While many of us were busy shunning vampires this Halloween, there was a small group in Hollywood who were having the time of their lives. One of these lucky groups was led by Katherine Kellerman, who was playing Cupid in a new romantic comedy called Who Broke It Off? The film’s other stars included Robert Pattinson (Passion), Lance Reddick (The Twilight Saga), and Sarah Hyland (The Nanny Diaries). So what’s the story behind this romantic comedy? Let’s take a look.

Cupid Meets Cupid

The story begins with a game of Cupid. As the title might suggest, this game is played for laughs. Cupid appears to be a nerf gun, and you’re supposed to use it to shoot Nerf darts at your opponent. Naturally, this game is more fun when your opponent is also a player, which is why we find ourselves in a series of hilarious scenes where the Cupid players try to shoot each other with their own toys.

This game was inspired by a real-life incident where the actor/director Evan Spirin met a woman named Kate at a bar. They started drinking and flirting, and eventually Evan offered to buy her a drink. While he waited for her to order, he leaned in and whispered in her ear, “Say hello to Cupid for me.” She responded by leaning in and whispering something in his ear. He said he would and they laughed. Once the drinks arrived, he asked if she wanted to play Cupid, and they finished the drink game and started a new one.

Evan’s suggestion that they play Cupid together is a perfect example of something audiences can relate to. People who see themselves as players in this game can laugh at themselves while also connecting with the story. It’s a winning combination when you can connect with an audience while also being funny.

The Game Is On!

If a funny story about playing Cupid with a real-life twist isn’t your thing, then maybe you should check out Who Broke It Off‘s next chapter. This is where things get interesting. After the barroom antics of Chapter 1, the game carries on as Robert and Kate (Katherine Kellerman and Sarah Hyland) play for keeps. This is where Robert Pattinson‘s charm and comedic timing come in. He plays Scott, an aspiring writer who scoffs at the idea of love at first sight, which is hilarious. After all, who doesn’t love a good scoff? Even the most cynical of us can’t help but be touched by the quirky ways of a puppy dog or kitten.

Throughout the film, Scott denies that he’s feeling anything for Kate. However, as the game continues, he starts to see her as more than just a foil for comic effect, and soon he’s professing his love for her. Is Scott really in love with Kate? Is he playing a game? Is he just trying to get into her pants? A viewer never really knows with Pattinson. This is part of what makes him such an incredible actor. We’re always unsure of what we’re supposed to believe or think. And that’s what makes him so attractive.


If you thought that the first 20 or so minutes of Who Broke It Off were laugh-out-loud funny, then you’re in for a real treat. The final act is when the film slows down a little bit, allowing for some emotional scenes. One of these emotional scenes follows Twigs (Tori Kelly), an aspiring actress who’s trying to make it in Hollywood, as she wanders from audition to audition, wondering if this is all there is in life. On her way to an audition, she stops at a park and sees a child walking toward her. The little girl asks if she’s a Hollywood actress, and when Twigs says yes, the girl turns to her dad and says, “I’m an angel! I’m telling her she’s an angel!” Kelly beautifully captures a moment in a child’s life where they believe in goodness and light, surrounded by a bright sun and sparkling rainbows.

While this scene is touching, it’s also funny, because you can imagine what the father (played by Kevin Dillon) is thinking. “Yes, angel,” he’s probably thinking. “I’ve heard that one before.”

Then there’s the funny scene where Twigs meets up with an old high school friend, Lisa (Heather Morris). Lisa has just arrived in LA and is looking for a job, so she meets up with Twigs and offers to help her look for an agent. When they get to an audition, they find that they don’t have the right shoes for the role. So they go to a storehouse to find the shoes, only to discover that the store is closed. They’ve gone to the wrong place, but luckily a bellhop comes to their rescue. The three of them head to Bloomingdale’s, where they find that the shoes aren’t exactly what they were looking for. After a brief struggle, the two women realize that they need help. They ask the bellhop to call someone for them. Once he does, the two women find that they’re in the right place after all. Morris’ hysterical performance as two mismatched, yet compatible women is worth the price of admission.

Happy Ending?

So, what would you say about a romantic comedy that ends with the main characters getting married? Who Broke It Off ends with Scott and Kate married, along with the rest of the main characters. The wedding is quite a sight to see, with the guests in costume and all the animals attending (including a horse and a pig) and wearing wedding gowns. Even Kate’s father comes to the wedding dressed as a bride. This is probably the simplest and shortest wedding in cinematic history, but it works for the characters, since they’ve been through so much together.

This is the type of romantic comedy that makes you fall in love with the characters, even if you don’t like them at first. They overcome their differences and prove that opposites can and often do attract. It doesn’t hurt that the movie ends with an adorable baby boy joining the family.

It’s clear that the cast and crew of Who Broke It Off enjoyed making the film, which is evident by the smiles on their faces and positive reviews the movie has received. The story of two friends playing Cupid for laughs is a classic tale, but as with most classics, it’s been told a million times before. However, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be told again, and again, and again. These stories of love found within friendship are always going to have a special place in our hearts.