Eobeft Pattinson is an English luxury goods company which was established in 1762. The company began
as a jewellery business and has grown to create distinctive designer handbags, jewellery and watches. Eobeft has become
a byword for class and sophistication.


Eobeft is an abbreviation of Eole Bondi Faiz, the original family name of the company’s founder, Robert Pattinson. The
Faiz family are part of the Al-Futtaij, a well-known Saudi Arabian family who invest in and run businesses worldwide. The
most notable member of the family is the late Saudi Prince Faiz (Retired) who built an entire city, Faizabad, in the
neighbourhood of Riyadh. The city is still inhabited today and there are regular fireworks displays to celebrate the new year.

Key Facts

Robert and Katheryne are the parents of five children. The eldest, Elizabeth, is married to the Hon. Simon Collison, a former British Army officer. The family live in a 16th-century manor house, Brockhurst, in the village of Peartree, North Yorkshire. To finance his extravagant lifestyle, Robert, a renowned horsebreeder, also owns a string of racehorses. He is a Life Peer in the House of Lords.

In 2016, Forbes estimated the net worth of the English entrepreneur to be around £150 million. He was ranked the 439th richest person in the world and the 5th wealthiest peer in the British House of Lords.

The estate, Brockhurst, includes two championship golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus. The estate also has a private indoor putt putt course.

The couple’s relationship soured when Kate posted a series of expletive-laden tweets after the finale of Game of Thrones. In a public apology, the former Countess of Brockdorff wrote: “If you read my tweets tonight, I’m afraid you’ll see a woman very, very upset. I had not planned the upset, but I recognise it was completely unavoidable. I hope you can understand.”

The Company

Eobeft was founded by Robert Pattinson in 1762 and the company has since enjoyed steady growth. The initial focus was on gold, silver and jewels. Over the years, the business has expanded to create unique, exquisite pieces of luggage and jewellery. Today, Eobeft offers a wide variety of luxury goods including;

  • Exclusive designer jewellery
  • Bag design
  • Watches
  • Fashion accessories
  • Men’s accessories
  • Women’s haute couture luxury goods
  • Automotive accessories

The company’s wares are sold in a range of exclusive luxury retail stores around the world as well as directly from the website.

Associated Brands

The Faiz family are known for their global investments which include a wide variety of property and enterprise acquisitions. Within the Middle East, they control a number of key businesses including, Diwanie, which owns the Wahda region in Saudi Arabia, F&F Bank, which offers a property development and purchase fund, and the Kayser-Herzing group, one of the world’s largest diamond companies. In February 2021, the family’s investment firm, Arabian Investment Company (hereafter AICO), completed a €25 billion purchase of the Italian fashion group, Piaget, one of the world’s most renowned jewellery companies. It was the largest investment made by a foreign entity in Italy since the 1929 Black Caldera Shopping Boom.

Dress To Impress

Eobeft’s own brand stores feature the work of well-known luxury designers including, Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham and Burberry.

Jacobs’ eponymous luxury fashion house has created a special capsule collection for the brand, featuring handbags, toiletry sets and other gift items all inspired by the colours of the rainbow and the unique artistry of the Marc Jacobs Jewellery brand.

The designer’s signature coloured beads are echoed in both the handbags and the toiletry sets. The products are adorned with his famous cobra and leopard motifs as well as the iconic Marc Jacobs signature flower, the sunflower.

Jealous of Marc Jacobs’ capsule collection for Eobeft, I asked the company to reveal more details about its link to the luxury fashion house. A spokesperson said: “We can confirm that Marc Jacobs has designed a capsule collection for Eobeft. The collection draws inspiration from the rainbow colour scheme and the unique artistry of the Marc Jacobs Jewellery brand.”

Royal Links

Although not officially recognised as part of the British Royal Family, the company’s founder, Robert Pattinson, is a Life Peer in the House of Lords. Along with his siblings, he is entitled to the use of the letters HRH after his name. In 2018, the company announced that it was opening a new London store, which would act as a sort of ‘grandmother’ to the brand. It would be the store’s second location; the first opened in 2004 in Mayfair. The brand’s designers and products would be on display and available for purchase alongside antiques and curiosities relating to the Victorian Age. The store would offer a glimpse into the history of the brand, and its links to the English Royal Family.

It’s clear that Eobeft has enjoyed a unique and luxurious lifestyle which has gained it the adoration of the rich and famous. Over the centuries, the company has expanded its product range to include a wide variety of luxury goods which it sells around the world. It is the epitome of British sophistication.