Robert Pattinson is one of the most talented pop musicians of our time. With a style all his own, he’s crafted an extraordinary career for himself. From his early days writing for Elton John and performing at the London Palladium as a teen, to his recent collaborations with Madonna and Lady Gaga, it’s clear that whatever he touches turns to gold. But despite his incredible success, there is a dark side to the singer, which emerged rather unexpectedly during the height of his fame.

In the wake of his recent marriage to Talia Shibley, the paparazzi descended en masse on social media, determined to catch a glimpse of the newlywed and their intimate celebrations. What they stumbled across was not your usual wedding photo session, but a series of very personal videos, recorded by Pattinson, documenting his innermost thoughts and feelings.

In one video, we see the British songwriter-singer sitting beside his bride-to-be. As they embrace and kiss, his hands gently run down her back, while she rests her head on his shoulder. He whispers in her ear, lovingly running his fingers through her hair. We then cut to him alone, as he stares intensely into the camera, seemingly lost in thought. Suddenly, he looks up, and the intensity is replaced by a mischievous smile.

In another video, we see the couple, still engaged in a private conversation, as they stroll down a London street. This one cuts rather more closely to the bone, as we see Pattinson, completely uncharacteristic of his usual laidback cool, holding his wife’s hand as they walk. Every so often, he glances over at her with a bashful grin, as if he’s never seen her before. And in fact, he may well have had his eyes closed the entire time that he and Shibley were married, to avoid the prying gaze of the press. The camera then cuts to a third person, zooming in from the street to capture the full intimacy of the moment. In the background, we hear the sound of birds chirping and the faint laughter of children. It’s the most natural and unpolished footage you could ever want for your grand wedding day.

Then there’s the matter of his private life. While his debut album, Believe, was filled with songs about unrequited love and heartache, his later albums Life Aquatic and Uptown Funk showcased a more light-hearted approach. After several years of focusing on his music, his sudden interest in acting may well be a coincidence, developed out of the need to explore a new creative outlet. But who knows? Perhaps, being the best-selling celebrity bachelor in modern history, he decided to indulge himself, and married the woman of his dreams. After all, who wouldn’t want to be with the enigmatic Robert Pattinson?

Dark Past

While it’s true that the paparazzi have always had a bit of a thing for Robert Pattinson, it’s fair to say that his celebrity and success has attracted an even darker crowd. On the Internet, you’ll find forums and blogs dedicated to obsessively analyzing his every move, as well as that of his now famous ex-wife Kate Bosworth, with whom he had a tempestuous on-off relationship. Some of her online followers even accused her of being part of an elaborate publicity stunt. If you’re really curious, you can look up Kate Bosworth and find out more about her dark past, which is probably what prompted her to marry the guy in the first place.

Just about everybody who works with or knows Bob knows exactly what they’re talking about, when it comes to his dark past, which ranges from being in trouble with the law, to being an unfaithful husband. This is a man who spent most of the Eighties and Nineties as a roving bachelor, partying with the likes of David Bowie, Keith Richards, and Bono. He was a complete non-entity when it came to parenting, with his only child, Gene, being raised by nannies and tutors. During this time he developed a rather morbid preoccupation with death, resulting in the tragic drowning of his son’s pet monkey, Bonjoro, in 2003. (If you want to read more, there’s an entire Wikipedia article about it). One of the most interesting factoids about Bonjoro is that he was named after Bono’s favorite brand of cigarette, which inspired the lyric from the U2 song, “Every Breaking Wave,” in which he sings, “I’m trying to quit, but I can never seem to kick the habit.”

The tragic loss of his son, in which he was seemingly never able to process what happened, coupled with his fear of drowning that followed, may well explain his intense immersion in films about water, beginning with 2004’s The Beach, in which he co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett. Since then, he’s starred in numerous blockbusters and critically acclaimed films, including The Lost Boys, Twilight, and, most recently, The House Of Gucci.

To add a bit more spice to the already dark story, it doesn’t hurt to mention that the British tabloids, in particular, have a penchant for printing false stories about the singer. Just last year, it was widely reported that the former couple were working on a children’s book together, which they eventually published, called The Monster Hunter, about a young boy who befriends a monster. While this may have been true, the book wasn’t written by the couple, but rather, a ghostwriter, who apparently signed a contract with the publisher, stipulating that his name would not be revealed.

Bold Future

Despite all this, there is still plenty of optimism surrounding the solo star. In the past, it’s been difficult for him to find the right partner, to the point that his friends have wondered if he’s ever going to settle down. It’s clear from his Twitter feed that he isn’t dating anybody at the moment, despite his well-deserved bachelor status. In fact, he seems rather content to remain solo, and with good reason. He’s landed some rather prestigious gigs, most recently collaborating with Madonna on her new album, Rebel Heart. And with a brand new movie, The Lost Boys, premiering this week, it looks like he’s finally found the love of his life on-screen. (Of course, the irony is, he plays a character who’s obsessed with water, so perhaps he’s always been destined to be with the sea).

There is also a rather large contingency of fans, who have tirelessly supported his career from the beginning, and continue to do so, despite his rather bleak past. They’ve watched him go from strength to strength, landing high profile roles and landing hit after hit with his music, influencing countless fans along the way. While he may still struggle with finding the right partner, as a solo artist, he has full control over his professional and creative output. It seems that, as long as he keeps working hard, and continues to steer clear of the drink and drug culture that has often plagued the musicians he’s worked with in the past, he’ll continue to reap the rewards.