Ever wondered who the love interest is from the latest Star Wars film?

Surprisingly, it’s not one of the main characters. Instead, it’s someone we might not have expected.

Who is it? Let’s find out…

TikTok’s The Last Jedi Craze

Just a few days before Star Wars: The Last Jedi was officially released, fans were already talking about the movie and its lead characters on TikTok.

The social media platform has become a home for fans of all ages. It’s a place where people can share their favorite moments from films and television shows. Some fans have even created their own Star Wars-themed rooms on TikTok. While most people are just using the app to laugh at memes and watch short videos, a small group of users are treating it seriously.

There’s a specific group of users on TikTok who were obsessed with the upcoming film. They started collecting hints, guesses, and theories about the identities of the film’s main characters. One popular theory suggested that Kelly Macdonald, Jessica Henwick, and Nick Robinson were the mysterious trio behind the eye-catching masks in the teaser trailer. Others thought that the masks were worn by men or women, or that they were an element from an earlier scene in the film that was cut out.

Some users thought that Kelly was Daisy Ridley’s twin sister. Still others believed that her character was based on JK Rowling, or the late Princess Diana. And then there was this theory that suggested the film was actually set in the 1970s, and that it was about the British spy agency MI6 battling the Russian KGB. Yikes!

Regardless of what you thought the characters looked like, the teaser trailer gave you a good indication of what to expect from the movie.

Who is Kelly?

Many fans were relieved to find out that the actress who played Kelly in the trailer was not related to Ridley. But some were disappointed that her character was not more prominent in the film. In the film, Kelly is the owner of an English boarding school who befriends Rey (Daisy Ridley).

The schoolgirl outfit she wore in the trailer hinted that she might be involved in a love affair with Rey’s father, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill). While this part of the plot was heavily teased in the trailer, there was very little actual confirmation. The filmmakers did not want to give away too much about the romantic subplot in advance of the film’s premiere.

Who is Daisy?

Many fans were also surprised to learn that the actress who played the pivotal role of Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) friend and mentor, Anna (Katherine Parkinson), was not related to Mark Hamill. Some fans even speculated that these were twins separated at birth. But, in reality, Daisy was three years Mark’s junior.

In The Last Jedi, Rey travels to London to meet Luke Skywalker, who was recently released from the Emperor’s prison aboard the Death Star. While on a train ride to London, Rey talks with her new friend, Kelly. During the phone conversation, Rey mentions that she misses her grandparents and that she’s looking for a new mentor. Kelly encourages her to follow her heart, and says that Luke is a good man who wants the best for her.

It doesn’t take long for Rey to find Luke, and their dynamic is both charming and believable. The Force is with you, Luke. And I’m sure it will be with you always. This is one lucky granddaughter I’m glad to have found.

When it comes to matching stars with their characters, Mark Hamill and Daisy Ridley are a perfect fit. Their on-screen chemistry is evident from the start, and it’s clear that they have a lot of fun playing off each other. I’m sure their fans will have fun seeing them interact on screen as well.

Who is Jessica?

While we were waiting for The Last Jedi to be released, articles about the movie were popping up online. Most of the content was positive, but there were also some spoilers. Especially about one of the characters. People were revealing that Jessica Henwick’s character, Rose Tico, was based on Carrie Fisher. And that wasn’t a coincidence. Fisher worked with the writers on the script, and her daughter Billie Lourdes had a small role as a cook in the movie.

Like many other fans, Jessica took to Twitter to share her thoughts about the upcoming movie. She talked about how much she loved Fisher’s characters, and how much she looked up to her. She even added a little tribute to the late actress. I’m sure Billie Lourdes and Daisy Ridley are grateful for Jessica’s support.

Who is Nick?

While we were waiting for The Last Jedi to be released, articles about the movie were popping up online. One of the more interesting theories about the movie was that Nick Robinson’s character, Poe Dameron, was based on John Belushi. The resemblance is uncanny. Like John Belushi, Nick Robinson can also be found in sketch comedy groups like Comedy Central’s @midnight and The Meltdown with Jonah Bergman.

On the subject of celebrities and their characters, fans also compared Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) to Johnny Depp. While Williams and Depp have similar facial features, Lando is a very different character. And it’s clear that Williams enjoyed the comparison. It’s one that made me laugh, and I’m sure it will make other people as well.

Even in the face of all this speculation, The Last Jedi still remains a mystery wrapped in an enigma. But that’s the beauty of it. This is the kind of movie where you’ll find yourself wondering, “what if…”? And that’s what makes it so interesting.

For more information about who is the love interest from The Last Jedi, check out this helpful guide. And for more fun facts about the movie, read on.