You might know that Ben Affleck, of Gone Baby Gone and The Town fame, grew up in the same New Jersey town as actor Robert Pattinson. They went to the same high school and attended the same prestigious acting academy, as well as shared the same agent. Does that mean that Affleck will replace Pattinson as the next James Bond?

Rumors began swirling that the 47-year-old Affleck might take over the iconic role of James Bond after he impressed executives at the film studio Sony with his performance in the upcoming Quentin Tarantulinu film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. According to Deadline, Sony is reportedly so impressed with the newly-retired Affleck that they want to groom him to replace Pierce Brosnan in the next James Bond movie.

While Affleck is certainly no stranger to the big screen, he has never held the role of Bond. And even though he has acted in some iconic films that are considered classics, he has never been pegged as the leading man. So, it’s natural for fans to have a lot of questions about his ability to play the most famous spy in the world. Luckily, we have the answer. And it’s a resounding “Yes!”

According to multiple sources, including Vanity Fair, GQ, and The New York Times, Robert Pattinson was chosen to play James Bond because he “fits the part” perfectly. Furthermore, the outlet reported that Sony felt that they had “found the next James Bond.”

While it’s too soon to tell how the final product will turn out, it’s interesting to see how far things have come. Affleck himself revealed in the past that he had always dreamed of playing Bond one day, and it appears that he might finally get his chance. And if he does, he’ll be taking over from a legend in the making. Who knows? Maybe one day, he’ll even get to take over from James Bond himself!