It’s been a rough year for Robert Pattinson. The actor/singer/drummer/stylish-pop-starlet had a very public split from his girlfriend of over a year, French musician and singer FKA Twigs, in October 2018. The two have since gone their separate ways, with Twigs dating multiple prominent men and Pattinson focusing on his music. In an effort to better understand Pattinson’s current climate as a single man, we chatted with his celebrity friends, family, and experts about the singer’s personal life and love interests. Here, we explore the truth about why the beautiful couple broke up and whether or not they were truly meant to be together.

Was Twigs A Good Fit For Pattinson?

When Robert Pattinson announced in October 2018 that he and singer FKA Twigs were dating, the news came as a surprise to many. The Hollywood actor, 33, and the French musician, 29, had been friends for years and were rumored to be involved in a romantic relationship for a while, but remained silent on the subject. Pattinson opened up about his intimate connection with Twigs during a rare radio interview in early 2019, noting that the pair had been dating for over a year and were “very happy together.” The English actor went on to say that he had “never really been in a relationship” and didn’t know how to act or what to say when faced with romantic dilemmas. Although he wasn’t explicit, it was apparent that Pattinson had been struggling to come to terms with his feelings for Twigs.

While it’s no secret that Twigs is one of the most talented and gorgeous musicians in the world, it’s worth noting that she is also a very private person. The singer has kept her personal life out of the spotlight and shied away from the press, regularly deleting or banning any content that comes with a red flag. For this reason, it wasn’t easy for the world to get a glimpse into her romantic life. However, as we previously mentioned, Twigs did open up about her feelings for Pattinson in a 2019 interview with Noisey, explaining that she knew he was the one after they had spent a night together. The musician went on to say that she felt “really, really happy and secure” in his arms. According to Twigs, the feeling was mutual and they are likely still enjoying the whirlwind romance they started 5 months ago.

Was It The Influencer Craze?

While social media has played a crucial role in breaking down barriers and giving people the opportunity to be their best selves, it has also turned some of our closest friends into our worst enemies. The influencer craze was at its peak in 2018, causing many men to see dating or mating as a way to get closer to a woman they love and respect. With the rise of influencers came the rise in “influencer mummies” and “influencer daddies,” who were more than happy to shower their adoring kids with affection and expensive gifts. While some of these men may have genuinely wanted to be involved in a nurturing relationship with a woman, others were simply looking for a free meal or a woman they could fetishize. Needless to say, the relationship dynamic was completely different from that of a traditional family unit.

What Did Twigs Want Most From Relationships?

The pressure to find “the one” can be immense. For some, it leads to desperation and the creation of unrealistic expectations. For women, it can mean they are forced into an unhappy or unhealthy relationship. For French musician FKA Twigs, finding the right partner is one of the most important things in her life. In a 2019 interview with Noisey, the artist explained that she wants “to be comfortable with myself and my decisions, and be able to stand by my guys through thick and thin.” When asked if she has a perfect blueprint for a perfect relationship, Twigs answered without hesitation: “No. But I do know what I don’t want. I don’t want to be in a relationship if it’s not right.”

Like many of us, music is a source of solace and inspiration for the French artist. In fact, one of her most personal songs to date is titled “Stay” and explores the powerful connection she feels to music. When asked about the importance of creating empowering music videos, Twigs replied: “I think it’s very important because you can tell a lot about a song or a brand with a good song. You can feel the vibe. You can feel the energy. And with good songs, you can dance…or cry!”

Is This Why Twigs Is Popular With Dancers?

Many of Twigs’ lyrics focus on self-discovery and questioning the status quo. One of the most powerful songs the artist has ever written is “Pretend” (2018), which highlights the need to be ourselves and not what others want us to be. In the song, Twigs questions the motives of an influencer who pressures her into shaving her whole hair off in order to “fit in” with the fashion crowd. In the video, we see Twigs rebel against the pressures of an influencer and her over-analysing “influencer friends,” cutting off all of her hair in the process.

While “Pretend” is a statement against the glorification of physical appearance on social media, it is also about the need to express our authentic selves. It would appear that Twigs has found a way to merge the two, combining her love of fashion and beauty with her fierce independence and self-expression through art. The English singer has openly admitted that she sometimes feels more comfortable around dancers than other artists because they have no “ego or vanity” around them. Since day one, Twigs has collaborated with established and up-and-coming artists alike, regularly sharing songwriting and production credits on her social media.

For those looking for a relationship with a “celebrity”, it would appear that they need to look no further than their phones. According to a February 2019 report by, 66% of people are interested in something “more” from a potential partner, but only 12% want to date someone they’ve met online. The stigma surrounding online dating is slowly being phased out as people realize the benefits of connecting with potential mates online. In an interview with Noisey, Twigs said that she doesn’t see her personal life as a problem because: “I can’t help who I love. If someone I love is in trouble, then I’ll do what I can to help them. I guess that’s what people want from celebrities – someone to relate to.” While this may be an oversimplification, it is clear that the musician is not your typical “Romeo” and sees her personal life and relationships in a more complicated light.