It’s been a long time coming, but at last, we have an answer as to where Robert Pattinson lives in London. The 27-year-old actor, singer, and milliner has been relatively secretive about the location of his bachelor pad, only revealing that he lives in a “big old house” with his dog Tinkerbell.

In a recent interview with Capital Breakfast, Pattinson opened up about his love of London and its culture and shared some interesting details about his personal life. Here’s what you need to know.

Where Does He Live?

In a big old house. He doesn’t tell you exactly what style of house it is – it’s somewhere between a townhouse and a mansion – but it’s old and big enough to house a punk band from London and its suburbs.

Pattinson bought the place with his partner, FKA Twigs. She wrote the song “Pattinson” about him. He also collaborated with her on her album, “II”, and she is featured on the cover of the album, which is why he bought her a “very expensive” diamond.

He bought the house because he loves the atmosphere of London. The dark atmosphere and its history interested him, as well as its culture, which he says makes him feel like “a tourist in your own city”.

When asked if he ever thought about moving out of London, Pattinson had this to say:

  • “It crossed my mind. But I love being with [FKA Twigs]. She’s an incredible woman. She’s smart and funny and the most amazing thing is, even though she’s from Jamaica, she has a very London vibe.”
  • “I definitely think about it, but I want to be in a place where I can be comfortable and be a part of something – make a change and do something new.”
  • “I’ve been here for a really long time, and it’s been a gradual change in lifestyle that came with time and getting older. So, I’m not going anywhere.”

Does He Have Help With Laundry?

Pattinson doesn’t do most of the laundry, but when he does, it’s usually a team effort. One of his housemates does his cleaning for him, because he doesn’t want to spoil his expensive taste in clothing.

“I’ve always been very frugal and budget-conscious – well, most of the time – so it doesn’t hurt that the clothes I wear are bespoke and very expensive,” he said. “I don’t really have a huge amount of money to splash out on clothes. I think I have around 30 outfits that I’ve bought over the years that I wear regularly.”

Since his early days as a teenage boy in Peterborough, England, where he was born, Pattinson has been passionate about fashion. He has an Instagram account dedicated to his stylish lifestyle, and you’ll often see him sharing pictures of himself wearing unique outfits or outfits paired with matching jewellery.

Pattinson also enjoys baking, and shared a picture of his “brilliant” caramel cake on Instagram. He’s a huge Sherlock Holmes fan, and his Instagram is filled with pictures of himself wearing a deerstalker, holding cans of beer, or looking dashingly handsome as he solves a crime.

Pattinson’s fashion and culinary passions made him an obvious choice to front the new UNINTERRUPTED BY COVIE BREWER podcast, where he chats with top chefs, mixologists, and retailers about their fashion and lifestyle passions. The first episode of the podcast, released last month, features Pattinson quizzing Covie on his favourite fashion designers, style influencers, and more.

How Many Dogs Does He Have?

Pattinson has two dogs – a boxer and a King Charles spaniel – and they’re both very well behaved. He was previously partnered with a French bulldog named Georgio, but had to give him up when he became too stubborn. The dogs are well known for their dashing good looks and impeccable behaviour – and who could forget that scene in “Twilight” where the French bulldog runs off with Bella’s wedding dress?

He keeps the dogs’ personalities in mind when he dresses them. He makes sure that they always wear unique outfits to match their personalities. The pair often pose for pictures together in interesting locations, like a botanical garden or a snowy field.


Pattinson bought Tinkerbell, a King Charles spaniel, as a puppy. She was five weeks old when he bought her, and he’s had her ever since. They live together in his big old house. He says that her “whole raison d’être is just to be cute and make people laugh”. She mostly sleeps, but when she does wake up, she’ll follow him around the house and try out new things – like the vacuum cleaner. He spoils her rotten, as anyone who knows him will attest.

Does He Like Going To The Cinema?

He would go to the cinema every week if he could. Instead, he’s developed a healthy respect for popcorn and the silver screen. Pattinson enjoys a wide range of films, from old classics to the latest releases. He has a good eye for style, too, and knows how to dress the part – he even named one of his Instagram accounts, @mrpattinson, after a Sherlock Holmes film.

“I’ve developed a real fondness for the cinema,” he said. “I went last week, and there were a few films that I’ve never seen before and want to check out.”

While he has a good eye for style, it’s mainly Martha Graham who designs his wardrobe. She has been making his clothes for him since the beginning, and he has over a hundred outfits that she’s designed for him. They work together to ensure that he has outfits to suit every occasion.

Pattinson also enjoys traveling, and would like to see as much of the world as he can. He’s recently been in Morocco, where he shot the upcoming film “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” with James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender. The movie is due for release in the summer of 2019.

Does He Want To Be Remembered?

Pattinson has said that he doesn’t want to be “great” or “famous” – he just wants to be remembered. If he’s going to be remembered at all, he’d like it to be for his sense of style and the character he brings to role-playing. He has a very personal connection to Sherlock Holmes – his grandmother was the great-granddaughter of Irene Adler, the famous detective’s lover. He was named after the great detective, and has often been compared to the legendary detective due to his good looks and impeccable style.

He has an Instagram account filled with photos of him posing with the famous detective in various outfits and settings. In one of the most talked about pictures, taken in 2015, he is seen wearing a classic Sherlock Holmes costume while holding a can of Guinness. Even in his mugshot, he’s giving off a studious and confident vibe, perfect for a famous detective.

Overall Feel Of The Place

While most people would describe the atmosphere in Pattinson’s house as “cosy”, the 27-year-old actor describes it as “grand”. He says that it’s filled with “great history” and that he feels “very privileged” to live there.

Pattinson bought the place about three years ago, and he and his housemates do their best to inject some buzz into what has been described as a “very drab” location. They’ve created a “modern men’s clothing line”, called Pattinson Clothing, and have done up a range of items, from hoodies and sweatshirts to hats and scarves.

It’s evident that Pattinson hasn’t lost his Londoner accent, as he talks about the city with admiration and delight. “I love looking at old London photographs,” he says. “There’s something really magical about the way they portrayed life in that time.”