British actor and singer Robert Pattinson is currently in the spotlight after his split from Twilight co-star, Bella Swan. The actor has been linked to a number of stunning women, including actress Kristen Stewart and former Playboy model and businesswoman Anna Kournikova. Here, we take a look at the dating history of Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart

Let’s start with the most recent report, which claimed that Robert Pattinson is set to propose to Kristen Stewart in the coming weeks.

The 27-year-old actor proposed to the My Own Rules star in Paris last July. While the proposal was reportedly emotional for both parties, it was Stewart who organized the impromptu ceremony. The couple have been together since 2011, when they met on the set of the film, On the Road.

When asked about the nature of their relationship in September 2013, Stewart said: “I think everyone can see that we’re very much in love and that our relationship is very strong. We’re having a good time and I think people that know us well enough can see that we’re happy.”

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, which was published in August 2014, Stewart said that Robert Pattinson is “[her] best friend and [she] can’t imagine [her] life without [him].”

On the topic of marriage, Robert Pattinson said in an interview with DeGeneres: “I don’t know if I’ll ever get married, to be honest. It doesn’t seem right, giving someone your whole life. For now, I’m just trying to enjoy being single and being with Kristen.”

The couple have been open about their commitment to each other. Last June, at an event in Mexico, Robert Pattinson gushed: “It is an honor to be with someone as amazing as you. You make me a better person and I couldn’t be happier to share this gift with you. We are both so proud of what we have created together. Love makes everything beautiful.”

While Stewart has previously dated musicians, the Twilight star has mainly kept her personal life private. In 2012, she began dating English film producer, Alex Walton. The couple split in January 2014. In the same month, Kristen Stewart was photographed with her arm around socialite, Grace Coddington. However, the two have since called off their engagement.

Robert Pattinson And Anna Kournikova

It wasn’t long before the media were speculating that Robert Pattinson had found “the one” and was engaged to be married to Anna Kournikova. The couple were first photographed together in 2011. At the time, Anna Kournikova was a model who had just celebrated her 23rd birthday. She told Hello! magazine: “I met him on the set of a film and he was more than friendly, he made me feel welcome and comfortable. After the film we went for a walk and he asked if I wanted to go for a swim. I was a little shy at first but after the first date I felt like I could tell him anything. He’s very open-minded.”

In 2012, Robert Pattinson and Anna Kournikova became a couple. The next year, the pair were photographed attending the 2013 Golden Globe Awards together. The following year, they were amongst the many celebrities who attended the Met Gala in New York. In May 2015, Anna Kournikova made some revealing comments about their relationship. The tennis champion said that she and Robert Pattinson were “always open” about their feelings for each other. She added: “Everyone sees how great we are together, so it’s not very hard to find the reason why. He’s charming, intelligent and he makes me laugh. I don’t need a list of all his good qualities because we both know them all.”

While Robert Pattinson and Anna Kournikova’s marriage seemed like it would be ideal, it didn’t last. In July 2016, Anna Kournikova announced that she and Robert Pattinson had decided to end their three-year relationship and would remain “good friends.” In October, the tennis champion was photographed attending a premiere for the new James Bond film, Spectre. In November 2016, Anna Kournikova was linked to a string of alleged burglaries in her home country of Russia. In December, she was arrested for the alleged crimes. In May 2017, Anna Kournikova was released on bail and has since been living in London while her case continues to be heard.

Robert Pattinson And Other Notable Allegiances

While Robert Pattinson is most well-known for his love for Kristen Stewart, the British actor has also been linked to a number of other prominent women. Here, we take a look at the top six.

Liv Tyler

Actress Liv Tyler is best-known for her role in the 2011 film, The Wolf of Wall Street. What’s more, she was nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe for her role as a drug addict in the film. The actress has also landed starring roles in television movies, including a lead role in the upcoming miniseries, The People Vs. O.J. Simpson.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Liv Tyler revealed that she and Robert Pattinson had been dating for over a year. While the couple decided to keep their relationship a secret, they reportedly attended a premiere together in New York City in September 2016.

In September 2017, actor and activist, Bryce Dallas Howard, posted a photo on Instagram of herself and Liv Tyler kissing. Since then, the two have remained in a long-distance relationship.

Amber Rose

Rapper and singer Amber Rose has been linked to several high profile men, including Diddy and Scrooge McDuck. Last year, she was photographed kissing film director, James Franco. While the two love birds remain a couple, they haven’t been seen together in public since then. In October 2017, a report claimed that Amber Rose had broken up with James Franco. However, she has yet to confirm the news.

In another Instagram posting, Rose confirmed that she and Franco had broken up and that they remain “good friends.” The two reportedly remained friendly even after the split. However, while they’re no longer an item, it doesn’t appear that this has caused any major changes to her social circles. In June 2018, Rose was seen partying with singer Elton John and his partner, David Furnish.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson might be better-known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films, but she has also had a number of acting roles in non-fictional films. Most notably, Watson starred in the 2011 adaptation of the best-selling Jane Eyre. In the film, she plays the title role and is considered one of the most stunning actresses of her generation.

Since the release of the first film in the Harry Potter series in 2001, Emma Watson has mostly kept a low profile. In 2016, she decided to break her long-time silence and began posting on social media.

In one of her first posts, Watson shared an Instagram photo of herself and Robert Pattinson. At the time, they were both sporting long brown hair and beard. While it wasn’t clear if they were in a relationship at the time, the two were linked romantically in early 2017. After dating for several months, the pair decided to keep their relationship exclusive. However, it wasn’t long before they were photographed together at Cannes and other high profile events. In December 2017, Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson were among the many celebrities who attended the Golden Globes. The following month, it was revealed that they would be starring in the film adaptation of My Wife’s Memoir. The film will focus on the Mrs. Robinson relationship, with Watson playing the titular character and Robert Pattinson starring as her husband.

Kristen Stewart

As we’ve established, Robert Pattinson is most famously in love with Kristen Stewart. The pair starred in the Twilight film series and were considered among the most stunning celebrity couples of the 2010s. While Stewart hasn’t been seen in an official capacity since the final Twilight movie in 2012, she hasn’t been idle. In fact, last year she appeared in the music video for the song, Never Be Lonely, alongside musician and actor, Jack Black.