It’s been nearly a year since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson tied the knot, leaving us to wonder what happened to the heartthrob prior to his wedding night. Turns out, he was reportedly dating a whole lot. Here are a few of the famous women he dated before he settled down with Stewart.

Amanda Bynes

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The Amanda Bynes rumors were first started circulating when she popped the question to her boyfriend, Simon Cowell, at a Christmas party in 2010. The relationship didn’t last long, as Bynes went onto date a host of other famous faces. She even went on a date with Ryan Reynolds after he showed up at her door dressed as her favorite superhero.

Anna Fries

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Like the Amanda Bynes saga, the Anna Fries rumors also began when the ‘Shark Tank’ starlet asked Simon Cowell to be her date for the premiere of her new movie in 2012. The two reportedly went on a romantic dinner date just two days before the premiere, sparking rumors that they were an item. However, it was all just a publicity stunt. Cowell later explained that while they might have enjoyed each other’s company, there was no romantic spark between them.

Leighton Meester

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The Glee starlet and designer Leighton Meester dated for over a year before they broke up in 2014. While their on-screen relationship was undoubtedly steamy, their private lives were completely different. According to a source, Meester was very private about her love life, even refusing to talk about her exes with her fellow Glee stars. In fact, she had to be convinced to even appear at the premiere of her movie, What To Be When You’re Not What Your Parents Raised You To Be, which she co-wrote and starred in.

Kaya Jones

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Popular TV host and comedian Kaya Jones dated Robert Pattinson for nearly a year before they broke up in 2015. Like many of his previous relationships, the duo’s off-screen chemistry was reportedly strong, and they even made a romantic movie, No Regrets, together. However, Jones revealed in August that they were never actually an item. “We were just having fun together, that’s all,” she said in an interview with The Insider. “I’m not going to label what happened. We weren’t serious about each other. I loved him as a friend.”

Jackie Evancho

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Little-known classical artist Jackie Evancho dated Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson for over a year before they broke up in 2016. During that time, she flew over to London to meet him for a romantic date, and the two were photographed holding hands as they watched the sunset together from an airplane window. The artist eventually revealed that they were dating to promote her new album, and that she sees it as a great success that she was able to keep their relationship a secret. “I feel like we were able to surprise people, and that’s always a great feeling,” she said. “I truly believe in love at first sight, and I think that’s how I felt about him. We were just really compatible, I guess.”

Tamara Beckwith

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British model and TV personality Tamara Beckwith dated Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson for a year before they broke up in 2017. While the nature of their relationship is unknown, Beckwith was photographed with Pattinson in the Bahamas on July 31, 2017, sparking rumors that they were back together again. However, the model soon revealed that the two had never been an item. “I haven’t been in a serious relationship for a long time,” she told Metro UK. “I know that he’s been linked to a lot of very famous women… but we’re just friends.”

Lauren Graham

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Lauren Graham dated Glee star and producer Chris Murphy for a year before they broke up in 2018. While their on-screen chemistry was a highlight of Murphy’s sitcom, Alone Together, their private life couldn’t be more different. According to a source, the actress was determined to keep their relationship a secret because she didn’t want to ruin her already-strange relationship with Murphy. “They are very good friends, but it was never more than that,” the source said. “They don’t need the drama. They have each other. It’s a great love story.”

Tiger Lillywhite

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Model and TV personality Tiger Lillywhite dated Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson for a year before they called it quits in 2018. While the nature of their relationship is unknown, the model has since changed her Instagram profile to reflect their romance. “We were having fun together, but I haven’t heard from him in a while,” Lillywhite told Metro UK. “I just think he’s been busy. It’s totally cool if he hasn’t been in a relationship for a while.”

Paris Jackson

Prince Jackson/Instagram

Sister of Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Cambridge, and granddaughter of King George VI, Paris Jackson was just 17 when she began dating Hollywood star Prince Jackson. The couple dated for a year before tying the knot in 2019. However, it was clearly just a teenage romance for Paris Jackson, as she has since moved on from her engagement and is now dating musician Drake.

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The final word on which woman he dated before he wed Kristen Stewart will have to come from him. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Did any of these women help him become the successful actor and philanthropist we all know and love?