In case you missed it, Kristen Stewart announced she and boyfriend, Peter Parker, were going their separate ways earlier this month. The news was not a total shock as the couple had been dating for several years and recently got engaged. What is surprising, however, is that the actress broke up with the Spiderman actor rather than staying with him as he has proposed. Why the sudden change of heart? Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and see what led to this heartbreaking news.

The Beginning

Kristen Stewart began dating Peter Parker, better known as Spiderman, in 2011. Just two years later, they made the announcement they were engaged. While some fans may be concerned about how this sudden engagement will impact on Peter Parker’s legendary adventures as Spiderman, it seems the couple are happy and want to continue making their relationship known to the world. Just last month, the couple celebrated their engagement with a romantic date night out in New York City. During the event, the actress wore a stunning white dress and accessorized with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. The following day, images of the happy couple appeared on the cover of US Weekly and on social media platforms like Instagram.

While some people may still want to remain skeptical about Spiderman’s ability to fight crime and save New York without getting caught, it seems as though the engagement has truly awakened a sleeping dragon. Not only have the couple’s adventures as a couple gained a whole other level of meaning, but so has Peter Parker’s individual journey as the famous superhero. Fans can look forward to not one but two weddings in the near future as the couple seem determined to make their relationship public knowledge.

The Reasons For The Break-Up

Now that we’ve arrived at the sad part, it’s time to discuss the reasons behind the break-up. It’s no secret Kristen Stewart and Peter Parker’s relationship was going through a rough patch, but it seems as though the actress had finally found the strength to end it. In mid-January, Stewart posted a photo of herself on Instagram with the caption, “I stood by you when everyone else gave up on you. You are my best friend and my lover. I will love you until the end. xxxxxx.” In the wake of the breakup, fans have expressed their condolences to the 29-year-old actress, but the love and support they’ve shown for her is encouraging. Unfortunately, some of Peter Parker’s other former girlfriends may feel a little differently as they’ve revealed the split was actually mutual.

The Accusations

It should come as no great shock that the breakup was a bit acrimonious as both parties have blamed one another for the rifts. Shortly after the news broke, Stewart’s representatives issued a statement denying the actress ended the relationship, but rather that it was “mutual and amicable.” A representative for Peter Parker, however, accused Stewart of infidelity and called her out for a publicity stunt. In an interview with E! News, the actor’s manager, Liz Rose, said the following regarding the accusations of infidelity:

“The truth is we’re not sure when this started, but we do know it went on for quite some time. There were a number of incidents that she admitted to us, but we haven’t seen any evidence of them publicly. They were all amicable — until the end. He did want to be married and have a family as soon as possible, and she did, too. It just didn’t work out.”

So, what actually happened? It seems as though Peter Parker became tired of waiting for Stewart to come around and wanted to move forward with the next chapter of his life. While Stewart may have felt pressured into proposing after being chased down by photographers for years, she ultimately decided against it. Perhaps sensing the end was near, the Spiderman star began to push for marriage and family sooner rather than later and wanted to make sure his girlfriend knew he was committed to the relationship. In the end, it was not meant to be and the couple has decided to go their separate ways. Hopefully, these events have not deterred or prevented Peter Parker from fighting crime. With the release of the Avengers in theaters soon, it seems as though the sleeping dragon has indeed been awakened and is ready to fly. The question is: Is he going to be a good boy and behave, or will he turn rogue and go on a crime spree like before? Time will tell, but for now, let’s just bask in the glory that is Spiderman.