A couple years back, we couldn’t have imagined that our world would be turned upside down by the pandemic. Most of us are still reeling from the shock of the unknown virus which would go on to cause so much disruption and suffering, and it’s changed the way we will see love and relationships for the future.

If you’re one of the many single people who were dumped after the pandemic, then you might be wondering who is Rob Pattinson dating now? We take a look at his love life after the pandemic and how it has changed.

He Started Dating Right Away

Immediately after emerging from COVID-19 quarantine, the “Onion Thief” began dating again. According to reports, Rob used a dating app and contacted up to a dozen women in 24 hours. However, he didn’t give any of them a chance to get to know him before announcing his engagement to Emma.

Emma, the daughter of filmmaker Sir Richard Attenborough, is known for her work in film and television. She wrote and directed the Netflix film The White Queen which stars Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams and Olivia Colman. The film is based on the true story of Edward VII’s mistress, Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, the “white queen,” and her battle for power in the early 1900s. Emma also starred in the miniseries Versailles, which is based on the infamous French court of Louis XIV.

His Reputation As A Ladies’ Man Survived The Pandemic

While many of us were confined to our homes, unable to leave lest we put ourselves in risk of contracting COVID-19, the paparazzi weren’t held back. As people were thrust unwillingly into solitude, the gossips among the journalists once again went into overdrive, spilling the beans on Rob’s love life.

The rumors spread that Rob had been having an affair with Italian singer-songwriter Enrica Piazoni. The two were photographed holding hands outside a London bar in early April. Many news publications, including The Hollywood Reporter and TMZ, had a field day reporting on their supposed romantic liaison. However, despite the indiscretions, Rob’s reputation as a ladies’ man survived the pandemic.

He Faced Criticism For Choosing A Traditional Wedding

While many of us were focused on staying healthy and surviving the pandemic, some celebrities got hitched. Among them was Harry Potter author and husband of 50 years JK Rowling. When the wedding photos were released, people immediately pointed out that Pottermore’s Nicolas Flamel, portrayed by Robbie Coltrane, was a complete mismatch to matchmaker Molly Weasley, portrayed by Rosie Jones. Rowling later responded by saying: “I wanted a modern wedding, with family and friends. I wanted to spread joy and happiness. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a mistake.”

Fans of the Harry Potter series were quick to point out that the characters were written as stereotypes to appeal to a mass audience. In the novels, the magical world of Harry Potter is populated by witches and wizards who are all white, middle-class, and live in an English village. In real life, Hollywood isn’t exactly representative of the world at large when it comes to diversity and inclusivity.

His Life After The Pandemic: What Changed?

With the world heading toward a resurgence of some sort, the question is: what will change now that we’re coming out of the other side of the pandemic?

In the weeks and months following the pandemic, many people have been left questioning whether or not they will ever be able to experience love and romance again. For some, it’s a question of will they meet the right person? For others, it’s a question of whether or not they’ll be able to fall in love at all. 

After the pandemic, will celebrities be more open to dating non-white people? Will society be more accepting of alternative relationships and marriages? What kinds of jobs will people be able to get jobs after the pandemic? Will they be able to find love again?

These are some of the questions that have been raised by people in the wake of the pandemic. Fortunately, there are signs that these questions might be answered in a more positive manner. For example, according to a GAP study that was published in March, 2019, 72% of respondents said that they would like to date someone from a different race, while 67% said the same for wealth. When it comes to job security, 37% are looking for greater stability, while 29% want to be able to bounce back after a loss. Finally, when it comes to loneliness, 44% want a partner to share their loneliness with, while 34% want someone to relieve it.

The State Of Romantic Relationships After The Pandemic

While many of us were huddled on the couch, afraid to leave our homes and possibly expose ourselves to COVID-19, the world of celebrity continued unaffected. We were able to keep our hair and makeup teams, our wardrobe teams, and our manicure and pedicure teams intact, as the demand for glamour and glitz outweighed the concerns of safety and health.

After emerging from quarantine, the stars started to get back out there and meet the public again. While many of them were still experiencing mood swings and anxiety, the press had other things to focus on. There were the weddings, the engagements, and the babies born to continue the species. However, one of the lasting effects of the pandemic is that it exposed just how interconnected our world has become, how much we rely on our smartphones and the internet for news and entertainment, and how vulnerable we genuinely are to a global health crisis.

Will Celebrities Be More Open To Diversifying The Mainstream?

While we’re still in the early stages of this pandemic’s resurgence, we’re already starting to see changes in the way that people are acting and acting behind the scenes. According to a study published in March 2019, respondents are slowly becoming more open to dating someone from a different race or ethnicity, as well as wealthier. When it comes down to choosing a partner, 40% of respondents are looking for someone whose background is more similar to theirs, while 25% want someone who is smarter, and 25% want someone who is both.

This is a far cry from 20 years ago, when only 12% of Americans reported their races as Asian, and only 4% reported their wealth. What’s interesting is that these shifts started before the pandemic and were driven by social media and digital marketing. After the pandemic, it’s only going to accelerate these trends.

Will Celebrities Be Able To Relieve Loneliness?

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who were inflicted with loneliness and anxiety by the pandemic, then congratulations! You’re in the majority. While the fear of infection drove people into seclusion, those who were left behind experienced a rise in anxiety and loneliness which was made worse by the restrictions implemented to curtail the spread of COVID-19. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, symptoms of depression and anxiety tripled in the month after the pandemic. More than 11 million adults reported feeling constantly lonely, and 70% of those people were women.

In the wake of the pandemic, the question is: will celebrities be able to relieve this kind of isolation and provide companionship for those who need it? One of the benefits of being a celebrity is that you have a large social network you can turn to for support. Actresses, musicians, and other celebrities are able to rely on their celebrity to earn them some extra cash and secure them some much-needed love and attention.

The fact is that celebrities can provide a form of escapism which is quite similar to what we get from movies and TV shows. In an age when so much of our lives are dictated by our smartphones, it’s no wonder that we’re turning to celebrities in record numbers. This is especially true for women, who make up nearly 90% of the moviegoing audience. Whether or not you’ll be able to see your favorite celebrity in the flesh isn’t as important as getting that small screen glow that you get from watching a glamorous person’s life unfold on-screen.