Most people know who Robert Pattinson is and what he looks like, but you might be asking yourself how does he get his hands on such beautiful things? You may wonder how he can afford such luxurious things since he is not known for being a very wealthy man. These are very valid questions because Pattinson has a very unique phone policy. He will only use one phone for the entire course of his film and tv show career. Yes, you read that right. One phone. He does not like using multiple devices because they are confusing and he often forgets which one is connected to what service. He also does not like having lots of personal stuff lying around the house since it makes it easier for intruders to get access to his home.

How does this all work? Let’s take a look.

He Tricky Tricky Tricky

This one-phone-rule actually started many years ago when he was first filming a Twilight movie, but it did not take long for the director to figure out that Pattinson did not have the required gadgetry to film the scenes as envisioned by the director. So, in order to get the shots just right, the director had to send an extra crew member to accompany Pattinson on the set. When asked about this multiple-personality tactic, Pattinson quipped, “It was either that or use a dog.” So, he used a dog. We can only assume that the multiple people on set were there to help with the filming and were not just friends hanging out with the famous man. (No offense to the dog fans out there.)

Pattinson has said in interviews that he likes simplicity and minimalism and does not use multiple devices because they take up more space and are more complicated to manage. Therefore, he uses a simple flip-phone that also happens to be his favorite device due to its portability and the fact that it is easy to manage. When he is not using this phone for calls or texts, he stores it in a pouch next to his heart. (Yes, he has revealed this weird habit to the public. He even jokes about it now and then.)

Do you ever wonder what would happen if you broke Robert Pattinson’s one-phone policy? Well, let’s find out. One time, he forgot to bring his phone to an interview and the reporter had to borrow the assistant’s phone to get the information they needed. This is probably the most common reason why he breaks the rule, but there are others. For example, sometimes he forgets which phone is his and then cannot figure out how to use the one he has because there are no buttons on the device. Or, he will be using his laptop for filming and then leave the room for a few minutes only to come back and find the phone has charged itself while he was away.

The Luxurious Life

Do you want to live a luxurious life? Then you need to be asking yourself how you’re going to afford it. For example, you could become a famous singer and ask people to pay for your luxuries through royalties or you could become a famous model and ask people to pay for your bills through advertisements. Or, you could become an actor and ask people to pay for your luxuries through ticket sales. These are all valid options, but you need to be aware of how you’re going to do it.

Pattinson chose to be an actor and so far, so good. He has had some great roles in films and even better TV shows. He is currently the darling of the zeitgeist, but how long this will last remains to be seen. He might not always be so lucky and then you’ll have to find a way to make ends meet.

One Device. One Role. One Goal.

Now that you’re aware of what one phone rule Robert Pattinson follows, you may wonder what he does with the other devices. Well, he doesn’t really do much with them. In fact, sometimes he will lose track of which one is his and then have to ask someone else for help. These are the devices that he uses in the course of his film and TV show career. So, if you want to live like him, you need to be asking yourself what role you will play in order to finance the life you want.