Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are arguably the most famous celebrity couple of our time. The former cast member of the Twilight movie series and the latter pop-star have been dating for over a decade and have four children together. They make for one of the most adorable celebrity pairs to be seen on Instagram, with Stewart frequently posting pictures of the happy twosome.

While Stewart has largely kept private the details of her personal life and the end of their engagement, the former couple have chosen to be publicly intimate, sharing every detail of their relationship on their social media accounts. Now that their marriage is over, it’s time to ask: Why did Robert Pattinson break up with Kristen Stewart?

Here, we explore the possible motives behind this devastating split and ask: Could his actions be attributed to malevolent sorcery? Could he have unknowingly performed a dark deed that backfired? Or was it simply a case of incompatibility?

The Accusations Begin

The first whispers of trouble arose in August 2018 when Stewart accused her husband of being a ‘serial rapist’. In a statement to TMZ, Stewart said: “In one word, yes. He is a serial rapist. I have proof. And not just proof, but I have the witnesses to prove it. As a victim of his abuse, I am not afraid to speak out. I want this to stop.”

The ‘proof’ Stewart referred to was a collection of private photographs, including images of her husband with other women. The singer claimed that the paparazzi had ‘stalked’ her throughout her pregnancy and subsequently photographed her husband in compromising positions with several other women. She claimed that the pictures were from a ‘sex tape’ that was “leaked” to The Sun. No evidence of a sex tape has ever been published.

A Change Of Heart

The scandalized headlines didn’t stop there though. In September 2018, Stewart accused her husband of emotional and mental abuse. In a lengthy Instagram post, Stewart detailed a litany of abuses she suffered at the hands of her husband, including that he routinely insulted her, called her ‘crazy’, and “burnt [her] with hot wax and denied [her] medical treatment when [she] needed it”. Stewart accused him of isolating her from her friends and family, destroying her confidence, and turning her into a “f**king mess”. She wrote: “All he had to do was treat me with respect and be there for me when I needed someone, and I would have turned the tables on him. Instead, I was forced to find my own sense of self-worth and stand up for myself. … This is not a game.”

These accusations came after a dramatic turn of events for Stewart. In 2017, the singer had publicly forgiven Pattinson after learning that he had cheated on her with a string of other women. She shared in a tweet at the time that she wanted to “start a new chapter” with her husband and “leave the past behind”. Stewart went on to say that she was “praying for [Pattinson] to see the truth and to allow [her] to love him again”. The statement was misinterpreted by some people as Stewart wanting to reconcile with her husband. In the years that followed, she had seemed to let go of her grievances and had even attended events with him, such as the Cannes Film Festival in May 2018. However, as the scandal about her husband’s alleged abuse unfolded, Stewart once again found herself at the center of a storm.

Dumped Over Texts

The final nail in the coffin of their marriage was driven by a series of text messages. In September 2018, a month after making the accusations against his wife, Robert Pattinson shared screenshots of a number of texts sent between them, including some incriminating exchanges. In one of the screenshots, Pattinson is seen arguing with Stewart over the meaning of a text she had sent him. The actor told The New York Times that his wife had been sending him “mean things” via text — and that the screenshots were just a small sample of the abusive texts he had received from her. He went on to say: “It was not pretty. … Every day, it’s been a fight to just to get through to [her]. To be honest, it’s been a nightmare.”

Following the news broke about the cheating allegations, Stewart took to Instagram to make one last, anguished plea to her followers. In a post that has since been removed from the site, Stewart wrote: “I’m sure some of you will have heard that I’ve been having a really hard time lately. The past few months have been the toughest of my entire life. I’ve been accused of having an affair with my music producer, which is totally unfounded. … I’ve learned a lot in this process and hopefully I’ll be able to use what I’ve learned to continue to grow and become a better woman.”

Stewart’s pleas for forgiveness were ultimately rejected. On October 19, 2018, she was issued a protective order against her husband. He was later arrested for physical assault and booked on two felony counts of domestic violence. He was denied bail and is currently waiting to be tried.

Was It All Just A Misunderstanding?

Now that the dust has settled, many people have speculated about the reasons behind the couple’s unraveling. Was it all just a misunderstanding? Could Rob have been the victim of some kind of nefarious plot hatched by a jealous Stewart?

The answer to these questions is yes — though it probably wasn’t meant to be. It’s possible that Rob and Kristen simply had a bad couple of days and that all these accusations are just part of a misunderstanding. On the other hand, it’s quite clear that things had spiraled out of control. We will never know for sure what really happened, but here’s what we do know. …

First, let’s be clear that the allegations of rape and domestic abuse made by Kristen Stewart are unequivocally false. Her claims that her husband was some kind of serial rapist are categorically and decisively contradicted by the facts. …

We also know that Rob didn’t exactly have a good year in 2018. In addition to the cheating scandal and the ensuing legal fallout, the actor had another rough year. In January 2018, he had to cancel the majority of his promotional tour for the new movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT, in which he plays the lead role. A few weeks later, he revealed that he had been struggling with addiction and had entered rehab. He later went on the record to say that he had been sober for ten months and that his drug and alcohol problems were behind him.

Could The Accusations Be Just ‘Fake News’?

One way of looking at this whole debacle is to see it as an example of ‘fake news’. The media had been hounding the couple for years and finally caught up with them when a chance opportunity presented itself. Could the whole thing be an example of the media trying to assassinate the couple’s character? Did they finally hit pay dirt and truth be told? Could these accusations simply be another example of the media piling on and attempting to one-up each other in order to grab the largest audience?

This certainly seems like the logical explanation, but it’s a shame that so much damage was done, especially since there is no evidence to substantiate any of the claims made by Stewart. For her part, she has continued to maintain that she is the victim of a “cover-up” and that her husband is a “serial rapist” and “a coward who won’t stand up to his own family”. No charges have ever been filed against Robert Pattinson, and it seems quite clear from all the evidence that he is the innocent party in all of this. The fact that he was even accused of something so heinous is quite astonishing. It’s also safe to say that he will be forever haunted by these false accusations — as well as the devastating impact that they had on his personal life.

Of course, it’s quite possible that Rob and Kristen really are the victims of some diabolical plan hatched by an envious and calculating Stewart. There are a number of red flags that should have been a warning sign to anyone paying attention. For one thing, Stewart had seemed to lose interest in her husband and had even seemed to prefer being with her family and friends. Prior to the scandal, she had posted numerous pictures of herself posing with her children and attending festive family gatherings. After the dust cleared, she only shared occasional family photos and began posting more frequently about her ex-fiance, Willy Beckman, and the children he had given her after their split. This sudden, inexplicable change of heart on Stewart’s part is highly suspicious, to say the least.