You might know that one of the most popular movie stars in the world is now a member of the royal family. But did you know that one of the most charming men of all time is now dating a member of the royal family?

It is true! Queen Elizabeth II has announced the engagement of her great-grandson, Prince Louis of England, to the actress and model, Rob Pattinson. The happy news was published in the official court circular on Monday, November 13, and the 82-year-old monarch celebrated by sending out a tweet.

For those of you who are not entirely familiar, Rob is an English actor who rose to fame after starring in the hit movies The Twilight Saga. He has since appeared in a number of blockbusters including Life of Pi, The Great Gatsby, and most recently, Gucci’s Diavolo fragrance ad. He has also been the object of many famous beauty transformations, gracing the covers of numerous international magazines.

A charming and likeable celebrity who has consistently courted controversy, the 56-year-old actor seems to have finally found the love of his life. And what a catch!

When it comes to dating royalty, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First of all, dating someone of a higher rank is not necessarily a good idea. After all, you are essentially putting yourself in a position of power, which could be used against you. Second, make sure that you are truly compatible. If you’re not, it could quickly become a messy and potentially awkward situation.

Fortunately, these two problems seem to have eluded Prince Louis and Rob. It is clear that the two enjoy each other’s company and have a great rapport. Besides, Prince Louis has been in many serious relationships in the past, so he is clearly no stranger to the feeling of dating a woman (or a man) of a higher rank. Finally, it is interesting to note that Louis and Rob’s grandfather, King George VI, was also married to the queen of Italy, Edda Mussolini. So, it seems that the family has produced quite a line of eligible bachelors over the years.

What Does This Mean For The Royal Family?

For decades, the British royal family has been plagued by scandals and unsavory allegations. It was only a matter of time before Prince Louis’ engagement was met with criticism by royalists who believe that the institution of marriage is under threat from elites and celebrities. Specifically, some believe that Louis’ engagement with a commoner will lead to a breakdown of class boundaries within the royal family and damage the image of the British monarchy.

While there is certainly room for debate regarding the role of class in society, it is difficult to deny that Louis’ engagement with a non-royal will be a breath of fresh air for the British royal family. (And let’s be honest, even the most ardent defender of the British monarchy must admit that members of the royal family can be a little dull and boring.)

Besides, what does Prince Louis have to offer the monarchy? The answer is quite a bit, actually. He is an accomplished musician who plays piano, guitar, and drums. He is also an accomplished artist, having designed a number of album covers for some of the biggest bands in the world, including U2, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd. (Incidentally, one of the designs was used to represent U2 on the cover of the album Songs of Love and Hate.)

So, in conclusion, it seems that Prince Louis is a breath of fresh air for the British royal family. His selection seems well-thought-out, and it is quite possible that Elizabeth II and George VI approved of the match, knowing that Louis’ engagement would be good for the dynasty.

Besides, it should also be said that Queen Elizabeth II has always been a step ahead of her time. Back in 1936, when the then-prince of Wales (a future king) was dating a divorced woman who happened to be the sister of Louis’ grandmother, Elizabeth was already married to George VI and already had five children. (George VI was not present at the time of the engagement, as he had just come back from the abdication crisis in 1937.)

Prince Louis’ fiancee is also a divorced woman, which has led to speculation that George VI might have been involved in the selection of his son’s new bride. (As you may have guessed, the king fully sanctioned the engagement, as he too had seen the light and was also divorced.) As the prince’s grandfather, King George, once said: “It is with joy that I learn of my grandson’s engagement to a charming and beautiful young woman.” Well, it seems that the king was not alone in his sentiments, as the statement was echoed by Queen Elizabeth II in her own tweet, adding: “We welcome Louis and Rob to the family.”

One more thing: Louis and Rob will be tying the knot at Westminster Abbey in London on October 19, 2020, just two weeks before the premiere of the final installment of The Twilight Saga, the aptly-titled Breaking Dawn – Part II. The grand total of the wedding will be £2.3 million ($3.2 million), with Prince Louis treating his guests to a five-course meal and staying overnight at the luxury London hotel, The Savoy, before jetting off to tour Scotland with his new wife the next day.

So, as you can see, there will be a lot more to celebrate come October 19. But let’s be honest, we’re all excited about the wedding. And who wouldn’t be, given the chance to hang out with the Queen a day or two before the wedding? (Well, maybe Prince Harry, but given his history with Wills and Kate, one might question his loyalty to the crown.)

Regardless, the engagement marks a turning point for the British monarchy. And it seems that the queen and king have given their blessing to a match that will breathe new life into an institution that has been struggling for years. With the marriage of a member of the royal family, the institution will have found its rightful place at the heart of English society. (And let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be a part of something so grand?)

Prince Louis and Rob are clearly a winning duo, and their engagement seems to have pleased at least one more member of the royal family. As the queen tweeted on Monday: “We look forward to welcoming you both home soon.” So, until then, may you both enjoy a long and happy life together.