Robert Pattinson is a British actor, musician, and fashion icon. He rose to fame after starring in the vampire romance series, The Twilight movies, and has since then gone on to appear in numerous award-winning films. He has also dabbled in music, releasing several albums and touring the world with his band, Pattinson. Despite his many successes, Pattinson comes across as a less-than-happy person on social media, often posting pictures of himself looking glum. We analyze his seemingly contradictory nature and whether or not he will ever be able to shake the “sad vampire” tag.

The Sadness Is Real

You’d think that, at this point in his career, Robert Pattinson would have learned to play the part of a happy person. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. He has been portraying a more and more glum persona in recent years, with seemingly no end in sight. One of the first signs of his change in mood was back in 2015, when he made headlines for quitting Twitter.

“I deleted my account because I realised that I was spending too much time on it and not living my life,” he said at the time. “I felt like I was using it as a crutch. I did enjoy the way that Twitter allowed me to engage with people and be myself, but I also realised that I wasn’t doing anything else with my life. So I deleted it.”

This didn’t last long, as he soon decided to resurrect his Twitter account and continue using it as a means of self-expression. He has since continued to update his followers with a steady stream of depressing content. In fact, there’s a whole subreddit devoted to cataloguing his down moments. Here are a few of the most popular posts that will make you feel like the “sad vampire” nickname was well-deserved.

The Internet Is Forever

One of the primary ways that Pattinson releases his feelings is through his tweets. Although he tries his best to keep things positive, the internet is forever and there will always be someone who has something bad to say about him. On August 18, 2017, he tweeted:

robert pattinson

Almost immediately, fans began teasing him, saying that this was a new look for Robert Pattinson. In reality, he had been working hard on his appearance and had been using a matte black sharpie to outline his lips and eyebrows. While this isn’t a new look for the actor, he has slowly been incorporating it into his daily routine, using it to define his features and highlight his emotions. He recently told Elle that he feels “most happy” when he wears this look, so it’s clear that he’s not trying to hide his depression, but rather, is embracing it.

Twigs, Vampires, And The “Sad Nomadic” Life

Though it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact moment that Robert Pattinson started to transform into the sad nomad he is today, fans have noted a distinct change beginning in 2015. This may have been due to a number of factors, including the fact that he began dating Bella Hadid, the daughter of renowned music producer, David Hadid. The couple began dating in 2014 and were subsequently seen in public together numerous times. These outings generally left Patton looking more glum than usual. One of the most memorable scenes from the Twilight films is when Bella and Robert go on a date and she sees that he is wearing a beanie with a cat face on it. She says: “I love cats. Is that my dress?” It was a rare moment of levity in what was otherwise a very gloomy series.

Pattinson and Hadid were first linked together in 2014 and began dating that same year. Since then, they’ve been seen in public together more than once. These outings generally left Patton looking more glum than usual.

The actor has also been vocal about his distaste for animal testing, pledging to walk away from any film that requires it. This is in line with his “environmentalist” persona that he has developed since starring in The Twilight. In addition to this, he has been vocal about his support for female directors and encouraged other actors to do the same.

The Evolution Of Pattinson’s Appearance

Robert Pattinson’s Twitter account is a goldmine for anyone who wants to see the evolution of his appearance over the years. If you follow him, you’ll be able to see dozens of retweets referencing his previous looks and styles. One of the things that attracted fans to Pattinson in the first place is his ability to evolve his appearance to suit the audience. It may be difficult to understand why he looks so unhappy in so many of these photos, but it’s clear that he’s trying to shed light on what he sees as the hypocrisy of the fashion industry. He has also been known to criticize the unrealistic expectations that women have regarding appearance. Here are some of his most memorable looks and styles.

Early Work

Pattinson started out playing the romantic lead in a number of teen films, including the 2004 release, Love, Honour & Betrayal, which was based on the William Shakespeare play, Romeo & Juliet. He went on to appear in a number of award-winning films, including the 2006 film, The Duchess. His most recent film, Wonderful Wishes, was a 2017 cinematic success. It’s no wonder that he has developed such a dedicated following, as he has proven time and time again that he can evolve his appearance to suit the role.

The “Vampire” Rumors

Even if you don’t follow Robert Pattinson on Twitter, you may have heard of him thanks to the “vampire” rumors that have swirled around him ever since the release of The Twilight in 2010. At the time, the rumors claimed that he was in fact a vampire and that this was why he looked so pale and glum when he appeared on screen. Despite this, he has denied these claims, telling the Independent, “I am not a vampire – at least, not completely…I might have a bit of vampirism in me.”

The actor has since then refused to deny or confirm the vampire rumors. Instead, he has expressed his distaste for labels and stated that he feels most comfortable when he is left alone to explore life as an “independent thinker.”

Latest Work

In 2019, we saw a darker yet somehow equally compelling performance from Pattinson in the role of a lifetime as author Charles Dickens in the upcoming Netflix series, The Lost Mayor of Cicero. The show is based on real-life events that took place in the 19th century. We follow the author as he investigates the murder of an acquaintance, which ultimately leads him to discover his own mortality. Though he received mixed reviews for his performance, it’s clear that people are responding to his unique take on one of literature’s most iconic characters. In a recent interview, Pattinson spoke about the unique challenge of playing such an iconic figure, adding, “I feel like I got a call to action here. It’s something that I’ve been trained for, for my whole life. But it’s one thing to think about acting and being in the moment, and it’s another to actually go out there and live that life.” He also had this to say about embodying such a complex character: “You have to constantly be asking yourself, ‘Is this how I would have behaved? Is this how I would have responded? How does this character feel? How does this person react?’ There are so many different ways that you can play the character, so you have to find your own spin on it.”