Robert Pattinson is one of the most famous and attractive young men in the world. He became famous after starring in the films Twilight and Breaking Dawn – Part 1. The young man has also graced the covers of numerous magazines, including Vogue, making him one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood today.

The former Olympic swimmer previously held the title of Britain’s sexiest man, which he won back in 2009 after competing against celebrities such as Stephen Hawking and Elton John. Naturally, fans of the Hobbit wonder where Robert spends his time when he’s in New York City. Does he stay in a hotel, or does he rent a mansion with a pool? We decided to investigate.

Does He Stay In A Hotel?

For years, fans have been asking themselves this very question, as Robert Pattinson mostly stayed in a hotel when he was in New York City. The actor famously starred in the Stephen Sprouse-designed Pattinson Hotel, which opened in 2006. It is fair to say that the hotel fulfilled its mission, as it attracted a who’s who list of A-list celebrities, including Helen Mirren, Cher, and Anna Friel. The building was also the site of Anna Wintour’s regular Sunday barbeques, which were open to the public.

Although the hotel was designed by Stephen Sprouse, it had its roots in Helmsley Park South, an 1898 estate designed by William Welles Bosworth, a.k.a. “The Father of American Landscape Architecture”. It originally featured a nine-hole golf course and tennis courts, which were later expanded to include eighteen holes and a swimming pool. In the 1970s, the tennis courts were turned into a football field, and the golf course became an office building. Nowadays, the main building houses the offices of WSBK, a regional television station. Rooms are still available for rent, and celebrities like Madonna, Cameron Diaz, and Gwyneth Paltrow have stayed there.

Does He Rent A Mansion With A Pool?

While in New York City on business, Madonna rented a mansion with a pool for a week. The property features an indoor pool, a spa, a basketball court, and eleven bedrooms. Naturally, she wanted to keep the media away from the luxurious getaway, so she hired a private security guard to patrol the grounds outside the mansion. Madonna even posted a picture of herself drinking a glass of champagne on her bedside table, trying to glamorize the simple lifestyle of a working celebrity.

Other celebrities, like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, have rented similar properties, trying to keep their identities secret. When Lindsay Lohan was in town to promote her movie, she stayed at the St. Regis hotel, as it was the only hotel that would let her book a room in advance, without asking for a security pass.

So, what is Robert’s current address in the city? He divides his time between two homes, a townhouse in the West Village and a mansion in the East Village. Both places have a shared driveway, which leads to a double garage.

The architect for both homes is the same, and he designed them with the same contractor. The furnishings and décor are also very similar, as the homes share the same “high-end, designer brand furniture” and “modern, distinctive elements” that Ralph Lauren is known for. Interestingly, the West Village home also has Sheraton branded furniture, which was originally from the St. Regis hotel. Naturally, the Sheraton furniture is a nod to the St. Regis, since Ralph Lauren is an affiliate of the Sheraton hotel chain. So, even though the West Village property is smaller than the East Village mansion, it still has all the luxury amenities, like a private pool, a spa, a gym, and a dressing room.

Where Does He Eat When In New York?

If you are interested in where Robert Pattinson eats whenever he’s in New York City, then you should know that he has four restaurants and bars within a three-block radius of his homes. They are:

  • Barneys New York – The Hollywood A-lister has been a frequent visitor to this luxury retailer’s Madison Avenue flagship store. For years, he’s been a member of its “barberu” bar, where he gets a haircut before heading to the movies. Naturally, since the haircut is free, he usually gets one before going to the cinema. Therefore, it is no surprise that Barneys New York is one of the restaurants he frequents most.
  • Le Ventriloque – This famous New York restaurant serves traditional French cuisine, and it has been around since 1870. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the city and, as such, its décor is rich in French and English antiquities. If you are a fan of French literature, then you will recognize many famous characters who are portrayed in the restaurant’s murals and antique furniture. They include Jean Maris, Jules Sade, Honore Chardon, and Charles Baudelaire, the latter of which is the restaurant’s namesake. Since 2014, the Mikimoto Restaurant & Bar, a luxury Mikimoto brand, has been located in the Ventriloque building. It offers the highest quality hiragana-style black pearls, which are produced using the “floating vat technique”, a time-honored method for creating a crème brulee. The Mikimoto brand is renowned for its tea ceremonies, which are held in dim light and feature exquisite cake and pastry art.
  • Scotto’s Fish Grotto – This family-owned restaurant in Midtown Manhattan serves pan-sautéed seafood and steaks, as well as lobster and escargot dinners. It is one of the most fashionable restaurants in New York City, with a clientele that includes Mick Jagger, Kate Middleton, and Kylie Minogue. Naturally, the Jagger family has been a regular at the restaurant for years, as Scotto’s was the first restaurant to hire a female busboy back in the 1950s.
  • Tertullian – This upscale Lane Oak restaurant, named after the early Christian father of consistency, offers creative American cuisine, focusing on regional Americana. The menu changes seasonally, and features items like bone marrow potpourri, a free-range chicken strip steak, and an English-style cottage pie. The restaurant’s décor is a homage to the American South, with dark wood, soft lighting, and exposed brickwork. Many famous faces visit Tertullian, including Céline Dion, Bill Clinton, Kevin Costner, and Roseanne Roseannadanna.

Does He Enjoy A Drink, A Movie, Or A Game?

If you are wondering what pastimes the Hollywood A-lister enjoys most when he’s in New York City, then you should know that he usually spends his time between the following activities: