One of the most adorable, if not the most adorable male celebrity couples are Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs. The “Fancy” singer/songwriter has become a regular at the heart-breaker actor’s side, with her unique blend of sweet melodies and saucy lyrics complimenting the star’s devilish charm. While the pair rarely go public with their relationship, they’re frequently spotted out and about together, and their fans have taken note of this too. What is the most recent outing you may ask? Well, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and see when were the last times we saw them.

September 2014

On September 3rd, 2014, Robert and FKA were photographed walking near Richmond Park in London. The paparazzi weren’t the only ones who noticed them either, with many of their fans drawn to the pair’s chemistry.

This was around the time we started seeing more of FKA than usual, with a succession of high-profile events leading up to the 2014 MTV Movie Awards. In August, she was seen in a series of breathtaking portraits by Mert and Cekin, a Turkish couple behind @mertecekinti, which you can take a look at here- #MTVAwards

October 2014-June 2015

Somewhere between September and December 2014, the pair were rarely seen apart. The only break in the routine came when Robert was photographed without FKA in April 2015, when she was attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on March 4th, 2015. The couple have since made a welcome return to public life.

On June 15th, 2015, they were photographed walking in the rain near Buckingham Palace in London. While the actor mostly kept his head down, looking at his phone, FKA looked up and down the street, chatting away with a friend. Once again, their fans were quick to react.

This pair’s penchant for privacy has meant that we haven’t seen them at many star-studded events. Most notably, they were both missing from the 2015 British Film Festival’s Costume Institute Gala. However, in May, Robert was spotted wearing a FKA Twigs t-shirt during a break in the rain, and even brought a pair of her shoes along with him. We may never know what the pair’s private life is like, but one thing is for sure- their passion for each other is inspiring.

July 2015-Present

Since the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, we haven’t really seen too much of FKA Twigs. The only major event she attended was the 2016 Met Gala in New York City, where she had a solo turn as muse and ambassador for British luxury brand Burberry. Other than that, we haven’t seen her in public with Robert Pattinson. There has been no sign of them at any award ceremonies, and even their most devoted fans can’t help but wonder whether or not they’re still together.

In fact, the last time we saw them together was at the Burberry London Storeopening, held on July 13th, 2016. They were photographed leaving the luxury fashion house hand in hand, with many fans assuming that this was the last we would see of these two beautiful people. However, the next day, July 14th, we were treated to an extremely romantic Valentine’s Day, where Robert got to express his affection for FKA by presenting her with a heart-shaped box wrapped in silver and pink ribbon. The symbolism of this gesture couldn’t be more fitting, and after the camera stopped rolling, this couple displayed one of the most romantic public displays we’ve ever seen.

While it’s always heart-breaking to think of these two as a couple, we’re grateful that they’ve chosen to keep their private life private. They are an inspiration to so many people, and continue to have a huge impact on the world of music and fashion.