Most people have probably seen the images of Robert Pattinson by now. The actor, film director, and musician famous for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series has been in the news a lot lately.

The tabloids have gone through a whole lot of scandals when it comes to coverage of the actor. He has been linked to a lot of different women, and even got married in 2015. One of the more recent claims is that he has been seen in a restaurant in Prague kissing a woman that is not his wife.

Considering this, it is no wonder that people are curious about where exactly they might see Robert Pattinson. If you are one of these people, then you should read on. We’re going to reveal the exact places where you can catch a glimpse of the English pop star. Keep reading to find out more.

Restaurants And Bars In London

The best place to see ROBERT PATTINSON probably is a restaurant or bar in London. It is not that the city is bereft of wonderful dining experiences, but rather that most restaurants and bars are probably too full for you to get a seat at the table. The best places to see him are therefore going to be the smaller, more intimate venues.

However, if you do decide to go to a restaurant or bar in London, there are a few places that you should make sure to check out.

Le Cafe Paris

This is the first place that comes to mind when we think of seeing Robert Pattinson. The cafe is located in Paris, and although it is not that far from the English Channel, it is still in another country. Therefore, you will have to make sure that you are not breaking any laws by entering another nation’s cafe. But you also might not want to do so, as the staff might not be very welcoming to non-French people.

The Rainbow Cafe

The Rainbow Cafe is one of the best restaurants in London. It has been around for over 40 years, and it still focuses on traditional British dishes such as fish and chips. A great place for a romantic date, or even just a peaceful cup of tea, the Rainbow Cafe is a cozy restaurant with friendly staff and a warm atmosphere. It does get rather crowded at times, especially on Tuesdays when families come for fish and chips, but you can still get a good view of the kitchen from a seat in the dining room.

The chef at the Rainbow Cafe is Angus Gillis, and he has devised a unique way of baking the fish and chips. Instead of frying them, like you usually would, he bakes them. They come out of the oven looking like thin wafer sheets, and they are served with tartare and potato salad for an elegant but simple meal.

The Ivy

The Ivy is one of the most fashionable restaurants in London. The address is a bit of a mystery, as there is no sign on the door, and even the most sophisticated of diners might not be able to find it. Located in a backstreet that is lined with expensive boutiques and designer restaurants, The ivy is a long, thin strip of a restaurant with small marble tables and chairs. It opens up into a small, brightly-lit room with wooden flooring and walls adorned with flowers.

You can get English classics such as fish and chips, or grilled meats, alongside some French and Italian dishes. Since it is located in an upscale neighborhood, there is generally an upscale atmosphere, and you will certainly be served by well-trained and attentive waiters.

The Library Cafe

If you head to the British Library, you will find a small and cosy restaurant called the Library Cafe. It is not that extensive a menu, focusing mostly on fish and chips, and pie and mash. It is located on the ground floor of the library, and because it is a relatively small venue, it is often filled with large tables. You can also get a seat at the bar if you come at a decent time.

Soho Laundrette

Another place you can catch a glimpse of ROBERT PATTINSON is the Soho Laundrette. It is one of the more fashionable bars in London, with a strong focus on Asian culture. It offers delicious Thai cuisine, and although the place is tiny, if you are lucky enough to get a table, you will be in for a treat. The atmosphere is lively, with loud music playing in the background and lots of people drinking and laughing. It is not the quietest of bars, so if you want a peaceful spot to eat or drink, then this one might not be for you.

Barbarella’s Pizza Express

The pizzeria chain Barbarella’s, based in London, serves a wide range of pastas, pizzas, and small bites. Although it might not be the most original of places, it is still a safe bet that you will find something you like. It is family-friendly, with toys for children and a games room for those who want to while away the evening. Some of the more original dishes include stuffed mushrooms, penne alla vodka, and spicy chicken tikka samosas. It gets quite crowded at times, with tables spilling out onto the street. But if you want to get a good look at ROBERT PATTINSON, this is the place to be.

Paddy Cosgrave’s

Another place in London where you can catch a glimpse of Robert Pattinson is at the George Hotel. Paddy Cosgrave’s, a low-cost, family-run hotel, offers simple, yet comfortable and stylish rooms along with attentive service. If you have a special event or anniversary to celebrate, the hotel will arrange a personal shopper to help you find the best present. You can get a traditional full English breakfast, or a more sophisticated menu featuring, for instance, lobster and caviar.

The hotel’s restaurant, St. John Bread and Wine, is in a former church. Head there for a quiet and romantic meal, or come during the week to eat at the Bar Café. The latter offers a modern twist on classic British dishes.

The Pigalle Cafe

The Pigalle Cafe has become famous for its art exhibitions. It is small and cosy, with a bar that serves as a backdrop for regular exhibitions. If you are a collector of contemporary art, or even just like good food and drinks, this place is for you. They also serve traditional French and Italian dishes, so if you are lucky enough to get a seat at one of the tables, you will be in for a treat.

Bar Luce

Bar Luce is another popular bar in London. It is set in a former bank building, and although there is plenty of seating, it can still get crowded at times. If you are looking for a place to eat or drink that is filled with atmosphere, then Bar Luce is the place for you. It has a modern twist to its décor, with an exposed brick wall, metal chairs, and black tables. If you get there at a quiet time, you can even grab a seat at one of the few tables and enjoy a peaceful and quiet meal.

Lamb & Lark

Yet another bar in London that you can check out is Lamb & Lark. Like the other places on this list, it is filled with artsy and eclectic atmosphere. The owner’s collection of guitars covers the wall behind the bar, while books and record sleeves are piled up on the tables. If you are a fan of British comics, or just like some good old-fashioned banter, this is the place to be. The cocktails are crafted with care and accuracy, and the beer is excellent. If you want to get a good look at ROBERT PATTINSON, this is the place to be.

The Eagle

The Eagle is yet another bar in London. It is located on the ground floor of an expensive hotel, yet it still has that bohemian and arty atmosphere. If you are looking for a relaxing spot to take a break from your busy day, this is the place to be. Come here on a Saturday night for an up-close-and-personal experience with some of the city’s best DJs.

Many pubs and bars at the end of this article, as well as some of the places in London mentioned above, serve alcohol. If you are over 18 years old, then you can enjoy a drink with food. Make sure to make a note of the addresses and phone numbers of these places, as you might not be able to find them all if you are not from London.