With a new year already started, many of us are pondering ways to make our lives more luxurious. Fortunately, there are certain design elements that you can incorporate into your own home to make it feel luxe. One style that’s been gaining popularity is called “brave design”, characterized by large display faces and bright colours. We thought it would be fitting to introduce you to one man’s take on this style – his home country.

Homesick For England

When asked about his love for his homeland, Robert Pattinson reveals that he’s far from being completely content with the UK. In fact, he’s longed for the green hills and gentle lifestyle of rural England since first leaving for university and then moving to London. He admits that he misses the seasons, the countryside, and walks in the woods. Perhaps more surprisingly, he’s also expressed regret that the native fauna – such as the UK’s quintessential animal, the humble English rose – are becoming increasingly rare in these islands. In a bid to help protect this wildlife, Pattinson has taken it upon himself to become a vocal supporter of the “Project Noah”, which aims to establish a no-hunting zone in the UK’s royal parks. This initiative was launched in 2017 and will close a number of the country’s most iconic nature reserves to hunting.

Key Pieces Of Equipment

Of course, having a green and pleasant countryside is not all there is to life in England. The proud son of a gardener also reveals that he’s enjoyed spending his time in the great outdoors, learning how to identify plants and animals, and nurturing his relationship with nature. He has fond memories of holidays in the country, when the whole family would go on walks, build forts and hideaways, and camp out under the stars. Perhaps even more significantly, he’s expressed interest in exploring the many ways that nature can be integrated into his home. It would appear that Pattinson aims to be as self-sufficient as possible on his travels, growing his own food and generating his own power. One particularly eye-catching piece of kit that he uses is definitely worth mentioning – his solar-powered waterfall, which he installed in his garden in England. In addition to providing power to his home, this water feature also helps to heat it via a heat exchanger. So, not only can you grow your own flowers and herbs, but you can also enjoy a bathtub filled with hot water!

Modernising The Countryside

Of course, nostalgia is no bad thing and many of us could happily live in a cottage, drive a vintage car, and eat ice cream for every meal. Yet, today’s world beckons and for those who work in demanding careers, the countryside can seem like a remote and luxurious option. For many, living the dream means renovating and modernising the countryside to create the ideal getaway. In a similar vein, Pattinson has taken a keen interest in renovating old farm buildings and creating more rustic retreats for himself and friends. He has also donated a significant amount of money to support rural communities, purchasing a number of houses in the country to be used as homes for those in need. Through his foundation, the RP Trust, he aims to ensure that nobody is ever denied a warm welcome at one of these properties. It’s clear that for the actor, renovating old buildings and creating brand-new environments is both fascinating and therapeutic.

Pattinson On A Pedestal

If you’re fortunate enough to reside in an area that welcomes international visitors, you can take pride in nurturing friendships with famous people from across the globe. In that way, the interest that Robert Pattinson shows in creating green and pleasant retreats for himself and friends is both laudable and somewhat fashionable. You may have heard of the “vie-de-nuit”, the French courtliness that allows members of the aristocracy to enjoy the finer things in life, such as riding horseback and attending dressage competitions with their peers. Inspired by this tradition, Pattinson and his wife have established the “Twilight Saga” as a platform for like-minded people to come together and enjoy a good old-fashioned ball. They have also curated an exhibition, “Impressions”, which highlights the work of emerging and established artists who have used Edward Cullen as a metaphorical vessel to explore various themes, including nature and the environment. This event will be held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and is open to the general public. For those in the country, there is also the option to stay at one of London’s five boutique hotels, which offer an excellent taste of what the city has to offer – from award-winning restaurants and bars to galleries, theatres, and sports arenas.

Back To Basics

While the above details about Robert Pattinson’s home country are undoubtedly interesting, it’s not all sunshine and glamour. The actor has also revealed that he gets frustrated and disheartened by the never-ending rain that batter’s his home and by the cold that creeps in through the windows in winter. Perhaps even more significantly, the proud son of a gardener has stated that he’s not against progress, yet he feels that modern civilisation has robbed the English countryside of its essence. For him, the lure of the city and the temptations that it presents are far greater than the delights of being in the countryside and he feels that this gap will continue to grow. In an effort to halt this decline, Pattinson has declared his support for “rewilding”, which aims to reconnect people with nature via a holiday in the countryside. To that end, nature-related workshops and forts will form part of the celebration of British wildlife, which also includes traditional English cuisine, walks, and games. Rewilding also encourages conservation and sustainability and encourages people to live more lightly on the planet. One of the organisations that the star supports via his foundation is Rewild, which promotes rewilding through creative arts and nature-related workshops.

The Final Word

It’s always exciting to hear about famous people’s home countries and it’s wonderful to see that so many of them are demonstrating such a keen interest in helping to protect the environment. Not only that but they’re also doing their bit to promote sustainability and reviving the countryside. In terms of design, it would appear that nostalgia isn’t all that comes to mind when they’re looking for their next home – they want buildings that are functional, comfortable, and filled with character. In short, they want a big ol’ comfortable shoe.