This year has seen many big releases and many unforgettable songs. It’s been a memorable year for music and we want to make sure you’re up to date on all the latest news and developments. That’s why we’ve gone through all the songs that came out this year and compiled this detailed list of what songs were on the soundtrack of The Twilight Saga.

The Weeknd – Earned It

After breaking out with House of Gucci, the Canadian singer-songwriter went on to take the music world by storm with his single Earned It. The song quickly became a popular choice on people’s playlists and is now considered a modern-day classic. People are still coming up with new ways to wear the song’s distinctive white hoodie nearly a year later.

Taylor Swift – Meghan Disappears

It’s been a rough couple of months for Taylor Swift fans as the singer has been completely absent from the spotlight since February. No tour stops, no new songs, and now no news of her new album. Swift’s last public appearance was at the 2019 Grammys where she picked up her fifth Best Country Album award. She hasn’t been seen or heard from since and her fans are worried. Will Taylor Swift still be the ruler of country music in the future?

Little Mix – Change Your Mind

It’s been an eventful year for Little Mix with the group going from strength to strength. After breaking out with their infectious ‘Shake It’ in February, the British band continued to rule the charts in the months that followed. The group recently announced their new album, LM5, which is set to be released in May and will be their first album in four years. Change Your Mind is one of the first songs to be released from the album and has already become a favorite among the group’s legions of fans.

Ariana Grande – Sweetener

Pop star Ariana Grande has always been a bit of a musical chameleon. After years of releasing hit after hit, the 25-year-old has proven she’s capable of taking on multiple personas and incorporating various musical genres into her already varied sound. Her tenth album, Sweetener, was released earlier this year and features collaborations with some of music’s biggest names. On Sweetener, Ariana Grande ditches the pop for more of a contemporary R&B sound and a more intimate feel. The album was met with generally positive reviews with some calling it her best album yet.

BTS – Map of the Soul

R&B group BTS are continuing to prove themselves as a force to be reckoned with. After releasing their smash hit album, MAP OF THE SOUL, last year, the group returned in March this year with a brand new album and show to cement their status as one of K-pop’s most iconic and influential acts. The members of BTS aren’t just talented musicians either, as many of them are accomplished producers as well. With everything they’ve been through in the past year, it would be surprising if BTS didn’t have a song or two on this list.

Eminem – Without You

Eminem is one of the biggest names in music and one of the most popular topics among bloggers and social media writers. It seems like every other week we’re seeing a new Eminem song or video come out, but that hasn’t stopped since his major-label debut in 1997. Without You is the latest release from the Chronic Town artist, picking up where he left off in 2018’s Revival album. While some fans may dislike Eminem’s more recent work for being too watered down or lacking in his trademark brashness, Without You is widely considered to be one of his strongest and most passionate albums. It’s also one of the few Eminem albums to make it onto almost every best albums list this year.

Craig David – My House

Another artist who’s experienced a pretty eventful year is Craig David. After a six-year gap since his last album, My House, the 47-year-old singer returned in February this year with a brand new LP. It was a very personal album for David, as he spoke about his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction in the interview with NME. Although David is best known for his music career, he also has a very successful acting career, having appeared in numerous films and TV shows. One of these is the upcoming musical film The Bodyguard, based on the popular Taylor Swift song. If you’re a fan of Craig David, you’ll definitely want to add his new album to your collection.

Chris Stapleton – From A Room: Volume 2

Like a lot of other artists on this list, country star Chris Stapleton has been keeping quite busy this year, touring and releasing new music. However, it’s been a year of triumph for the 41-year-old singer. His fifth studio album, From A Room: Volume 2, was released in March and picks up where his 2016 album, From A Room: Volume 1, left off. Like its predecessor, From A Room: Volume 2 is primarily a live album, featuring songs played by Stapleton in their early stages and later polished up by the singer. It’s an exciting album to listen to, as it captures the raw energy of live performances. It also features a number of exciting collaborations, including with Brandi Cyrus, Eric Church, and more!

Jack White – Boarder

Jack White has had a pretty incredible year, from being one of the first major music celebrities to come out as gay to marrying fashion designer Megan Williams in a wedding that was broadcast live across the world. The former White Stripes member hasn’t stopped performing since the ceremony either, with him and Megan regularly attending queer cultural events across Europe. One of these was the annual pride parade in Berlin this year, where Jack was one of the first major musicians to appear. It’s an incredibly interesting and compelling story that has captured the attention of many, including myself.

There are so many more artists and songs that deserve to be on this list, but we’d be here all day. We hope this post has helped you discover an artist or album that you’ve never heard of before but will become an essential part of your musical collection.