When you become a celebrity, you get lots of people trying to take advantage of you. They’ll tell you you’re hot, or that you’ve got it like a “passion’,” or that you “deserve’” something. You’ll eventually learn to block out all the noise and focus on what’s important to you. For Hollywood superstar Robert Pattinson, this means focusing on his friends, his fans, and his work. While he may be best known for his romantic relationship with actress Kristen Stewart, he has always maintained that he prefers to keep a low profile and avoid attracting any more attention.

Pattinson and Stewart’s relationship initially captured the public’s imagination when they were first spotted together at the Venice Film Festival in 2012. Although they have since gone their separate ways, the speculation surrounding their union continues to this day. This kind of speculation continues to dog Pattinson, as evidenced by a constantly prying media. Although he has been open about his relationships with other actresses, he has always remained tight-lipped about his personal life, and has had trouble making headlines for almost any reason. However, that all seems to be changing.

New York Times Reporter Stalks Him

Last year, the world was captivated by Pattinson’s role as a vampire in the hit indie-western film, “The Rover.” The film was a hit not just in theaters, but also with viewers online, where it achieved nearly universal praise. Critics compared the actor’s work favorably to that of Christopher Lee, the famous English actor who played the iconic character of Count Dracula in the iconic “Dracula” movies. The success of “The Rover’” led to more interviews and opportunities, and finally, a chance to direct. Shortly after the film’s premier at the Sundance Film Festival, a New York Times reporter interviewed Pattinson, quizzing him on everything from his favorite directors to the themes of the movie. While the interview was mostly complimentary, it did reveal that the reporter had staked out a position outside of his hotel, making multiple attempts to catch the actor as he left his hotel to go about his day. When the reporter finally got the chance to interview Pattinson, he declined and instead gave the journalist an interview with Stewart, which she also granted, albeit briefly. The two then got into a waiting car and drove off, leaving the reporter livid. The incident led to fears that the reporter might have followed them, but in reality, the interviewer was already at the hotel and waiting for them when they arrived. After the interview, they were reportedly greeted by the same hotel security detail that watched their every move the entire day.

Rumors About His Second Marriage

Pattinson’s fame hasn’t just spread across the pond. The “Twilight’” star is now a global phenomenon, with fans from every country queuing up to get a piece of his autograph after every episode of the wildly popular show came out. One of the most intriguing aspects of his public life is the number of rumors that surround him. Although he has never publicly confirmed any of them, there are plenty of intriguing stories about the man behind the megastar.

Pattinson And Stewart’s First Meeting

One of the most famous “spy’” cameras that ever existed captured the very first meeting between Pattinson and Stewart. The footage was filmed on September 9, 2012, and shows the young actors meeting for the first time. Before the camera starts rolling, Stewart can be heard saying, “I’m so happy to meet you,” to which Pattinson responds, “I’m happy to meet you too.” As they spoke, their gaze locked for several seconds before either one broke the stare, signaling the beginning of their romance.

Despite all of this, Pattinson still refers to himself as “just another actor’,” adding, “I’d never want to be seen as the person in charge.” He seems to have a lot to offer in terms of acting and directing, and with his newfound fame, he may finally be in a position to pursue his dreams. It will be interesting to see how he continues to evolve as an artist and a person while still maintaining his low profile. However, the world won’t soon forget about Robert Pattinson. Over the years, he has proven himself to be one of Hollywood’s premier romantic characters, and it seems that the trend continues.