We’re always looking for love in the wrong places. Whether online or in real life, we seem to be searching for love and companionship online, then moving on to the next shiny object. Then there’s Rob Pattinson. The most famous son of Hollywood royalty is as busy as ever; however, for some reason, he seems to have found lasting love. After splitting from his high school sweetheart (and rumored to be pregnant with his twin children), he made the right decision and moved on to marry his other half. Now, he shares his life with Kate Bosworth and is looking to settle down and build a family. If you’re wondering who is Rob Pattinson dating, read on. We’ve got you covered.

The Man Behind The Myth

For those of you unfamiliar, Rob Pattinson is the son of Elizabeth Taylor and billionaire publisher, Harold Taylor. He is one of the most photographed men in the world and has graced the cover of numerous magazines. While his parents are both famous, it’s fair to say that their son is one of Hollywood’s biggest attractions. It’s not that he isn’t good-looking, he certainly is, it’s that he doesn’t fit the mold of Hollywood’s “It” boy. What makes Rob unique is that he doesn’t care at all about fitting into Hollywood’s social scene. When he was 18, he dropped out of Brown University and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being a film actor. While his parents were understandably disappointed, they later came around and embraced his decision (at least partly). Since then he has mostly gone unbothered as he continues to establish himself as an actor to watch. Most recently, he was seen in two massively popular films: The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games.

Where Has He Been?

Since we’re talking about establishing himself as an actor, it’s only fair to say that Rob has been quite busy. Having landed some pretty high-profile parts, it’s no surprise that he’s been spotted here and there. After all, when you’re famous for being famous, it’s hard to stay indoors. Most recently, he was seen at the premiere of Anna Karenina as Tolstoy’s most famous character, Levin, alongside future wife, Kate Bosworth. We couldn’t help but notice that he looked particularly dashing in a blue button-down shirt and slim-fit denim. While it’s no secret that he’s been enjoying himself, it has nonetheless been a tiring year. He began it with a bang by landing the role of Quentin Tarantulin in Tarantulin’s directorial debut The Hateful Eight. Since then he’s filmed The Revenant, in which he played an aging Hollywood star, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Tarentula. What’s next for the actor? We’ll have to wait and see.

Where Has He Been Living?

One of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood, Rob has starred in numerous films and is therefore able to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle wherever he goes. Since he’s been in Los Angeles, he’s largely been living in the lavish Brentwood area. When he’s not filming, you can often find him relaxing at home or taking his dogs for walks. Some of his other favorite places to eat out are Craftbar and Colette in Paris, as well as Bar Luce in Venice Beach. If you’d like to live like a movie star, you could start by renting a beautiful Brentwood mansion for a cool million a month. Then, you could purchase a vintage automobile, fix it up, and start cruising the streets. Just make sure you call us first if you plan on driving any of our other clients’ cars, we don’t want to get in any trouble. While it’s not really our place to suggest ways to make money, it’s worth noting that he does have a trust fund, courtesy of his famous mother, that provides him with a steady income. Maybe start an online clothing store or sell your photos on e-Bay to make extra cash.

Who Is He Dating?

Since his mother is a famous socialite and his father is a media mogul, it’s only natural that Hollywood would be interested in his dating life. Even so, we can’t help but feel that Hollywood has gone a bit overboard in their attempts to snag one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. While it’s not wrong to be jealous, let’s not be so rude. After all, he’s been very fortunate in life and hasn’t had to work a day in his life. He started out with a bang by being photographed with his ex-fiancee, the gorgeous and talented Kate Bosworth. Then, he starred in a huge box office hit with The Twilight Saga. Since then, he has largely remained untouched thanks to his hectic filming schedule. However, he did make a brief appearance on the red carpet with his wife, Kate, at the premiere of Glass in 2015. Inevitably, the paparazzi were there, desperate for a picture with the newlywed couple. While we can’t blame them, it’s still rather hypocritical to harp on about fame when you’re doing nothing to fight it. Not to mention that Kate is a famous fashion designer, so it’s not really a fair trade. With these kinds of celebrities, it’s all about the Benjamins baby.


It was recently reported that Rob was in advanced talks with Warner Bros. to star in a major motion picture about Jack the Ripper. While it’s hard to imagine this sensitive and intelligent young man playing a character as diabolical as Jack the Ripper, it’s clear that he’s interested in exploring darker sides. In the meantime, he is said to be working on a children’s book with his longtime collaborator, Karen Moyer. In their own words: “We have such a wonderful time writing books, and even more so now that we’re entering a darker and stranger world. It’s been fun playing with language and making up new words, which is probably not the case with most 40-year-old men who write children’s books.” Well, at least they’re having fun. We can’t imagine many other careers that match up with Rob’s passion for film and storytelling. As for children, we wouldn’t put it past him to adopt a child or two, especially since he has the money and the fame to pull it off.

If you’re thinking about entering the world of acting, you might want to consider this option. While it’s not always an easy road to fame, you have a much better chance of landing a role if you’ve studied the craft. With talent like his, it’s only a matter of time before Hollywood comes knocking. So, while you’re waiting, you might as well grab your popcorn and watch the magic happen. Good luck out there.