Rumors of marriage between Twilight actor Robert Pattinson and fashion stylist FKA Twigs have been circulating for quite some time now. The two have been seen spending time together at luxury events and have recently been spotted looking happy and in love as they held hands while walking through Central London.

The question is when will this union become official? According to celebrity news blog Hitched, the pair have decided to keep their relationship under wraps for now in order to avoid any scandals. However, the writer speculates that perhaps the ‘secretive’ nature of the connection is a result of Twigs’ desire to keep her career alive. If the latter is indeed the case, then it seems that the fashion designer has made the right choice.

“They both want to keep their careers alive so they’re both being very secretive,” a source told Hitched. “But I think they’re both really happy that everyone knows about it and nobody is trying to hide it.”

Pattinson has been linked to a host of A-list celebs, including Kate Winslet, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Emily Blunt. Most notably, he starred in the romantic comedy The Cobbler alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, which is considered one of the greatest films of all time. He will next be seen in the sci-fi thriller Byzantium alongside Cara Delevingne and Tilda Swinton.

Known for their romantic dance sequences and gorgeous dresses, the fashion duo were named British Fashion Inspiration 2015 by Vogue. They are perhaps most famous for their fashion collaborations, most notably their wedding dress, and have been featured on the cover of countless fashion magazines. It seems only right, then, that they should get married in grand style.

Key Facts About Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs

The couple first met while filming the 2013 biopic Twigs and have been inseparable since. Much like their on-screen counterparts, they have spent time in and out of the press, keeping their romance under wraps. While their careers may not be dominating the headlines just yet, it seems that they are happy to share their love and devotion with the world. Here is a roundup of some of the most intriguing details about the celebrity couple.

Personal Details

Pattinson was born in London in 1984 and has one sibling, a younger brother. His father is a lawyer and his mother is a former model. He attended the prestigious Dulwich College before going on to read English Literature at Oxford University. He then trained to become a lawyer and was called to the Bar in 2014. Professionally, he is represented by the prestigious UK law firm Wrenn Lewis, whilst personally he is being guarded by the renowned UK security company, G4S.

In terms of celebrity, Pattinson is famously private. He rarely gives interviews and does not often appear in public. This makes him quite the mystery man! In fact, many of his fans have been left in the dark about the actor’s personal life for years. His Twitter account is no exception, as it has only ever featured cryptic messages and bizarre captions, such as “I never tweet. It’s for twits” and “I’m just a sensitive soul. Don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings…” In an interview with Vogue in 2014, he said: “I’d rather not give interviews. It’s more interesting to watch people’s behavior around you rather than listen to someone talking about you.”

Romantic History

Unlike many of his acting peers, Pattinson has not been romantically linked to any of his leading ladies; however, he has been spotted holding hands with model and actress Amber Valletta on multiple occasions.

In 2012, he was reportedly in a long-term relationship with actress and musician Mary Elizabeth Winch, but the couple broke up the following year. He continued to date Winch in an off-and-on-again relationship until late 2014, when he ended things once again. It seems like Pattinson is either too afraid or too busy to commit to a serious relationship. He’s certainly had his fair share of heartache, as he’s been linked to at least ten different women (and counting) over the years. He even had a brief fling with singer Rihanna in 2009, which lasted for a couple of months.

Most recently, he was linked to American model and socialite Hailey Baldwin. The two were photographed holding hands in New York City in February 2015 and some eagle-eyed fans even spotted them kissing in front of the Plaza Hotel. However, it seems that their whirlwind romance came to a premature end, as Baldwin was linked to New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in March 2015. While the model keeps her professional and personal lives very private, it seems that she is determined to find love this year and is no stranger to dating multiple men at once. She famously dated both Justin Bieber and Khalil Mack in the same year (2014).


Pattinson’s acting career started off with a bang in 2009, when he took on the role of Edward Cullen in the vampire drama series, Twilight. He played a pivotal role in the series, which was later made into a blockbuster film franchise. In addition to this role, he also voiced the character of Scaredy McScared in the 2011 French animated film, The Gruffalo.

Aside from acting, Pattinson has also dabbled in music, writing, and fashion. He co-wrote the 2013 film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ The Lucky One and can currently be heard on the soundtrack. He also designed several outfits and shoes for Spring/Summer 2015 and Fall/Winter 2015/16 collections by luxury fashion houses Burberry and Jaeger, respectively. He has also designed a limited-edition capsule collection for Burberry’s resort hotel, The Great Britain.

It seems like Pattinson is more than willing to jump into any project that comes his way. In 2015, he voiced the lead character of Gus in the English-language version of PIXELS, a massively popular smartphone game in Japan (he also provided the English voice for Yū, the game’s other main character).

Pattinson is also well-known for his affiliation with the fashion house, YSL. He has been photographed wearing YSL multiple times in the past, including for their resort hotel, the Grand Pierre, and their headquarters in Paris.


On the topic of marriage, Pattinson and Twigs announced their romance in October 2014 and have since been inseparable. They have been seen holding hands and looking incredibly happy. Their private celebrations were kept secret for the most part, with only a select few people witnessing the festivities. A source close to the couple told Hitched: “They didn’t want it to be over-the-top but it still had to feel very special and unique. They wanted to do something spectacular but didn’t want to draw too much attention to themselves.”

The wedding plans for the couple were kept under wraps for the entirety of 2014 and it wasn’t until early 2015 that they decided to make their engagement and wedding public. They held a ‘secret’ ceremony in a small church in the village of West London, with just a small handful of family members and friends in attendance. A source close to Twigs shared: “It was a small, intimate gathering, just a few friends and family. They wanted it to be a celebration for them and just a few people they trust. It was a celebration of their relationship and their decision to spend the rest of their lives together. They wanted it to be a special moment for them.”

Pattinson and Twigs are planning to have a traditional English wedding ceremony in June 2016. It will be a private affair, with only close family members and friends invited to attend. The couple are reportedly looking to tie the knot in a ‘hybrid’ of a church wedding and a pagan ceremony. They have yet to choose a location for the event.


Pattinson and Twigs’ personal style is modern yet classic. The latter has been quoted as saying that she wants her style to be “a combination of the two different worlds that [she] comes from” – London and New York City.

The fashion designer has been known to play with gender norms, dressing men and women alike in feminine clothing. She often features sheer or near-sheer fabrics and lace, and enjoys dressing celebrities and socialites for special events and award shows. She was named Designer of the Year at the 2015 British Fashion Awards and has also been featured on the covers of iD, W, and Vogue, amongst others.