the sun to rise, just to find out that someone special isn’t awake yet.” And in 2019 he wrote, “Sometimes, when the night turns into morning, I wake up and think to myself: is this real? Am I really here with you?” It seems that he does indeed wake up every morning wondering if this is all a dream. He is one of the most private celebrities around, but that might be because he has so much to hide. Maybe he is afraid that someone will find out that he isn’t as perfect as he appears. Or is he just keeping all of this secrets for himself?