It’s no secret that we here at AskMen love Robert Pattinson. Not only do we constantly sing his praises, but we’ve also compiled a list of his best qualities and quirks to help you, the fella reading this, live your best life.

A Knight In Shining Armor

There is no denying that Robert Pattinson is a shining example of modern chivalry. From his early years touring the world with his band, The Twilight Clan, to becoming an overnight sensation with his leading role in the Twilight Saga, it’s clear that the actor possesses an unshakable charm and takes pride in his work. That sense of pride shows in everything he does, whether it’s paying for food and drink with his own money or making sure his personal space is always organized and tidy. It’s not often we come across a celebrity that isn’t vain or cocky, but for those who do, they often cite Rob’s perfect taste in fashion and lifestyle as the main reason behind their fame.

An Fashion Icon

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from following Rob’s career it’s this: fashion and styling is important to him. Between starring in films like Twilight and the fact that he’s launched two clothing lines, Goodness and Jack Rattan, it’s clear that the 34-year-old is as committed to exploring fashion as he is to acting. And what’s more, he’s shared his love of all things fashion with the world by creating an online store featuring men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, and homeware items by high-end designers, such as Boon P, Burberry, and more. It’s clear that Rob has a keen eye for style and fashion, and it’s also clear that he wants to share that with you.

A Gentleman In All Ways

On the set of his latest movie, Pattinson plays a sophisticated, charming, and intelligent gentleman, which is no surprise considering his on-screen charisma. The man behind the makeup even revealed that his character’s appearance was partly inspired by a combination of Christian Louboutin’s famous red-soled shoes and Ralph Lauren’s polka dots.

Aside from his acting, which has led to him being named one of the best actors of his generation, Rob is also dedicated to music, and has released a handful of albums and scored several films. Even now, eight years after the release of his last album, he regularly plays solo shows around the world. We respect that. He’s not your typical one-hit-wonder. That kind of lifestyle requires a lot of drive and dedication. When it comes to his music, lyrics, and live performances, we can see why he’s continued to succeed in his chosen field. He has a unique voice, is always on the lookout for new sounds, and clearly enjoys making an impression on those who see him perform live.

A Stylist To Be Reckoned With

It seems only right that we should round off this piece by talking a little bit about style. Not only is Rob a total stylist and fashion icon, but he’s also responsible for making us all aware of a whole new way of dressing, especially for men. While the fashion world has long been dominated by women, Rob has dedicated himself to changing that, and in so doing, has helped to inspire a new generation of stylish men. It’s clear that men’s fashion doesn’t interest him; it’s all about putting his own spin on the way we view and express ourselves through our clothing. He’s constantly in search of the next big trend, from the way we wear our hats to the type of shirts we wear. One thing’s for sure: no matter what trend he explores or changes, people will always notice. He’s a true original, and the fact that he continues to be so successful while remaining true to himself is admirable.

It’s been an incredible journey following Rob’s career since day one. It’s an honor to have been a part of creating an awareness around mental health and suicide prevention, and to have seen such a significant impact of our work both on and off the screen. It’s also been an honor to have worked with such a dedicated and passionate individual, and someone who continues to inspire us even today.