Fans of the blockbuster film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, are wondering who Robert Pattinson is dating these days. While the British actor has been in a relationship with his Birthplace themed co-star, Katy Perry, for several years, he has also been linked to many other beautiful women. We take a look at the most recent developments in Robert Pattinson’s love life.


In 2016, the Dark Knight Rises actor was photographed dining with a mystery woman at a trendy restaurant in London. The duo were later spotted holding hands and sharing a tender kiss during a romantic stroll in the city. Since then, there have been many more sightings of the pair holding hands and looking incredibly affectionate.

While many of Pattinson’s rumored relationships have been with beautiful women, the actor has also been linked to some truly powerful men. In 2013, he was seen dining with the then-prime minister of Australia, Tony Abbott. The pair were spotted discussing politics and appearing to enjoy each other’s company. A photo of the duo sharing a passionate kiss later appeared in the magazines of both men.


The Waterloo Sunset star’s professional life is certainly busy, but his personal life is no less exciting. In April 2017, the 31-year-old actor jetted off to Italy for a romantic getaway with Katy Perry. The couple enjoyed a luxurious vacation that included luxury cruises, hikes, and even some scented candles to relax with in their luxury apartment in Rome. The trip was documented in the couple’s social media feeds and they even released a joint statement confirming their love for one another.

Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson – together again!!! A post shared by Team Perry (@teamperry) on Apr 13, 2017 at 10:41am PDT

Since their return from Europe, the Hollywood actors have been spotted holding hands and looking perfectly content.


Pattinson is protective of those he cares about, especially of his family, so an upcoming family vacation to France was met with a fair amount of excitement by fans. It was revealed that the French Riviera would be the destination of the trip and fans of the celebrity had the chance to win a vacation for two using the hashtag #RobertPattinsonFamilyVacation on social media. While the couple were spotted enjoying time alone on the beach as a prelude to the trip, it was on their first night in Nice that the famous Pattinson family vacation began.

Pattinson’s parents, Paul and Sue, opened their arms to their three children, Eloise, Tristan, and Bram. The family were seen dancing and enjoying one another’s company at a private party in their honor. The children also held a dance party for their grandparents and the rest of the guests. The following day, the group traveled to Disneyland Paris, where Tristan and Eloise rode on Pete’s dragon, Fireball, while their grandparents watched in delight.

A few weeks after the Disneyland trip, it was teased that Bram would become a father again. The Beautiful People actor confirmed the news, via Twitter, writing, “Yes, my baby brother is now the proud father of a baby girl! I’m unbelievably happy for him.” The 39-year-old actor also shared a photo of himself holding the newborn in her mother’s arms. It seems that Robert Pattinson’s personal life is as exciting as ever and there is plenty more drama to come.