It’s not often that a celebrity’s most private moment becomes the stuff of cinema legend. But the life of London-based fashion photographer and film director, Robert Pattinson, is undoubtedly one such story. Since breaking out as the tragic and tormented romantic lead in the critically acclaimed indie film, The Bonjoro, in 2011, Pattinson has devoted himself to a more low-profile life. In the years since, he has mostly remained in London, working on his own projects and keeping a low profile. It was only when he was cast as a vampire in the blockbuster film, The Twilight Saga: Eclispse, that his celebrity status was truly confirmed. Since then, he has become the world’s most sought-after vampire. It’s been a life-changing period for the 28-year-old, and it’s one he has not been shy about discussing in interviews.

A Low-Profile Life

When The Bonjoro premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011, it received largely positive reviews, many praising its unique and frank look at a love affair that ends tragically. Starring opposite Pattinson as his love interest, the German model and actress Dileepa, the film focuses on their doomed romance, which begins when Dileepa arrives in London to visit a friend. There, she discovers that Pattinson is working on a project about fashion photographers, and she ends up tagging along, curious about the inner-workings of the fashion industry and entranced by his glamorous lifestyle.

Based on a real-life account of the tragic romance between photographer Francesca Woodman and supermodel Kate Moss, The Bonjoro was seen as a breath of fresh air in an otherwise shallow world of celebrity selfies and heart-shaped box-sets. Its unique perspective on love and loss was recognized by audiences and critics alike: “Rarely have I seen a film play so well on so many levels,” wrote IndieWire’s Justin Grant, praising the film’s “brave, unique storytelling.” Cinematically, The Bonjoro broke new ground for an indie film, seamlessly interweaving fiction and reality, using compelling creative non-fiction to bring its central relationship to life.

The Making Of A Fashion Icon

While many of our most famous designers have risen to prominence in the mainstream media, often through high-profile relationships with famous footballers or musicians, it is unusual for a designer to achieve such global recognition for a single piece of clothing. This is largely thanks to social media and the fact that the internet allows for people to instantly share their thoughts and feelings about a product, be it clothing or furniture.

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Vampire Or Werewolf?

While much has been made of the Twilight franchise and its central role in reviving the vampire genre, it was actually the long-running fashion blog, Nordkraft, which first drew attention to the films. In September 2015, the blog published a piece about the growing trend of people dressing up as werewolves for Halloween, a trend which was all the more prominent given that the main character of The Twilight Saga, Bella Swan, is often seen in the outfits of a Swedish werewolf named Jacob. The blog entry, titled “Twilight Fashion: Werewolf Attire,” focused on the “polarizing” fashion impact of the films, asking, “Is Bella Swan a vampire or a werewolf?”

It was an exciting moment for fans of the franchise as well as for fashion enthusiasts, as it offered a fascinating insight into the impact of the movies on style. For those curious about werewolves, the piece answered all their questions. For those who had never heard of the sub-genre, it also served as a succinct introduction. While other films might depict wolves in a threatening or aggressive manner, Bella Swan’s relationship with her fellow-vampire, Edward Cullen, protects her from harm. In the films, she stands as a symbol of female power and independence.

A Change Of Lifestyle

Since The Bonjoro, Pattinson has mostly lived a low-profile life, rarely appearing in movies and choosing to work on smaller, more intimate projects. He has also largely abstained from social media, with the exception of a sporadic Instagram post or two. Earlier this year, he broke his self-imposed media silence, sharing a video to Instagram, announcing the birth of his first child with stylist and girlfriend, Emily Blunt.

While it might be easy to write off these more personal projects as just vehicles to boost his profile or as an attempt to distance himself from the limelight, it would be misguided to do so. As Pattinson’s Instagram post suggests, these are some of the most interesting times in his life, and he is using his newfound freedom to explore unfamiliar parts of it. Even the most devoted Twilight fans might have to admit that Pattinson’s explorations into the world of fashion and style, as well as his honest and open discussions of his experiences on social media, make him an unlikely but fitting figurehead for the new era of vampire literature and cinema.