He’s Got The Jokes

It’s no secret that Robert Pattinson is a bon-vivant, with a wicked sense of humor. After all, he’s the man behind such classics as the “Twilight”series and “The Batman” movie. So when he decided to don the mask and cape of a crusader and join the battle against crime, it was only natural that the public would embrace him as the best choice to headline DC’s “The Batman” series.

The “Twilight” saga is credited with boosting domestic and international tourism in Canada. But it’s Robert Pattinson’s turn now to bring in the visitors. And with great reviews and record-breaking box office sales for the latest entry, “The Batman,” it is clear that he has once again delivered a bonafide box office hit. While comparisons to “Twilight” are inevitable due to the shared film universe, “The Batman” is very much its own entity, standing on its own merits as a thrilling and terrifying tale of one man’s struggle against greed and corruption in Gotham City.

He’s The Face Of Generation Y

It seems only fitting that a man best known for his quick wits should play a character that is often regarded as the wittiest member of the Justice League. With members that include Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, the team behind “The Batman” set out to reimagine what the Dark Knight would look like if he was an ‘80s action movie movie villain. And judging by the fan response, they nailed it. Thanks to the cinematic immortality he enjoys as one of the “Twilight” clan, Robert Pattinson will likely be representing the next generation of pop culture fans for years to come.

He Has The Skills

Not only does Robert Pattinson provide the voice of the Dark Knight in “The Batman,” he also physically transforms into Batman while wearing the cowl and cape. So it should come as no surprise that he should be able to bring the character to life as well. This is someone who has previously played a character that required full-body prosthetics. So it would be remiss to mention his acting abilities and decision-making skills without including that he is a master of martial arts, having trained with Andy Lau and Donnie Yen of “Fistful of Zen,” and Jean-Claude Van Damme in “Double Trouble” (released in theaters in 2014).

He Has The Looks

It would be remiss of us not to mention the fact that Robert Pattinson is drop-dead gorgeous. The man can look gorgeous in a bathrobe as long as he’s in the right outfit. We can’t forget about those piercing blue eyes either. Whether he’s wearing a Batman outfit or nightgown, we are always going to be mesmerized by this man. Of course, this is not to disparage his acting abilities. He is also drop-dead gorgeous as Stephen Hawking in the recent “The Theory of Everything.” So, it’s safe to say that he can play any role. When you add up all of these elements, it’s no wonder why he is the best Batman.