While we can’t predict the future with any certainty, it’s always fun to speculate about the upcoming year and the many pop culture phenomenons that will surface in 2019. One such phenomena is the Batflecked actor, Robert Pattinson. The 27-year-old British actor has been attached to the role of Batman since 2014 and even landed a supporting role in the final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy, The Batman versus Superman. After struggling with addiction, Pattinson successfully completed a 28-day rehab and has now returned as Batman for the newest iteration of the DC Comics superhero. Here’s a look at some of the best dates to see if and when you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of the Caped Crusader.


Pattinson will make his acting debut in the latest installment of the Godzilla film series, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which hits theaters next month. The actor will play the role of scientist Dr. Ian Malcolm, who teams up with the giant monster to save mankind. While it may be tempting to see this as a springboard to greater things, it’s more likely that this will simply be a stepping stone to more lucrative projects. The director of the Godzilla franchise, Gareth Edwards, told Collider:

“Robert is an incredible talent and was born to play this role. I believe that in a few years’ time he’ll have a significant career playing interesting anti-heroes and villains. Right now, we’re incredibly lucky to have him on our team.”


Pattinson will next be seen in the sci-fi thriller, Oblivion, which premieres today, February 19th. The actor plays the role of William Somerset, an expert in space navigation who leads the charge to save humanity from certain doom. The film’s director, Tomas Alfredson, described the actor’s portrayal as “mesmerizing” and “astounding”, adding:

“He’s got this presence on screen that is captivating. You really feel like you’re in the presence of a genius. I don’t think there’s any other characterization that could be given for him. Apart from the obvious fact that he’s playing Batman, I don’t think it’s been done before. Not even in comic books. It’s such a thrill to work with someone of that caliber.”


Pattinson will next be seen in the action-adventure film, Red Notice, which also stars Kate Bosworth. It centers on a young woman (Bosworth) who goes on a quest to find her father, who has disappeared in Transylvania. In order to do so, she must escape from the people that took her prisoner, all while avoiding the clutches of a sadistic vampire (Pattinson). The film also stars Sean Bean, Alfred Molina, and Isabelle Huppert. The director, Uwe Boll, said of Pattinson’s performance:

“I have the honor to announce that I consider Robert Pattinson to be one of the best actors of our time. He brings a fresh perspective to the role. I cannot wait to work with him again. What an extraordinary talent.”


Pattinson’s next film, the romantic comedy, The Favourite, will premiere on April 16th. The film tells the story of a young girl’s (Emma Stone) quest to uncover the true nature of friendship following a mysterious disappearance. Pattinson’s character, Thomas, becomes a father figure to Stone’s character, Olivia, who befriends a young woman named Rachel (Bailey Gispert) and falls in love with her. The director, Greta Bergmann, told Entertainment Tonight:

“With each new role, Pattinson continues to reveal new sides to the classic Batman persona. In The Favourite, he plays an old-school father figure to my younger daughter Finley’s character. He is kind, funny, thoughtful, and a total badass. I am so proud to call him a friend.”

Beyond this year, fans can look forward to seeing Pattinson in the upcoming Maze Runner film, The Death Cure. The actor also has a role in the upcoming Godzilla vs. Megahroatt, the next installment of the Godzilla franchise. The film is currently without a release date.


The final installment of the Batman trilogy, The Batman versus Superman, will premiere tomorrow, May 16th. The two titans of industry (Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck) will finally settle their differences in what is surely going to be one of the biggest battles royales in cinematic history. The Batman versus Superman is the culmination of years of anticipation from fans, and it’s a film that may very well save or damn us all. Here’s a look at some of the best dates to see if and when you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of Batman and Superman square off:


If you’re a fan of the Batman franchise, then you’ll be eagerly anticipating the premiere of Batman vs. Superman. This exciting conclusion to the trilogy marks the retirement of Batman (Affleck) as he prepares to pass the mantle to his successor, Superman (Cavill). While it may be a few months before we see these two iconic superheroes duke it out, there are still plenty of events and exhibitions held in anticipation of this theatrical battle. Some of the best dates to see these iconic characters and their fight for justice are:

June 20th-24th

The first annual DC Comics World Festival will take place in the U.K. from June 20th-24th. The annual event, which is organized by the renowned comic book store, Forbidden Planet, will feature film premieres, Q&As, and much more. This year’s edition of the festival will mark the 25th anniversary of the Batman premiere and the 20th anniversary of the Superman: The Movie. There will also be special guests, including Tom Hardy and Brie Larson, who will appear in a Q&A session with fans.


Another exciting event that fans should look forward to is the 2020 San Diego Comic-Con. The convention will mark its 75th anniversary this year, and it will be expanding the panels and seminars it holds each year. Additionally, it will be hosting a number of premieres and Q&As with celebrities and industry experts. The final week of August will also see the reopening of the San Diego Zoo, which had been closed since October 2019.


The last instalment of the Godzilla series, Godzilla: The King of the Monsters, will premiere on September 24th. The film, directed by Michael Dougherty, will see the return of the legendary giant monster as he battles his biggest adversary yet: Mothra, a towering, humanoid moth that protects her newborns with an unstoppable force. In this film, Godzilla will again be joined by the likes of Spencer Wilding, Lin Shaye, and Bryan Tybe. The year 2022 will also see the premiere of Godzilla vs. Megahroatt, the 31st installment of the Godzilla franchise.


The wait for the next Godzilla movie is almost over, as the next installment, Godzilla vs. Megahroatt, is set to arrive in theaters on October 24th. Directed by Kyle Newburg, this movie will see the return of the legendary Godzilla as he faces off against the megalopolis of Megahroatt, who threatens to destroy Japan. While there are no confirmed cast or crew members, Newburg is in negotiations with Robert Pattinson to play the part of Colonel James Weston, a British military officer who teams up with Godzilla to save Tokyo from annihilation.

The next year, 2023, will also see the return of the Godzilla franchise, as the next installment, Godzilla: Rage Against the Machine, will premiere on January 24th. Directed by Gareth Edwards, this film will see the giant monster battle another iconic superhero, this time Wolverine. The film also stars Shawn Ashmore, Temuera Morrison, and Stephen Fishbach. Edwards said of the casting of Ashmore:

“I wanted to work with Shawn because he’s such a wonderful actor. I think he’s incredible in films like X-Men and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. As a director, I often feel like I have to take a backseat to the actors, and with Shawn, it was definitely the opposite. He made me feel like an absolute beginner compared to his extraordinary talent.”

There’s no question that Robert Pattinson is one of the most in-demand and most charismatic actors currently working in Hollywood. His skill as an actor is only matched by his incredible presence and charm, which had already begun to creep fans out even before he began appearing in Batman movies.