Robert Pattinson may not be one of your favorite actors, but he’s definitely one of ours! Don’t get us wrong, he’s not exactly our type. For one thing, he usually plays vampires or werewolves, which are way creepier in real life than they are onscreen! That coupled with the fact that he doesn’t look particularly happy most of the times makes us root for the monsters rather than the stars! Luckily, there is a deeper side to this 28-year-old English hunk that most people don’t know about. Let’s take a look at six reasons why Robert Pattinson hates Twilight and why you should probably keep your eyes off of his social media accounts (especially Twitter)!

1. It’s Overrated

First off, we hate to break it to you, but Twilight is overrated! The movie may be entertaining and may even hold up well on re-watch, but it’s not an accurate reflection of the entire Harry Potter series, which the British actor also happens to be a part of.

In the books, Harry Potter is a much more mature and interesting character. He’s constantly fighting against huge odds and is a much better role model for young people. Sure, he may be friends with a ginger cat named Hagrid and rely on spells to solve his problems, but at least he doesn’t whine about how much he hates school or his parents the way many young adults do in real life.

The books also delve into Harry’s magical world and how he interacts with the other wizards and witches, who are all much more interesting and likeable characters than Edward Cullen or his family members! In the end, we firmly believe that Harry Potter is a far more realistic and relatable story than Twilight, which is why we love it more.

2. It Makes The Story Hard To Follow

When you’re reading a story, you want to be able to follow what’s going on easily and see the pictures clearly. With Twilight, this can be hard because so much of the story is told through imagery alone. This is especially so in the earlier books where Bella (Kristen Stewart) is depicted as having zero taste in men and constantly choosing the worst possible ones to date.

If you’ve ever seen a movie trailer prior to the film’s release, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Most of the time the trailer is nothing like the actual movie, but in this case, it’s pretty much spot on. In the beginning of Twilight, the trailers show Kristen Stewart’s face, obscured by dark hair, with nothing but a couple of vague shadows around her. Then the film starts and immediately you’re bombarded by dozens of flashing lights and hordes of noisy people, all swirling around you. It’s almost like being inside a cartoon!

As the story progresses, things get gradually darker until Kristen Stewart is little more than a silhouette and the only discernible feature she has are her hauntingly beautiful eyes.

This is why we love the trailers for Horror Anthologies. They show you all the wonderful grotesque creatures that the anthology’s 60 or so stories are chock-full of! The makers of these trailers know the power of visual imagery and they use it to its fullest extent.

3. It’s Overly Romantic

Although Twilight was marketed as a comedy at the time of its release, the romantic aspect to the story is what makes it so memorable. Watching Edward (Pattinson) and Bella’s (Stewart) whirlwind romance is incredibly endearing, in the same way The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are endlessly watchable because of their romances. And at least in the case of the latter, there is genuine affection between the lead characters. In Twilight, it’s hard to tell whether Edward is in love with Bella or if he’s just doing his best to keep her happy. He constantly switches from polite British gentleman to jealous boyfriend in the space of a few scenes!

Part of what makes Twilight so much fun to watch is that the audience knows (at least in the case of the books) that this romance is a work in progress. Edward is a deeply complex character who has many secrets and motivations that we as an audience are only just learning about. The books are written in first-person narrative, which follows Bella as she experiences Edward’s turbulent and frequently very public love life. This aspect of the story makes it feel much more realistic and keeps the romance interesting.

4. The Creatures Are Scary

Let’s be honest, when it comes to scary films, we mainly love Vincent Price, so we’ll take our chances with the monsters rather than the wolves or vampires! What makes Twilight so much fun is that the monster designs are incredible. We’ll be honest, at first, we weren’t exactly sure what they were referring to when they described the creatures in the books as looking like “puppets” or “marionettes”, but once we saw the movie, the penny dropped. They’re not your usual monstrous creatures that Hollywood specializes in portraying, but instead, a beautiful blend of several mythical beasts!

For starters, there’s the werewolf, which is half man, half wolf. Let’s be honest, when it comes to werewolves, we’re usually more excited about the movies than the books! In the Harry Potter series, werewolves are depicted as a hideous, slobbering animalistic creature that only looks like a human when their canine teeth are concealed. In other words, the perfect example of a classic “manimal”!

The problem is that while on screen, the werewolves in Twilight are quite possibly the cutest creatures ever! They’re cuddly, affectionate, and most importantly, they like to sit on your lap and smell your neck! It doesn’t exactly help that while many of the wolves look a little like pandas (with pointy black noses), others look like tiny bunnies or monkeys! We’re not sure if they were trying to make us feel bad or if it’s just that the design is that of a monkey.

5. The Sex Is Sore

“What is the most beautiful sound you can make?” Uma Thurman asked Pattinson during the 2014 SAG Awards. “A baby’s cry,” he replied. “What is the most sensual sound you can make?” The actress continued. “Passion,” he said. “What is the most frightening sound you can make?” Sound! “Fear,” he replied. “That is so funny!”

Thurman’s question refers to Pattinson’s character in My Grandfather’s Clock, which he portrayed in 2014. This was his first lead role in a movie, and it was met with rave reviews. The Hollywood Reporter wrote: “Robert Pattinson shines in his portrayal of George, a man who has lost his sense of adventure and is now restricted by his fear of death and disappointment,” and Empire Magazine stated that he was “terrific in his first leading role”. 

Sadly, George’s character arc doesn’t exactly match up with that of the average person, which makes us wonder if maybe Thurman was just teasing! George is a sad, lonely man who doesn’t have sex with anyone, much to the frustration of his granddaughter, Lucy (Saoirse Higgins). One night he gets drunk and climbs into bed with a stranger, only to find out a few hours later that he’s married! Unsurprisingly, this creates a rift between the two. While most films would end there, the story of My Grandfather’s Clock continues, with George having to deal with his wife’s (Annie Miller) unexpected pregnancy and his lack of fatherly love! It’s a sad story, but it’s also quite a funny one, which is what keeps us coming back for more.