Robert Pattinson’s music career has taken him all over the world. The 33-year-old English musician is perhaps most famous for his collaborations with Kristen Stewart, but he has also released several solo albums and had a supporting role in the 2018 film, Tamara. In this article, we’ll discuss the many influences behind his distinct voice and how he practices the piano. 

Early Life

Pattinson was born in London, England, on April 13, 1986. His father is Peter, a jazz musician, and his mother, Emma, a former fashion model. He has an older brother, Charlie, and a younger sister, Alice. In 2019, his family released a statement saying that he is “a wonderful son, brother and friend. We love him and are very proud of him.”

Musical Influences

Pattinson’s musical influences come from a variety of genres and cultures. He has cited Michael Jackson as one of his biggest musical influences because of his pop-culture impact and because he “always had a huge impact on me as a child.” For more than a decade, the English singer-songwriter has been a source of inspiration. He’s also a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, taking inspiration from the English musician’s style, lyrics, and voice. Additionally, he’s a massive James Bond fan, and the British spy’s favorite drink, gin, has become a running theme in his music. Finally, he loves classical music and has cited Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig Hohenstein as his biggest musical influences.

The Piano

The piano has been a source of inspiration for many notable musicians. It was first used in opera houses as a result of its association with classical music and high society. However, in the early 20th century, the piano began to appear in jazz clubs and salons across the country. Since then, it has become an essential part of any modern musician’s toolkit. It offers a rich array of tones that can be manipulated into any arrangement imaginable. The sound is unique, and it can be hard to categorize, which makes it a great fit for artists like Pattinson.

Practicing the piano is a great way for the English actor-turned-musician to develop his melodic voice and to arrange songs for his upcoming projects. He reportedly spends about four hours a day, five days a week, working on his craft. According to The New York Times, Pattinson studied classical music at St. Albans School and performed in several classical concerts as a teenager. He later attended the Royal Academy of Music in London, where he studied music theory and piano performance. Even before he became a professional musician, he was already taking lessons so that he could accompany his brother on guitar for their musical duets. He has also said that he used to arrange songs for his friends so that they could learn to play music. In addition to the piano, he has also studied guitar, bass and drums. He released his debut album, Just Like Heaven, in 2014, which was preceded by the single, “We Take Care of Our Own.”

The Many Tunes

In the two years since Pattinson released his debut album, he has released two more EPs and a collaboration with Stewart, which she produced and co-wrote. He has also toured the world as a supporting act for One Direction and collaborated with Zedd on the EDM track, “Stay.”

However, it’s not all work for the English actor-turned-musician. He’s also cultivated a reputation for being an exceptionally good DJ, and he frequently hosts exclusive listening parties for patrons at his home. His music, which can be categorized as upbeat, has helped him to celebrate his many achievements in the film industry. It has also helped to promote cultural understanding and acceptance, a cause that he has become deeply passionate about.

In 2019, Pattinson performed at the Brit Awards, where he was presented with the Outstanding Contribution to Music award for his work with Stewart. He dedicated his award to “all the LGBT communities, especially the ones who have been persecuted because of their sexuality.” The statement was in recognition of the Time’s Up movement, which calls for equality and protection for all women and minorities.

Robert Pattinson’s Style

Pattinson has a unique style that is the result of his many influences. He often wears dark sunglasses, has beautiful bone structure and exudes an other-worldly sensibility. His looks are complemented by his music, which is best described as a mixture of classical, pop and rock. It’s not often that you’ll see someone walking down the street with a beautiful beard, a tweed suit, and a pair of opera gloves.

He has cited Michael Jackson, Prince and David Bowie as musical inspirations, and his unique style has drawn comparisons to all of them. He has also been compared to a mix between James Bond and Marlon Brando, which is fitting given his background as the son of a jazz musician and the grandson of a famous director. This has led to many articles discussing his fashion style and its effect on the fashion industry. In 2019, he was awarded the title of Most Influential Male Fashion ICON for his effect on the industry. It appears that the fashion world has taken a liking to Pattinson and his style.

The Many Accomplishments

Pattinson’s accomplishments as a musician are numerous. He’s released five solo albums to date, collaborated with some of the biggest artists in the industry, headlined his own tour and won several awards, including the Brit for Best Newcomer. Since his debut, he has won numerous music awards, including the AMA for Best New Artist. He has also received several accolades for his fashion style, including the title of Most Influential Male Fashion ICON for 2019.

Pattinson continues to be celebrated for his fashion style and his music, and he will most likely continue to amaze fans and challenge the industry with his unique blend of classical and jazz influences.