After a very public split from his girlfriend and Victoria’s Secret angel, the Hollywood A-lister has been keeping a low profile lately. Rumors about his current love life and new girlfriend abound, but now that summer is almost here, fans want to know if he’s dating anyone new!

The most interesting development in the last year was arguably the birth of Pattinson’s first child with his partner, Frances Bean Cobain. Named River Rose, the baby beauty was born in 2016 and put her debutante ball gown on the map. Thanks to her dad’s celebrity, social media, and incredible luck, the daughter of Kurt and Courtney has been able to keep her birth secret for the most part, but the couple is still frequently photographed with their adorable baby girl.

So, has Robert Pattinson found love again? Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship that will see him commit to another baby princess? Or has his time in the Hollywood spotlight caused him to meet the criteria for courting a wealthy divorcée? Let’s take a look and find out.

The Final Year

Pattinson spent 2016 recovering from the public eye and trying to move on with his life. The year started with him gracing the cover of Vogue and followed by him popping the question to his longtime love, FKA Twi, at the end of April. Just a few short months later, they were married in an intimate wedding ceremony at London’s Kew Gardens.

While their special day was private, the newlyweds decided to keep the details of their ceremony and their wedding day as a private, happy moment for themselves. They did, however, share their wedding photo and video on social media, which received over 2 million views on Instagram alone.

Pattinson completed his comeback with a bang in September when he published his debut memoir, Good Morning Glory, which is now a New York Times Bestseller. In it, he opens up about his time in the spotlight and the challenges of making it as an actor in the modern world. The book also details his romance with Cobain and their struggles to make it work, as well as their eventual decision to call it quits.

The Post-Split Life

Since his split from Cobain, the actor has seemingly been trying to navigate the murky waters of public perception. He kept a low profile for a while, shunning the spotlight and the paparazzi. However, that didn’t last long and within a matter of months, the handsome Hollywood A-lister was back in the headlines for all the right reasons. His Instagram account has almost 2 million followers, while his Twitter following is over 800,000. The latter is even more impressive since it was only recently that he started using the platform.

Rumors about his love life have been flying since the day he split from Cobain. Just a few months after their wedding, it was reported that the British actor was engaged to model Hannah Brown. The engagement was soon called off after a matter of months, but it was obviously a very happy time for the couple. They later reunited and began dating again, but a year later they broke down again, calling off their engagement for a third and final time.

Since then, the speculation has seemingly only intensified. Several months after their breakup, rumors began to swirl that the 33-year-old actor was interested in dating singer Katy Perry. Whether he actually targeted Perry or was just trying to keep her name out there is anyone’s guess, but either way it didn’t work out. More recently, it was claimed that he reached out to model Emily Ratajkowski after starring in the movie, Pattinson for President.

This would be a highly surprising turn of events for the most dedicated of his fans. The British actor has never been one to shy away from a challenge, whether it’s acted or written. He’s always preferred to take on a role rather than live in the shadow of his famous father, thus far avoiding scandal and keeping his private life out of the tabloids.

Where Does Kobain Live Now?

Cobain, who is more commonly known as Courtney Love, spent much of the past year quietly going about her recovery process. She began the year after breaking her ankle in a freak car accident. The injury eventually led to her having to have a leg amputated. Since then, she’s been working on her rehab and trying to live a normal life.

While she’s never publicly opened up about the specifics of the accident, she did recently tell Rolling Stone that she wants to have more children and that she doesn’t feel like her life is over. She also says that she’s open to dating again.

So, if you’re looking to catch up with a beautiful ex-girlfriend or make a new connection, social media is a great place to do it. You can keep track of all their public appearances and catch up on their latest news and gossip. And, if you want to know where they live now, just follow the Google Maps navigation from their Instagram or Twitter handles.