Many of you may already know that Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe have been friends for a long time. They’ve been spotted on many occasions dining together and vacationing together. However, rumors have been circulating that the pair are more than just friends. Thanks to a new report from Life & Style Weekly, we may now know the truth about their relationship.

The publication spoke with a number of insiders who confirmed that the two are indeed more than just friends. According to them, the actor and the musician have been dating for quite some time and are very much in love. They also said that they intend to continue seeing each other even after Pattinson’s upcoming wedding to Alice Eve.

If these rumors are true, then it would explain a great deal about the two young men. First of all, they’re both talented actors who have been featured in some of the biggest films of this past decade. Secondly, they both have a track record of being extremely private individuals who rarely give interviews. Finally, it means that 2018 will be an incredibly interesting year for Pattinson. Not only will he be married, but he’ll also be entering the world of fatherhood.

Why Is This Year So Special For Pattinson?

For those of you who follow movies and celebrity gossip, you may know that this year has been a very big one for Pattinson. Not only did he marry Alice Eve, but the 33-year-old actor also appeared in a widely celebrated film, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and was subsequently picked up for distribution by Netflix. In early January, Netflix also announced that they’ll be developing a TV series based on the movie for their streaming service.

While the media was occupied with covering the wedding and its many festivities, Pattinson kept relatively quiet. He released only a few candid photos and avoided giving any interviews. Even though he’s been extremely private up until this point, he eventually broke his silence and gave an interview to Vanity Fair. In it, he discusses some of the more pressing issues surrounding his wedding and upcoming parenthood. Unfortunately, the interview coincided with the start of the winter season and the actor was sporting a heavy cold. It’s been speculated that this was the result of him trying to do too many interviews at once or that he’s been under enormous pressure to perform well in front of the camera.

What About Dafoe?

Apart from Pattinson, Willem Dafoe also has a lot to be excited about this year. Not only will he be appearing in two major motion pictures, but he’ll also be celebrating a number of accomplishments. To begin with, he’ll be seen in the upcoming J.K. Simmons-directed Big Trouble which also stars Kate Winslet and is based on the Elmore Leonard novel of the same name.

In addition, Dafoe will be making a special appearance in the latest Toy Story movie as Bo Peep’s carnival barker uncle Arnold. It will be the first time the actor has appeared in an animated film and, according to him, it’s an incredible honor. Finally, Willem will also be participating in a couple of marathons to support the American Cancer Society. He’s been an advocate of the organization and has raised money for them through various initiatives over the years. If you’d like to contribute, you can find out more here.

Pattinson And Dafoe Have A Lot In Common

Apart from being talented actors who have been featured in some of the biggest films of recent years, Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe share a number of other similarities. For starters, they both come from rather famous families. On his mother’s side, Pattinson is the great-grandson of the legendary Edward VII, while Dafoe is the great-grandson of writer Clifford Berryman. Berryman was best known for co-writing the Oscar-winning 1941 film How Green Was My Valley.

Pattinson and Dafoe also have both spent time in the military. The actor was born in England and spent some time in the army. After leaving the military, he went on to study acting at the London Academy of Music and Drama. Not only that, but Dafoe has also served as an Army Ranger in the 82nd Airborne Division and the Special Forces. Not bad for two guys who are friends since school.

Another reason why this year will be such a big one for Pattinson is simply because he’s turned 30. Back in January, Pattinson shared a photo of himself on his birthday with a caption that read “Happy 30th Birthday!” The actor has been relatively quiet since then and even canceled the media appearances that he’d previously scheduled. However, he eventually returned to Instagram and had the following to say:

“Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I’m alive & well. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Appreciate it. I’m doing great. Working hard & playing hard. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. XOXOXOXO (hugs).”

This message seems to suggest that Pattinson has been taking a break from the media to focus on his personal life and upcoming parenthood. While he hasn’t appeared in a movie since then, he did share another photo on his Instagram on February 22nd.

“Just finished filming my first scene as a father today…can’t wait to share it with you all when it’s finished. Love you guys. Much appreciated. Wishing you all the best. Looking forward to being back on set soon. XOXOXO (hugs).”

This photo, which shows Pattinson and his co-star Emory Cohen holding their newborn daughter, was accompanied by the following caption:

“Just finished my first scene as a father today. Can’t believe I got to do this. Love you guys. Much appreciated. XOXOXO (hugs). Emory & I are looking forward to being back on set soon. XOXOXO.”

Apart from acting, music and friendship, 2019 will also be an important year for Pattinson. Not only will he be turning 30, but on April 23rd he’ll also be releasing his first solo album. Titled ROPPONGI, the album will include his own covers of classic rock songs as well as some originals. He released the following statement about the album:

“I’ve always loved music and, since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted to play in bands. This album is a glimpse of what I’m capable of. It’s got a very raw and gritty sound to it, but I think that’s what makes it special. Most importantly, I hope you like it.”

What do you think about all this? Do you think that 2019 will be an exciting year for Robert Pattinson?