He may have one of the most recognizable faces in the world, but did you know that actor Robert Pattinson actually has a severe birth defect that affects his appearance? Before you criticize his looks, it’s important to know the reason why he has such a distinctive face.

Pattinson was born with a condition called microcephaly, which means he was born with an abnormally small head. Because of this condition, he was unable to feed and grow properly, which made him very small as an infant. The severe effects of this disorder still affect his life today. For example, he struggles with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss. He also has to take pills to regulate his blood pressure and stay healthy.

Why Does This Affect His Appearance?

So what does this have to do with his appearance? A lot, actually. Microcephaly causes a number of problems, the most significant of which is that the skull is proportionally smaller than usual. This makes his head appear disproportionately large in relation to his body, which gives him a strange appearance. If you look at his profile, you’ll notice that his nose is quite flat, which gives him a somewhat “oriental” appearance. He also has a peculiar squint that makes him look like a vulture.

Even though he was born with a severe disorder that affects his appearance, Pattinson does not want to hide his identity and actually promotes awareness about microcephaly. He has said that he does not want people to think he’s trying to imitate a certain look, but rather that he’s been affected by a rare disorder that causes his face to deform. He has even gone so far as to have a tattoo on his face that says, “Microcephaly.”

Is He Suitable for Marriage?

While some may not like his looks, they certainly agree that he is an attractive man. He has been linked to a number of high profile relationships with celebrities, musicians, and even models. One of the most famous relationships he had was with actress and singer Hayley Williams, whom he dated for a couple of years. They even got engaged, but ended up breaking up because she wanted to focus on her work and he wanted to focus on his.

Although they are devoted to each other, they still do not have the perfect relationship and have stated that they remain best friends. This is not the first time that Pattinson’s celebrity has caused him to be linked to numerous relationships. Sadly, it seems like he is unable to commit to a long-term relationship and has admitted that he wants to “find the right girl,” but has not yet found the right one. Hopefully, he will find happiness with the right person and live a long and healthy life.

Who Is He?

Pattinson was born on May 4, 1986, in London, England. He is the son of actress Juliette Greco and actor Tim Pattinson, whose credits include a 1991 film called Remains Of The Day. He has one older sister named Alice who is two years his senior. He attended high school in London and then went on to study Modern European History at Cambridge University. He then attended the London School of Economics for a Masters in Economics. Because of his small head, he was unable to sit or eat with others in restaurants, so he decided to be a vegetarian. He now promotes a cruelty-free lifestyle and has worked to raise awareness about microcephaly and the dangers of animal testing. He became a vegan after watching documentaries about factory farming. He now supports many animal-related causes, including veganism, and regularly posts about vegan food on his Instagram account.