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Who’s Dating Robert Pattinson?

If you’re not already dying to know who’s dating which famous person, then maybe it’s time to read up on your favorite celebs. Hollywood’s finest have been linked to one another off-screen for decades, and now that they’re finally able to enjoy some privacy, we’re getting a peek at some surprising celebrity relationships. According to Hollywood Life, Robert Pattinson, 28, has surprisingly gone on a few dates with Taylor Swift, 22. While the exact nature of their relationship was never revealed, it was clear that they were very close. According to the website, Taylor, who is widely known to be guarded and private, took a liking to Pattinson and even helped him to navigate his first romantic kiss. The two went on two dates together before Pattinson proposed to Taylor. The website claims that, because of their similar personalities, the couple had a lot in common and enjoyed spending time together. While we’d always hoped that Taylor would one day be his wife, we can’t help but wonder what might have happened if he’d proposed to her first.

Which Celebrities Are Seeing Major Growth In Sales?

It seems that some of our favorite celebs have a significant impact on the sales of designer goods and accessories. Twitter user @thekylemcclure posted a screenshot of an excel spreadsheet showing that the top fifty celebrities on social media have a combined total of over 250 million followers. It then went on to list some interesting stats about the megastar’s massive audience, such as:

  • There are more than 50 million people who follow @kimkardashian on Instagram
  • @kendallandkyle have over 62 million followers on Instagram
  • @taylorswift1 has over 54 million followers on Instagram
  • @tomhardy4 has over 40 million followers on Instagram
  • @marvel has over 30 million followers on Instagram
  • @iamkrissanne has over 27 million followers on Instagram

With such a large audience, it’s no wonder that people follow these iconic stars. Not only do they have a lot of well-deserved fans, but they’re also constantly being photographed and videoed by members of the public, which makes them even more attractive to those who love a celebrity profile. It’s clear that these social media platforms, along with TikTok, have had a significant impact on how we perceive and see our favorite celebrities. Whether you love them or love to hate them, it’s hard not to be captivated by a celebrity’s daily life on social media.

The Most Popular Celebrity Friendships & Relationships

While some celebrities are enjoying a romantic relationship with a member of the opposite sex, others have chosen to remain friends with the individuals they grew up with. Here’s a look at some of the most popular celebrity friendships and rivalries.

1. Jennifer Lopez and Lisa Olson

The 43-year-old singer and actress has been friends with the makeup artist for a long time, and in fact, they attended the same high school. After their initial meeting, the two kept in touch and eventually became fast friends. In 2016, Lopez was among the many celebs who threw their support behind Lisa’s successful bid to become the first openly transgender woman to enter the beauty pageant world. The two are often photographed together and have repeatedly stated that they respect and support each other’s endeavors. In 2019, after overcoming her fair share of struggles, Lisa won the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, becoming “a symbol of unity, strength, and beauty,” as Lopez said in a statement.

2. Kate Winslet and Sophie Dahl

The two are famously close friends and have been romantically linked for almost a decade. Back in 2011, Winslet, 40, and Dahl, 19, were both among the hundreds of thousands of people who watched the royal wedding on television. The next year, the two were seen celebrating Winslet’s 40th birthday at a lavish party thrown in her honor at the Dorchester Hotel in London. Last year, Winslet made headlines when she became the first celebrity to publicly support the Brexit campaign, tweeting, “The decision to leave was not an easy one to make, but I believe now is the right time.” Although they’ve both been through a lot, the two still get along great and continue to support each other’s careers.

3. J.J. Abrams and Pharrell Williams

The legendary director and creator of television shows such as “Lost,” “Alias,” and “Clash of the Titans,” Abrams, 50, and musician and songwriter Williams, 49, have known each other for a long time. In fact, they were both part of the crew of director Jordan Horowitz’s 2008 documentary, “Beautiful Boy: Jeffery Pollack Is Gay!,” which chronicled the lives of fashion designer Jeffery Pollack and his partner, photographer Chris Hughes. Later that year, Williams featured Jeffery and Chris in a music video he directed for the song “Happy.” In the video, Jeffery and Chris are shown dancing and having fun with Williams and his backup dancers.

4. Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain

After ten years together, Emma Stone, 32, and Jessica Chastain, 35, remain close friends and continue to support each other’s careers. In 2015, Chastain was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in the film “The Tree of Life,” in which she portrayed a real-life wife and mother to two children. Stone then went on to win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress that same year for her role in the film “A Stone’s Throw” and became the first person in history to win Two Oscars in a single year. One of the most interesting things about this friendship is that they both have children from previous relationships, but they’ve never been seen with them on public occasions. It seems that being a parent is one of the main drivers behind their closeness, as they often spend time with their children or have them join their outings. In 2019, Stone told Vanity Fair that she and Chastain still get along great and “have each other’s backs in and out of the office.”

5. Alicia Vikander and Kate Winslet

The Swedish actress has been best friends with the English model for years, and in fact, they met when they were little girls. In 2015, while on the red carpet for the American edition of “The Tonight Show,” Alicia, 21, revealed that Kate had been her best friend since they were kids and had watched each other grow up. “We’ve walked the red carpet together a few times, and it’s been fun, but also really funny how all these years later, we’re still really close,” said Alicia. Since then, the two have kept in touch through a blend of text messaging and video calls. In addition to their friendship, Kate has also helped Alicia to navigate the fashion world and become more confident in herself. In an interview with Vogue, Kate said, “As a kid, I watched her evolve from a shy and nervous young girl into a strong and beautiful woman. Now that she’s on set with me, it’s been incredible to see her grow and develop as a person and as an actress. She’s so talented, and I’m really proud of her.”

Huge Celebrity Wedding Bands

In addition to all of the above, here are some other interesting tidbits about some of our favorite celebs: