While many of us are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new James Bond film, 


Pattinson is currently in Australia filming the last scenes of the latest installment of the 


Bond film, 


while on a break from filming the highly anticipated 

Robbie Pattinson documentary,  

which premieres on National Geographic on May 24, 2019.

The filmmaker recently spoke to 


Rondré Roach about what is next for both him and the project,  

What is the Robbie Pattinson Documentary About?

Roach  explained, 


“I’m in the middle of completing this documentary about the life and career of actor Robbie Pattinson. The footage mostly comes from my own collection, which dates back to 2014. I’ve been working on this project for the past two years, and it’s finally coming together. We’re just about to premiere our first episode and are looking for people to join the Mojoe Pattinson online community. We want to hear from you: what would you like to see explored in this docu-series? How can we as an audience better understand you and your life as an actor?”


With its combination of archival footage and contemporary interviews,  the documentary paints a vivid picture of Pattinson’s life as an A-list actor. His films,  including 2019’s  Skyscraper,  Hobbit,  and  The Locker (2019), have put his talents on display for the world to see. But even before he became a megastar, 

Pattinson was already making a name for himself in Hollywood. Born and raised in England, the actor started his career as a child actor appearing in  McDonald’s TV ads and in  The Professionals in the ’70s. In 2019, the British actor took home the Golden Globe for Best Actor – Miniseries or Television Film for his role in 


Black  (2019).

How Does it Differ From Other Docs on Robbie Pattinson?

The project is  completely sourced from existing footage,  with Roach  himself  filming the interviews, rather than relying on traditional  documentary  equipment and  post-production. The director used his personal connections to secure some of the archival footage,  which was then enhanced with contemporary interviews and storytelling.

The result is  an intimate insight into the personal life of a megastar. We get to see Robbie Pattinson in a way 




Which Film Is The Least Like Robbie Pattinson’s Acting Career?

The most  difficult part of the project for Roach was  settling on a comparison  film. He eventually went with  Cary Grant’s  The Awakener (1919),  which was  the last film Grant saw before his death in 1972.


“The similarities are pretty clear. Grant was, by all accounts, a difficult actor to work with, and Robbie is, in many ways, the same. Even their personal lives are very similar in that they both had a difficult time relating to people as they got older. They both retreated from the public eye to focus on their writing and their work, which in many ways makes Robbie’s documentary that much more special. It was a difficult decision to pick a single film for comparison, but 

“I think it’s fair to say that Robbie Pattinson’s career has been a difficult one, and The Awakener is, in many ways, the opposite of that. Grant was a much more engaging actor, and he brought something to the screen that Robbie doesn’t quite match: charisma.”


What Was Robbie Pattinson’s Inspiration For The Scraper?

The film  centers on Robbie Pattinson’s  climb  up the side of the Scraper,  a 30-storey residential building in  Sydney. The building was originally constructed in the 1970s but has gone through  several renovations,  most notably in the 2018-2019 period. While working on the film,  Pattinson trained for real  climbs  and even attempted a  world record for the  highest continuous Climb up a  mountain  using  rope-a-dope, a technique pioneered by Rocky (1972).




What Is The Most Interesting Development Since The Premiere Of Robbie Pattinson’s Documentary?

While working on the Robbie Pattinson documentary,  Roach discovered several interesting stories regarding the actor’s life, which he then incorporated into the documentary. One of the most significant developments was the premiere of a brand-new Robbie Pattinson documentary,  Mojoe Pattinson. The new documentary is, in many ways, an expansion of the Robbie Pattinson documentary,  with Roach  interviewing Pattinson’s  close  friends and family as part of the Mojoe Pattinson chronicle. While much of the Robbie Pattinson  documentary  consists of  interviews with A-listers about the actor’s life and career,  Mojoe Pattinson  presents a behind-the-scenes look at Robbie Pattinson’s  private life. The film premiered on National Geographic  on May 24, 2019, where it was  awarded  one of the  top  three stories for the night. In the days that followed, the Mojoe Pattinson  documentary was hailed as a  hidden gem by celebrities and  critics alike.