The last thing anyone expected when they saw Robert Pattinson gracing Manhattan’s Broadway with his presence this past January was a mid-recap break-up. After the romantic comedy he’s starring in, Beautiful Life, premieres in theaters this coming Friday, we may learn more about his personal life than about his acting abilities. But, that’s what makes this particular superhero movie different from other Hollywood tentpoles.

In fact, the actor’s personal life has been a constant source of fascination since he was first cast as Edward Cullen, the reserved and handsome vampire who falls in love with Bella (Kristen Stewart). Through the years, Edward has maintained his public image as a wholesome, family-friendly vampire and has kept his distance from the press, preferring to remain private. But now that he’s finally opened up a little, we’re learning new things about the actor and his personal life. Here are some of them.

He’s Got A Luxurious Vibe

One of the first things you might notice about Edward is how rich and luxurious his vibe seems. Whether he’s cavorting with his familiars (vampires who feed off of human blood) or lounging around in the Cullen mansion, which looks like it belongs on the big screen, he always exudes confidence and affluence. If you’ve ever read the Twilight saga, you know exactly what kind of guy Edward is: He’s a spoiled little rich kid who grew up in comfort (or rather discomfort, as his two human parents rarely left his side).

Being the son of an earl (a title bestowed upon the family estate of his grandmother, the famous writer, creator of the Twilight saga, and more) gives Edward an air of royalty that not even his dashing good looks can disguise. Paired with his effortlessly cool attitude and penchant for luxury, it’s no wonder why so many ladies have found their way into his presence—whether it’s fellow vampire clans looking to spark up a friendly competition or independent women looking to capture the eye of the most charming and charming vampire ever.

He Hasn’t Changed A Bit

While Edward’s life has been a Hollywood fantasy, it’s not like he’s undergone some sort of personality transformation since becoming a vampire. In fact, he’s remained the same carefree and charming goofball who made us fall in love with him in the first place. If anything, becoming a vampire has only served to emphasize his impish charms.

After his transition, Edward spent centuries in peaceful solitude before deciding to venture out and embrace his human side. And it was the same old Robert Pattinson, popping in for a casual chat with our favorite girls, all smiles and dimples.

He Still Has A Type

One of the most interesting things about Robert Pattinson is how he continues to defy our expectations. Aside from getting better with age (seriously, he’s looking more elegant than ever, especially in a tuxedo), he’s managed to maintain his good looks and his charming wit, proving that not even time can take the shine off of a truly special talent. So, if you ever looked up the word “charming” when you meant to type in “vampire,” you’d probably think of Robert Pattinson: His natural good looks and affable demeanor make him the perfect romantic lead. Even the women who hate him can’t help but love him, and that’s because we still find him so likable.

He Still Goes To The Gym

It seems like forever ago since we first laid eyes on Robert Pattinson as he bounded onto the set of Twilight in 2008. Since then, he’s made us fall in love with him a second time as he portrayed the reluctant yet dashing bachelor, Will, in the 2015 film, The Wedding Singer. Not long after, he made headlines for his decision to skip the gym and work out of doors, seemingly embracing his Adonis-like physique and rockin’ body more than ever—not to mention his unwavering dedication to his craft. For decades, the only image we’ve had of Robert Pattinson is the one that preceded this new beginning: That of a thin, nervous teen, awkwardly attempting to hide his gawkiness behind bedroom windows as he peered out, longing for the day when he’d be strong enough to attract a girl with his rugged good looks.

He’s Still Got A Heart.

While we may know Edward as a super-duper vampire who only cares about himself, it’s worth noting his heart is actually quite the opposite. Not only does he have a kind and caring side that comes out when he’s portraying a gentlemen, but he’s also a fiercely protective parent and husband. If ever there was a ‘robot lawyer’, it would be Edward.

In fact, his greatest moment as a vampire came when he risked his own life to protect Bella from a rogue clan of vampires. Thanks to Edward, we’re still obsessed with the Twilight saga, even though it’s been 11 years since the last installment of the saga premiered. Why? Because, simply put, he’s a timeless figure who will forever be remembered as the man who brought us the most beloved and bestselling book series of all time. For that, we’ll always be thankful.

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Robert Pattinson will continue to enchant us for years to come. But it won’t be just his good looks that we’ll remember him by. It will be his brilliant comedic timing, endearing personality, and unshakeable charm.