Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart might be the most famous celebrity couple on the planet right now, but that fame wasn’t always guaranteed to them. The Oxford-educated actor and the Hollywood starlet might have had a romantic connection before their highly publicized break-up, but their road to stardom was definitely not easy. This is mainly because Rob’s family doesn’t approve of his decision to enter the acting world and keep pursuing a Hollywood life, while Kristen’s family encouraged her to follow her lifelong dream of becoming an actress. In this article, we’ll discuss the circumstances that led to their split and what fans can expect going forward.

When Did The Break Up Happen?

The break up between Rob and Kristen was a total shock to their fans, because they seemed so in love and committed to each other. On January 25, 2019, the couple’s reps confirmed the separation to People, stating they had been “partners for a very long time,” and that their decision to end the relationship was “mutual and amicable.” No details were given about the alleged cause of the breakup, but a few days later, it was confirmed that Kristen had filed for divorce. People also reported that Rob had been “devastated” and “despondent” after learning of Kristen’s desire to end their marriage. In the months leading up to the couple’s breakup, they had been trying to keep their relationship a secret, due to the sensitive subject matter of their break-up and the criticism they had received for being so open about it.

Why Did Rob’s Family Not Approve Of His Acting Career?

One of the reasons why Rob’s family didn’t approve of his career choice was likely because of his famous parents. While studying at Oxford, Rob’s father, David, was reportedly inspired to begin acting after watching his son play James Bond in some of the teenager’s favorite films. In the years that followed, David Pattinson would go on to appear in multiple films, most notably as Lord John Marwood in James Bond film You Only Live Twice. After becoming an alcoholic, drug addict, and prostitute, David died in 1992 at the age of 47.

Unfortunately, Rob’s mother Gloria also died in 1992, leaving him and his brother Charlie as the only heirs to their estate. With not enough money to support his extravagant lifestyle, Rob had to put his acting career on hold for several years. When he decided to resume his acting career, he was already 36 years old. Many fans believe that this is why David’s parents didn’t approve of their son starting an acting career so late in life; they may have thought that he was following in their footsteps and wanting to cash in on the fame they had achieved.

Despite their disapproval of his acting career, it seems that David and Gloria’s relationship with their grandson remained strong. As a tribute to his grandparents, Rob had David and Gloria’s ashes scattered at sea, which the family later reflected on in a moving eulogy at their funeral.

How Is The Breakdown Timing For The Twi-Star Couple?

One of the biggest questions following the breakup of Rob and Kristen is how it affects their careers. Because they had been promoting each other’s films and appearing in each other’s promotional material for years, it’s not easy to transition to focusing on their individual projects. While some people believe that the breakup could be a great opportunity for both actors to pursue newer and higher-paying projects, the truth might be a little more complicated. In the months and years to come, we’ll have to wait and see what develops.

Why Did Kristen Want A Divorce?

As we mentioned above, the breakup between Rob and Kristen was a complete shock to their fans. Many people were curious about why Kristen wanted a divorce, especially since she had been with the actor for five years and they had a toddler daughter together. In December 2018, Kristen made the decision to file for divorce after Rob asked for an open relationship, which she refused. In a statement to E! News at the time, Kristen said she had “finally realized that [she] can’t have a normal relationship with someone who doesn’t accept [her] as [she is] and won’t give [her] the relationship [she] deserve[s].”

If you’re curious about why Kristen wants a divorce, you might be wondering if she was cheated on by the “King of Twilight,” since he had been filming some of the scenes for The Ghost King in Australia when she filed for divorce. While it’s uncertain how much Kristen knew about these so-called “Aussie shoots,” it seems that she might have suspected something was up. In a conversation with E! News, an insider revealed that these shoots were a last-ditch effort to save their crumbling marriage: “It’s been heartbreaking for her to see how much he’s changed. But she doesn’t think she’s done a bad job parenting, just that he needs to be his own man for once. She feels that if they keep pushing each other’s buttons, they’ll never get to a place where they can actually grow as a couple.”

Where Did The Breakdown Lead?

After years of speculation and a highly publicized split, it’s finally time to put all our questions to rest and move on. In the months and years to come, we’ll have to wait and see what develops for Rob and Kristen, but for now, let’s take a moment to remember the incredible impact they had on each other’s and our lives.